A Chief Architect Training Class In Philadelphia, 2019

chief architect training May 27, 2020

Chief Architect live training classes. 

Here are some pictures from a class that was held in Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA in October 2019.

We had a great turn out and as usual, it was a blast.

As of the posting of this article, we're in the midst of the coronavirus and we look forward to holding more live classes as soon as possible.

Our Group Picture for the Philli class

Packing for the class. We manage to get it done with four large bags.

Drive or fly? In this case I got a great deal on 1st class seats. I love Delta!

What happens when we arrive. Gotta get set up so we get there the day before the class.

It takes a lot of planning and work to get to this point. We work hard to make it look easy.

There is no better way to be in a room with other Chief Users who are passionate about this software.

We cover a lot of information in each class. Repetition throughout the class helps to make it stick! 

Learning Chief from pros like Dan Baumann and John Schrader helps make the class a lot of fun.

I teach from the back of the room so I can easily see where each person is at. It helps me pace the class.

Lunch is always supplied and we do our best to provide healthy alternatives. 

After class, we had the pleasure of visiting Valley Forge State Park. Fascinating History!

The funnest part of Chief - Roofs!

Here we're focusing on the 2D CAD Tools in Chief.

Ton's of tips that will help everyone save a lot of time.

Becoming more productive as a result of these classes.

The little things make a big difference. We always hear the comment "That one tip was worth the price of the entire class"

Networking and Collaboration always happens.

We're looking forward to getting back on the road. 

Visit the Store to see if any live classes are on the schedule.