What's Your Favorite Software?

technology Dec 21, 2017

Without a doubt, my favorite software is Chief Architect. I’ve made a lot of money using this amazing program.

But… there is a plethora of great software being used in the residential construction industry, and the software that’s available just keeps getting better.

Today, for example, I posted a message in my Private Facebook group for the course that I’m doing right now called Boost Your Design Sales.

I’m asking the group the same question: What’s your favorite software?

My choice for today is a program called LogMeIn.

I’m using the Pro version which has access for up to 2 computers.

LogMeIn lets me access devices that I’m not physically in front of. For example, right now I’m working on the desktop computer at my office through my laptop and LogMeIn.

With a good Internet connection, I can do anything from a remote location that I can do while I’m sitting in front of my desktop computer.

I can also access my desktop with my cell phone.

I don’t have email on my phone, and when I want to check it, I log into my computer. That way I can leave the office and am not distracted by email on my phone.

LogmeIn cost $149 per year for the pro plan, and it’s worth every penny! You can go to LogMeIn.com.com to try the fee account. (I’m not affiliated with LogMeIn in any way. I just like and recommend the software)

So what is your favorite app? Leave a comment below the article. It will be fun to hear what you like.

To Your Success,

Dan Baumann,

ChiefExperts Design Build Academy