Father’s Day Dad Jokes & Spin the Wheel - Designers Show #104

designers show Jun 19, 2023
Father’s Day Dad Jokes & Spin the Wheel - Designers Show #104

Join us as we celebrate Father's Day with a delightful blend of Dad Jokes and an exciting Spin the Wheel game. Our Chief program has flourished into an incredible journey, and we believe that mastering it begins with cherishing every single icon, one at a time. . Don't miss out on this fantastic event! Mark your calendars and be part of the fun-filled extravaganza.

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Convert Countertop Icon 06:29 
Select Side Tool 09:26 
Dad Joke:  "What do you call a duck that's addicted?" 12:27 
Dad Joke:  "Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon?" 14:05 
Ceiling On/Off Tool 14:37 
Dad Joke:  "Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?" 16:40 
Kevin's Business Advice: Work/Life Balance 17:06 
Depth Cue 31:00 
Dad Joke:  "What did the skeleton order when he went to the bar?" 37:34 
Dad Joke:  "What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?" 38:43 
Explode Dormer Icon 39:08 
Dad Joke:  "What do you call fake spaghetti?" 42:26 
Dad Joke:  "Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water?" 43:20 
Q: Where is the "Cuts wall at bottom under stairs" tool? 43:41 
Add A Link Tool 47:45 
Center Between Two Points Tool 51:28 
Dad Joke:  "How do you organize a space party?" 53:52 
Make Cabinet Molding Polyline Tool 54:24 
Q: How do you get a small toolbar? 57:30 
Dad Joke:  "Why don't scientists trust atoms?" 58:11 
Denoiser Tool 58:20 
Explode And Extrude A Solid Tool 1:00:35 
Edit Area Tool 1:01:52 
Wrap Up 1:04:25 

okay all right hey everyone Dan here with Chief experts and uh I'm with John and half of Renee we can see him but we can't hear him can we hear you now Renee he's Frozen in the Zombie World so and he's gone all right we're trying to get everybody logged in here uh it's a little bit sure but again Welcome to our show today uh we will uh tell some really stupid dad jokes and we'll also spin the wheel for some things that may actually help you in your business forget we gotta have a little fun right um this is and that's why we do this to have fun it's the only reason right it's not about making money here pleasing clients or helping you guys it's just for fun no actually I do enjoy doing this this is a lot of it's a good time and it gives us an excuse to to uh you know put our heads down and come up with some ideas for you guys so uh so we'll have some fun today uh feel free to comment if you have questions uh by all means just uh type them in there um and we'll go from there let's see here oh I'm showing my screen aren't I we don't need to be doing that quite yet we'll give her name a minute he's there he's there she's having audio issues so better not land on run one of Renee's topics today can you hear me oh man our afternoon nothing like a little Tech issues first thing in the morning yes yes um all right where would that okay we got a question from Richard cool we'll get to that um I don't know where Kevin or Robin are they said if you're here so we'll just let them log in when they log in uh just a real quickly a quick commercial um I just wanted to let everybody know that we do have the uh a couple of things coming up here we just readjusted our schedule on our marketing course that we're going to be doing and I'm really looking forward to this I'm going to share a ton of ideas above and beyond what your lean is going to do for marketing for getting leads just for getting you thinking about the marketing process had a great time at our marketing event a couple but a couple weeks ago already that was a couple weeks ago and just picked up a lot of great tips so that was pretty cool so check that out uh you'll see that on the homepage at Chief experts Academy it's right at the top it's 297 it's very affordable and we're going to give you boatloads of information that you can put to use immediately so I'm looking forward to that and then our registration for the 2024 October Merchant Summit open I think we've got 10 out of 30 spaces filled already so if you're interested check it out if you scroll down if you click the link here you could scroll through and get the information on the summit and I think just about everybody has signed up so far is returning from last year I think we've got a few new people so far but it's it was an incredible event and really looking forward to doing it again coming up so it's a it's a big commitment but you will be rewarded to have some money for your efforts you guys got anything you want to say about the summit you should come I agree I agree so all right cool um yeah don't get too excited John uh it's early it's still early yeah I guess it is early so yeah but feel free to give me a call if you guys have any questions about it I'd be happy to talk to you all right I'm just going to scroll past that and I would do it um let's do a little more Governor Robin but we're going to go ahead and we're just going to go ahead and oh Dan can you send Kevin the link um yeah no I should say no I'll tell him sorry yeah no I'll send it to him give me a second here let me get off of this so you guys uh feel free to let us know where you're hailing from out there and let me check his email um you can help everybody that like you give them a hard time when it gets on we are going to pick on him man he's in trouble now um all right let me do this hello from the Bay Area who's that Bay Area yeah what part of mine I'm in Oakland and we got Aloha from Facebook user if you're joining us from Facebook you have to approve that you can see your name so there's good old Jeff hey Jeff how are you got Larry Smith on here um I feel have a job on the slope that needed to do a garage floor all right we'll get to that question all right and Doug is gracious with his Sir with our first couple of stupid jokes uh from Good Old AI why'd the carpenter always carrying Council behind his ear because he couldn't resist the Allure of drawing attention wherever he went to think good good good Carpenter Joe like the carpenter come to the summit and I'll teach you how to make your AI funnier yeah exactly all right let's just jump into our wheel okay and um let me get to it here real quick so we've got a bunches got some new icons I mean we haven't covered some of these um and we've got some numbers on there if we land on a number you're gonna get a bad joke so that's kind of the deal here so let's just have at it we'll spin it up and we'll see where we land on number one is going to be oh you're not showing your screen wow aha there I am there he is am I not showing my screen all right thank you so we landed on that one you guys know what that one is that's a simple enough countertop I think we actually covered that one month before so let's go do it again real quick because I see a lot of people working on kitchens that don't don't know how to do this so sometimes you want to create a countertop that is a different shape than the cabinets that you've just laid out so when you group select some cabinets or just select one cabinet actually that's all you need is one you see a little icon down here it looks like that that's your convert countertop that one's got some background noise going on there so that's your convert countertop icon when you click on that what she's going to do is create a cat box around your countertop which is the same tool that you would find under your cabinets called custom countertop so this tool here is used to draw a box that will replace the countertops of your cabinets so the custom countertop can then be reshaped whatever you want just like any other polyline in Chief Architect you could hit the three key to add a break we can go and shape that any shape we want we can use some of the other tools to you know form them into our in different shapes so that was interesting that's not what I was trying to do um I'm trying to convert that to uh isn't that interesting it's bugging out on me that's supposed to make that into a half circle anyway so that's your custom countertop tool and if you go into the cabinets and put I mean you could put molding on this you could do all sorts of different things with that custom countertop tool so that this is that one wait a minute I gotta pin this comment and and yell at this guy real quick you came to my neck of the woods for the AI walkabout and you didn't call me what the heck Richard uh oh I just got back from San Francisco yeah they had a big architecture here I missed it oops well Richard reach out to Renee and say sorry we're high or whatever you want to say yeah I promise you won't pick on you too much uh all right so let's go spin the wheel again um we got any other comments from people Ohio we got Idaho Texas all right Richard says he's sorry yeah I got it too sorry Richard um we love you somebody's got all right somebody's got background noise okay thank you all right we'll hide that one um let's spin her up again here I've even done the spinning wheel for quite a while so it's kind of fun to put that Robin sounded like she had a party going on in her house all right this one that you sent to me um I'm at a coffee shop and your microphone is picking up things very well at the coffee shop now did I put the wrong icon in here no is this the right icon that is yeah yeah who knows what this one is no no it's select side yeah now that's the one you sent me Renee so I put your name after this you get to explain that what is that yeah this one was uh this was one I requested and they implemented really quickly uh I should say so if you're if you're ever getting used to working in 3D you might notice how frustrating it is to move things in 3D especially when you can't seem to select the correct side um even more so if it's a kind of an organic shape so now we have um my edit toolbar is missing oh it's on the other screen here you go now we have the ability to click on that select next side and when I click on that you're going to see on this cabinet it's cycling which side it's showing as a selection which means that I can move this easier depending on the side that I need so they're kind of like the tab well not different but for the same object I guess yeah it's it's different it's um particularly useful when you're trying to move something in a particular plane and you haven't the the correct side selected Renee when you're using that can when you select like a side can you then open it up to that side um it well yes so like you see the selected Edge handle is highlighted here yeah it's changing the selected Edge handle as well okay so it's really a tool you've used when you're editing in 3D in in 3D yeah and then that's when you really should not have that's when you should really be using that 3D now yes exactly right this this just makes it really easy to manipulate in 3D and select next side was a crucial component of that so I mean I'll I'll give you an example you know I put stuff on my countertops when I want to do some decor and and uh countertop items um by the way I'm using tags over here in my library just to quickly get to an item and I'm going to place it on this countertop and it's got such a thin side profile how do I select it well now I can just do select Nick side and know that I grabbed the side profile and bring it back and bump it so cool that's a really easy way of doing that very cool cool never noticed that one before all right here we go spin the wheel spin the wheel screen all right by the way Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers out there and number three who needs to read a number three joke I know what that's for though oh that's the brake tool yeah right yeah that's not what we're talking about Robin I think that was your uh one of yours no well I don't think it was but I think it's fabulous no yes didn't you get the memo with the jokes on it oh with the jokes am I supposed to read you a joke no you guys I actually have an even better thing I have a dad joke app my husband is he loves to send out dad jokes so wait a second I have the dad joke of the day oh hold on a second I'll give you a better one what do you call a duck that's addicted oh a duck that's addicted I give up a quack [Laughter] it's just this Dad joke app and my husband's so corny he he sends them to all the kids like on a daily basis my wife would take my wife would take my phone away from me if I downloaded that app um all right let's go back and uh we'll spin up the wheel again here thank you oh you guys didn't know what you're in the form um let's see where am I let's get the wheel okay yeah at number three by the way is the break tool in Chief didn't tell me how to break a line hit number three oh I don't know the twelve that's a John George yeah Hey Kevin yeah did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon I'm about to great food no atmosphere yeah [Music] thank you all right okay enough of that one um keep spitting them up here [Music] all right anybody know what that one is uh select room nope it's like ceiling oh you're closer you're getting closer yeah remove ceiling or add ceiling hey you got it nice because it's green the red one yeah so when you click on a room when you click on a room and you um let me go into a Rhythm here and when you click on it you'll see these icons down at the bottom and we've got one that looks uh let's see where is that this one yeah that one so that's the one with the red uh looks like beams on it but what that does is it just turns the ceiling off it'd be the same as if you went into the room dialog box went to structure and you turn this button on and off okay so when the when the ceiling is off the icon that you will get now will be green so it's going to be that one so then you can turn the ceiling back on so yeah it's just a shortcut saves us a little time uh opening dialogues to do things pretty simple but there you go ceiling I don't know okay you guys you have to put up Bruce's comment I like bruises so well yeah but today was my leg day and honestly I'm sitting here and I can't sleep it's a joke but I have to tell you I'm feeling your pain yes like day they put your legs to the to the to the uh workout huh all right uh let's go spinner wheel again see if we can land on something else that is I think I had a ceiling on off both icons on there so we land on that one all right Kevin you're up for uh lovely Father's Day all right so um okay okay okay okay okay so why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself because it was too tired because it was too tired Kevin you showed up a little late so we didn't get to your uh your uh little bit of business advice that you are prompted to give us at these uh shows would you want to do that now wait a little while yeah I'd love to do it so you just tell me when why don't you do it now let's uh Kevin is our consummate business advice expert or I suppose we could call you all sorts of things but yeah everybody does but what do you got first today Kevin so um in the spirit of dad jokes and Father's Day why don't we 've been this conversation about work-life balance um so when I think about when I think about the Father's Day uh father's days of the past some some fantastic some not so much and think about the stresses that we have as business people whether we are um whether we are fathers of children whether we're fathers of furry pets whether we're fathers in spirit or or fathers of any kind that is um at the position where we are seen to be providers and those that take care of our families um that comes with its own stresses especially when you when you start thinking about it in terms of uh what we go through for work so when um I'm sure you guys have experienced all of you have experienced this and and those of you who are uh spouses or significant others of fathers have ex have seen it in your spouses but it can be a very demanding thing so as we look at this coming weekend and I want to encourage you to um take a little bit of time either for your loved one or take that time for yourself to to enjoy it um the pressures of providing can be crazy I remember in the early days of my company when I was working till three in the morning and back up at 7 30 and going all day long and then working till three in the morning and back up at 7 30 and continued that for years years didn't take a day off for seven years straight so um so that those kinds of things can can push a father to the barrier but it's what we do right we provide we help we do whatever and some might say if you're working till three in the morning and getting up and getting back up at 7 30 that your OCD um if you've seen if you've seen my work some people would claim that you know with with a pounding fist but I disagree I'm not OCD because first OCD implies that um implies that it's a disorder and I don't think it's a disorder at all uh and some people uh say it's compulsive but the only reason it's compulsive is if you fear the result I'm simply obsessive and I will carry that flag to my death but what that means is I do and uh or did end up doing those kinds of crazy things and if you're one of us you know you know it's it's crazy so there was a time as a father when my 12 year old daughter came into my room and she asked me if I could do something that day it was a Sunday and she asked me if I could do something and I so badly wanted to tell her yes but like always there was a pressure there was a deadline there was an invoice there was something that was required of me and I told her oh my God Emily I would love to do that I would love to have that time with you um my my challenge is that I've got this deadline that that I have to uh that I have to to get done and she says but it's Sunday that dropped my heart clear to my knees and uh I understood that it was Sunday and I said I I I know um but I have to get this done and she said why well because on Monday people are going to expect me to have something ready for them to do and I've got to have that ready to go and she said but your employees aren't working on Sunday no they're not and that's uh because I am the boss and as the boss I have to have something to tell them to do on Monday morning but why do you work on the weekends when they don't because I'm hoping someday kiddo that when I can get this company to a point that it um is is providing for all of us that I'll be able to take the time with you and Mom and be able to do the things that that we want to do am I very intelligent 12 year old daughter paused for a second and then she looked at me and she said so you work every day so you can take a day off and that was a profound moment in my life one of those moments that just kind of sticks with you forever and and and you and you and you realize the importance of a work-life balance even if you're not doing it so that was an a turning point for me I I know somebody who lost their son and uh he had said you know I used to take my son out of school to go skiing and people gave me such a hard time for taking that time when I should have had my son in school but he said you know when I look back on it now I don't regret one single moment of that and that again is that slap in the face that tells you pay attention to the work-life balance it's imperative that you spend the time to take care of yourself like those oxygen masks that fall out of the sky and the airplane and you're supposed to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of everyone else you know take that time because it just spins by and and it's a it's it's it's a harsh reality the things that we do so one time I was visiting some new clients and chatting with them and I found out when I asked them about how they would be financing the project that they're just going to pay cash really okay so that's interesting and they said well we we had a company and we sold it and you know we've done well so they were a husband and wife team that ran a small company over time and they did well they did well enough that they were sitting with me enjoying that time and gonna pay cash for a project and you know enjoying their kitchen table at two o'clock in the afternoon so I asked them what's what's the secret what is the secret to um being able to reach the point that you are where you're debt free and you can do what you want and they didn't even hesitate they said delegate so when you think about where you are in your life and in your company and you think about or or the company you're working for and you think about the the kinds of pressures that come in that seem insurmountable because for some reason you feel like you have to do them all it's always you their advice was delegate take the things you know that are imperative for you the things that are that are the the things that that are the most valuable or that you're most competent at or whatever do the things that you love to do and the things that are um you know do do the best thing for you and your in your business and your time and hire someone to do the rest or work with your bosses with your employers to help them understand the importance of that and that they they need to take that time um that a personal time is just as important as the work time a long time ago my family would ask me every holiday what do you what do you want Dad what do you want and my answer was always the same I want three days of absolutely nothing I just want nothing I want no pressure I want no stress I want nothing and then a couple of years ago I had a heart attack and I realized you sometimes you need to kind of qualify what you're asking for that that got me really close to nothing and that wasn't exactly what I meant but it would have been so I I would suggest to all of you that you take the next 24 hours and create a plan for the next 24 hours that gets your Loose Ends wrapped up that takes care of whatever business is hanging over your head and that you take the weekend at least the Sunday at least Father's Day at least find a reason to kick back and do I don't find balance find something do something that's ridiculous tell tell bad jokes uh finally open that thing that you've been you've been saving for a special day do absolutely nothing and have a great Father's Day awesome dude can I tell a quick story that Kevin just brought up in my head um my 39th birthday three year three years ago and I was still married at the time I'm divorced now and and uh um I and we had several people living with us through coved and um there's a a room in my dining room which you guys have seen me stream from before and it has a very lovely white brick background I had walked by that wall many times and at one point for some reason I knocked on that wall and it sounded Hollow and it was all drywalled over all that brick was drywalled over so for my 39th birthday everybody asked me what did I want to do and this was my idea of a Break by the way um is I I told everybody I just want everybody out of the house for a full day and that's it and I just want the house to myself and okay that's an odd request but uh sure you know and and they left and as soon as the door closed and I got to lock the door I pulled out my hammer and I whacked right through that wall I didn't want to ask anybody if it was okay nothing I just wanted to do it without any anyone getting into my way I walk through that wall on it sure enough there was brick underneath and I spent the whole day ripping it out and trying to put it back together before anyone noticed anything changed so that was my that was my do nothing day but yeah yeah it brought me happiness yes you know though it's really important ahead last year I did the same thing my we were all supposed to go away for the weekend and I decided not to go just to stay home by myself for the weekend needed it and it was just lovely I did a puzzle and watched some stupid TV show and it was the most wonderful relaxing thing I ever had done in a long time you know taking time for yourself is so important and you're not really selfish it's not being selfish it's good for you I mean we all use this new trendy word now it's all about Mental Health don't know and we should be taking care of ourselves and say no you know the new thing in that women are saying now is no is a complete sentence yeah I love it it's just it's the new thing I mean it's not a new thing it should always have been but I don't have to give you an excuse I just have to say no and the same thing goes Kevin to everything you're saying is walk away from those toxic clients that's just as much just learn how to say you know what you are way too crazy for me to be check what Mike you're using maybe you get the wrong way selected oh no no see I'm using my um yeah but that shouldn't pick up all the background noise yeah thank you guys tech support after the show there we go anyway uh thanks we need to move on now but I'm sure we could all tell a lot of stories I know I have plenty of my own but the one thing I did do as a father was okay is this better that's a thousand times oh my God you're so right sorry guys so anyway um so yeah I I was uh I made a commitment to my kids that I would do anything I could at the school I coached I did computer lab I did playground Duty I did lunchroom Duty I spent as much time with my children as possible that was that was my special time so I really enjoyed that anyway um thank you Kevin that was a great uh great story appreciate it and I know everybody here can relate to that oops all right all right let's go spin the wheel um am I showing my screen nope I don't think I am John you want to do that are we are we seeing the wheel uh it's the I got it I got it yeah oh can I just say something real quick um Chad I sent you an email um for some times to talk so that was just a comment because I can't comment Direct oh that's this one yeah here we go the wheel back to the wheel and we got this is a modern day icon I know this one I know this one oh my God it is my new favorite depth cue it's like the best thing thank God they can put that in Renee was this your idea did you did you send this idea into them no this is not one of mine brilliant on their own it's got to be one of the best things ever it's so good for kitchen elevations oh my gosh it sounds kind of like something out of a you know one of those cop shows submarine thing here we go um I think of it as a sub submarine comment yeah kind of um all right so when you're in an elevation does this work in 3D too it works no no just elevation yeah so when you're in an elevation like this actually let me do a little bit let me do a side elevation that'll show better in this example um and sometimes you want to highlight like the front of the building or something like that so we've got this little icon um where's that Icon by the way it's uh it's got to be in the 3D menu it is in the it's in the um elevation uh camera tools uh there it is I haven't added that to my toolbar or anything but there it is so it's right there and yeah I think it's yeah here it is it's right here it's in camera view yeah yes so it's at the top here depth cue so when you click on that what you could do is you could use depth queue and you can start sliding these back and see how it Shades out part of the plan so if I turn the color off fabulous so it's just a line drawing it'll show up a little clearer see how the grayed out part is is where the depth cue setting is so if we go back into here and and you can change the color of the background and I I really love that it's like oh my gosh Fox great product let's see yeah the colors turned off Dad oh yeah turn the colors on yeah I use it all the time for kitchen elevations like when you have an island you don't really need to see all the stuff behind it but you want to see that it's there oh yeah or if you're doing a roommate you did a room Edition you want to the existing house you want to be kind of fogged out so that you could use the depth cue for that um oh it's so good that's all about but really A handy little feature you could change the the colors you can change the intensity so you can even wipe out totally what's in the background and you can do I don't quite get this why you can't do these separate I guess yeah I think if you mess with the bottom one first then you can mess with them yeah you got to uncheck keep start in in sync so let's just play with a little bit and check it out it's a really nice little setting uh Dan switch to your plan viewer right now land view okay you don't need to close the camera but yes and go to that camera um zoom in a little bit get in a little bit it actually shows you the depth Cube markers and you can adjust them in plan view your start and end markers oh okay cool so you can snap it to an element that you want to start on and snap it to the element you want to end on is that what the three red dots are for the three red boxes are for exactly and there's a sliding little text annotation that shows you start depth queue in depth queue so you can snap it to the face of your if you're doing a wall elevation for a kitchen you can snap it to the face of your cabinet and then snap the end to you know the backsplash perfect so that is brilliant so you can even get you can get very detailed with where your queue is going yeah that's a brilliant tool love it love it can you answer Mike's question because I don't quite understand what he's asking oh can you yes you can invert it that's what those two slide bars are is you can control the back or the front yeah yeah that so yes you can change it it shows very clearly start of depth queue end of death queue oh so you got what you have the labels turned on there yeah and so you can just slide that back and it shows at the end of the of the line and the end of the line is the clip to sides in this case so that's working for the Facebook user you find it under your cabin your your elevation camera tools camera camera view new icon so it's part of that whole thing when you're in elevation mode you go to camera views the little house that's colored and then you can see you get a lot of options and you have to turn on depth queue and it's brand new it's just an X15 thing it hasn't been around for years it's just this it's just brand new yep def Q you got 10 seconds to hit the depth cue button before it explodes um that's good I'm trying to think of what movie that was where they did that they had the weird term but anyway can you can you show where that's at again that icon that tool sure sure you betcha yeah they would say in Minnesota here um when you go into the elevation it's right here up on the toolbar it should appear as the top under tip to you where you've got you've got all these other things you could do besides quick elevation actually these are new icons on this pull down too I don't remember seeing this word before no those are now yeah that was new in x14 was it okay I guess I've never I never noticed um they keep adding so many new things so quickly and then on the floor plan if we want to do that well we have to have an elevation camera open first uh to get to the depth queue uh because it's not gonna hear put it here so um and then it's under 3D too 3D cameras okay we're good yes all right let's spin it up here that really is a nice feature I kind of found that one by accident the other day a few months ago in cycle cool I knew it was there I just had never seen it number five Kevin you get to tell no that's the robin drop oh me again yeah I'd get to go again okay hang on hang on oh you know here's my favorite my favorite joke what did the skeleton ordered when he went into a bar ribs no a beer and a mop [Laughter] I'll get it very Dad Dad jokey yeah I love that joke It's gotta be my favorite joke not even a dead no I'm not so I I get off I get I get a buy yes you do um all right let's get back to this here again I closed my through here all right back to this back to our wheel maybe we can land on icon this time nope all right John you're up what did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet supplies what surprise I like the enthusiasm there you go seriously it took me twice to get it what did zero say to eight nice bow and that's good speaking of blowing things apart um no no no put up put up Ruth Robinson's quote that his joke now that's super funny [Music] okay I like that one that was awesome that's really funny I like that one yeah that's a good one thank you Bruce the explored Dharma icon oh yeah we like blowing things up Dad's like blowing things up so this is a great icon for Father's Day um Dad jokes every week every time we're on they're funny let's show up if we did that um all right so if we uh go ahead and we have these Auto Dormer tools that she gives us to put Learners on and these work really fabulously if you know how to use them um so let's just do an auto floating Dormer real quick and when we put one of those on our plan uh the Dormers composed of walls roofs holes in the roof um normally there'd be a window in there might be I just have that stuff shut off but I've been messing around with this but anytime you can click this icon down here and that'll explode that Dormer into those components I mean that's what right now it's just grouped together when you click on that sometimes you need to build to make changes to the Dormer missing all my stuff um hello you know what are my things um I blew it all to hell um what all else fails just show everything yeah no kidding oh yeah no I'm sure oh boy oh boy never mind all right well anyway why is it not showing up well anyway oh there it is it's up on the attic so there's my walls there's my window uh here's my roof here's my hole in the roof those are the components that form the Dormer and that's what Chief does and then one of the things that it will do to your walls when you use those Auto Dormer tools is it under the roof tab for the walls it cuts the walls off at the bottom so that's what that's a setting that Chief adds automatically so that it leaves the top part of the Dormer walls and it cuts the bottom part of the wall off under the roof so that's what that does so it's kind of cool they add about a long long time ago maybe adding dorm was a lot easier I see people trying to add Dormers that um should be done manually but it's still always a great way to get your get your roof started or get your dorm restarted and at any time you can explode it and manually edit the dorm room so that's what that tool does all right let's hide that all right spinner we're getting there all right number eight hey Nikki gotta say hi to Nikki Kelly hi Nikki I know that name Kevin you're up what's your joke all right uh what do you call fake spaghetti baked spaghetti and then pasta oh that's funny but I'm pumped up you should have had that soundtrack on here all the time all right that's a good one Jim all right hopefully we'll run out of numbers soon hey um he asked a question where oh I'm up again wow but Nikki asked a question about where is Cut's wallet bottom for under stairs so do that while I'm getting a joke give me a second Cheyenne white has a joke okay well I got one right here okay oh why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water because he was a little hoarse wow my other one was good come on I'm gonna turn my computer off after this laughs where's the cuts wall at bottom for under stairs there doesn't exist one unfortunately the stairs will automatically cut the top of the stairs off just like a um just like a roof wheel but what you can do with a wall under stairs if you need to do that is to you know have your wall manually draw your walls under stairs yeah and then um yeah and then you do a back clip and then what you would do is you can lift the bottom of the wall up and you could even align that with the stairs and then move that to the bottom of the stairs what it won't do is fill in the bottom of the wall with sheetrock you'll have to manually do something there but that would be although we have a trick for that now we do what's your trick um I got if I click a stairs here this one even impressed Chief Architect when they thought um well yeah dermot's the one that that threw us this one right so um we're gonna break the stairs and actually we're going to do a complete break so I'm hitting my brake tool right here and then subsequently I'm hitting my complete break in the setup menu here and so I'll make a break halfway through I'm sorry I'm I'm on Chief's glitch where they somehow change the axis of my zoom so it zooms in to some arbitrary Place yeah that's always a fun one um and now that I have that I'm just going to shift-click this section and this is a separate section now so I'll open it up and I'm going to get into stringers the stringers panel okay so I'm going to hit my stringers I'm going to hit two closed side stringers first and then I'm going to hit custom stringers after and that gives me my left and right and I'm going to say that the height below is something like eight and that will fill in the underside of these stairs no kidding okay so do that again Renee do that again just so we do the complete break so that's easy and then when you open up the Stringer section you said you have to do one thing first and then something second um so uh yeah hit your two custom first and so that designates that we're going to be doing two custom it's a it's a shortcut if you will um I'll give you an example of the of a similar shortcut if you want to have some kind of um special n-panel configuration that matches a front panel configuration on a cabinet you start by saying match front and then you go to custom and it will match the front first so same same kind of thought process there that makes sense yeah and then if I'm just if we're going to go look at this real quick you can so this uh first section is independent of the first I mean of the second section so we can do some things here and then you would just extend this Stringer top here so in uh Stringer panel again extends during your top that's going to push that up to the ceiling and the only reason we've got a gap here is because I don't have a second floor in this plan so if you have a second floor that'll fill in got it cool you just gotta play with the buttons that's pretty cool all right thanks Renee all right um Mike gets a special accommodation on this one my wife was stung by a wasp down her lip yesterday when she was firing up the grill I tried to make a joke to diffuse the system well hun Nature's bee talks she didn't laugh no I'm sure she didn't Mike you're a true blue dead man all right all right um that's funny all right well let's add a link I'm gonna show you something you guys maybe not aren't aware of maybe you are um when you go into chief we used to be able in the in the plain text uh icon you know plain text we could click here and we could add a link okay so if you have a hyperlink let me go grab something real quick and I'll stick it in there um let's go let's go to this page right here and so when we're going to Chief and we add that link in this box and then I could put text up here and I could say it you know here's really all right cool so we've got a link so when I click on that now I get a little icon down here that looks like a link I can click on that it'll open that now in X15 we've got rich text so what I could do in here is type the word link to to the show yeah and so we might highlight part of that and then you have a link icon and you could paste that link in there all right and now when I click ok now I can click on that and see I do get the hand icon and it'll take me to that link and what's really cool about that is if you print this in a PDF that link will be there so if you print a PDF so you go you know on your layout page or wherever you're printing from you go print you go um use the chief PDF you know save as a chief PDF and you do that and I'll go ahead and just put it right there and there it is so that link is now active and I can use it in the PDF that's pretty cool that is cool that's pretty cool if you want to go get a little trick with that you can put just a character space as the link text and throw it behind a camera label and have it linked to an embedded elevation on your website bro okay so if you just do it if you just turn if you took your the link text and instead of showing you know just make it a space bar space characters yeah and then turn that into your link and then put that behind an elevation camera or put that behind a 3D camera and then drop in a link to an embedded you know maybe you want to drop it into the 3D viewer would be a great implementation of that drop it into the 3D viewer of that project so that your client can just pick click on the PDF to get to the 3D viewer for that camera okay I love Mike's comment and I said what language was Renee speaking just then it's Renee's language he doesn't have he doesn't speak like the rest of us most of the time he talks that's like wait I have to go wait a second dumb it down yeah a text behind the label label yeah so is it always going to select the text are you going to have to hit tabs sometimes to get the text um I'm saying I'm putting a character space and you're putting that your overlaying text on top of a camera is is all you're doing yeah you click on the camera yeah yeah so when you could print that out people can click on the camera to open up that view got it absolutely makes sense yeah cool this one's great this one is new and x13 I believe Center between two Park Place between two points yeah it's like the best tool yeah there's so many tools that are the best tool like I love this news and so if I wanted to Center this window between those two windows I would click on that window click on that centering icon this one right here all right and that's going to bring up that icon over here that's going to be centered between two points so when I click on that then I go select the two points and I have to click click and now that window's centered between those two spots where I clicked so good will you give an example where we get multiple Center points yeah those are that's an elevation mode well no it's here too so if you um click in between say your uh Island and the window um let me just finish this real quick you can also use that in copy mode so when I hit copy you'll see that same icon right here so as soon as I hit copy there's a copy of that window on top of itself so now I can go here and click between the two spots and I've just made a copy centered between those two spots all right ready what's your what do you want me to do um just drop a light in there real quick click your light and then pop one in my light anywhere yeah yeah anywhere and then Center Center that between the island and the wall so click on this we're going to click the centering tool we're going to click here but don't click it in the line there you go now yep go ahead yeah now it's giving you it's not centered it that way too yeah so you could choose either one of those Point markers which is Center between where you had clicked or or just keep your you know light in line with where it was already let's say I want to center it on that window so I go like this like this and I'm going to click the center of that window click here and now that you've moved it to the center of the window down so you can choose either one of those and then all you do is just check this you select that um yeah so nice Tool uh really does a nice job all right we're getting down there let's keep moving let's keep spinning it here thank you Hamid I'm up again you're up again how do you organize a space party a space party yeah I don't know how do you organize a space party yeah yeah that is one way to do it yeah okay oh my God that is super funny the newest one all right wheel of topics selects is that custom backsplash but I don't know I don't understand that one what is it Renee you want to take that one yeah sure that's a new one that's a brand spanking new that is brand new so I'm gonna select these two wall cabinets because I need to do a little something tricky with my crown molding on these two wall cabinets so now in our edit toolbar we have make cabinet molding polyline so it's going to convert whatever molding is on here this is the same um approach that we have to converting room molding polylines so we get to choose which molding polyline is here in this case I only have one I only have this crown molding but this will generate a new molding polyline that I can manipulate and it you can see here because I had two grouped together and they were connected that it made one continuous molding polyline around those wall cabinets if I wanted to include um also this filler this full height unit and these wall cabinets than if it's doing its job right it should show yes one continuous molding polyline around that and you can now you can grab that bolting pot and move it change it add it and yep and manipulate it there you go that's a really good one and you can cut it and you can break it and bend it you can do use it in 3D it's a great tool that's another one that works really well in 3D so yeah especially since we have snap so I can take this and snap it back to the corner there you go that was that's one of the nice features in X15 that don't you'll get an icon for but the ability to snap to so many more surfaces in 3D yeah um is huge so that really is a nice uh nice thing all right here we go let's keep moving here and we're getting down there we don't have too many numbers left okay that's the uh we went over that one that's the other side of the turn ceiling on yeah that's the turn ceiling off so we won't cover that one um it's a cottage keeper I'm going to assume that it is going to calculate the lineal footage of your molding but it's not going to calculate cuts what's the question the question is does that yeah calculate the correct amount of molding it's going to cat um calculate the lineal footage of molding correctly but it's not going to count the amount of space molding for cuts yeah unless you inverted the molding polyline to be on the inside so that's the overall length but it won't you know you got to calc that differently for the in inside Corners outside corners yep anyway yeah planning up here in Michigan I like that one um and uh let's see how do you get your toolbar oh my that's just your edit toolbar and um you unlock your unlock your toolbar so right click on your toolbars and unlock your toolbars and then you can click and drag your edit toolbar which is usually at the bottom of the screen like this your editor is usually down here you're going to instead hit this little dot dot dot dot dot grab that grab it into the middle of your screen and then you can resize it and float it around put it wherever you want so it is a nice way to do it um so there you go all right uh why don't scientists trust Adams because they make up everything all right let's go we were on this one Renee you want to cover that one then uh that's the denoiser yes that's one of your favorites again yeah um if you brought forward templates from x13 you may have not known that the denoiser was implemented in X15 and this is you should go turn that on uh that gets into a very complex thing but mainly when we're rendering in a ray Trace View and um we have a lot of noise based on you know the fixtures that we have so we're seeing as I move around here this is all noise this is under sampled pixels so if we want to get rid of this noise very quickly we can turn on the denoiser and if you look at the very bottom of my screen if I can um very bottom right hand corner of my screen you're going to see a little bar there that's the denoiser kicking in so um you may have your sample rate in your ray Trace settings or for rendering techniques you may have your sample rate set pretty high to something like a thousand so that you got rid of those under sampled pixels well with the denoiser you don't need to have it set that high you see I have it set very low out of the box right now from Chief is set to 50. so make sure that you're capping the live samples so that that denoiser kicks on so you have to make sure you check CAP live samples denoise when complete set this to something low like 30 to 50 60 something like that and then that denoiser will kick in and clean up your image very well and you're correct you won't see that in in the Mac doesn't use that all right let's let's keep going we just have a few minutes left here I know that was a quick answer to that but it's a the denoiser is a very good thing because it gets you to a better looking image quickly oh I know which one I want you to land on none of the numbers I don't want you to end it on any of the numbers there's so many numbers there oh we got that one I got that one we're out of time you just want to grab the icon you want or you want to talk about that one real quick uh I could do both why not okay go for it yep that one is uh that's an explode a solid and so if you didn't know if you're if you're making it I'm trying to make a symbol out of a solid and you want um the mapping of that symbol to show up a certain way say um I'm painting this a wood texture and the texture is going every which way and I want to change the direction of one of these sides before I convert this to a symbol well you might select this and then explode it and this is only just before because um now we can paint the sides of this differently the whole shape is exploded now so I can paint the side of this a different grain direction for instance if I was going to convert this to something so that I'm maybe I'm turning this into a beam or something like that so just keep in mind this is now a face it's no longer a solid so you can edit just a face which means you can create some interesting shapes this way yeah um another item we didn't add it is extrude we can also extrude from a singular face to make this another solid so oh look at you yeah you can make some pretty complex shapes very quickly now yeah oh my God the other icon that we were going to talk about was the edit area tool there's some things that some people don't know we can do with the edit area tool I'm going to draw kind of an organic shape here with a spline that's just kind of cutting in between walls and you name it and and then I'll just select this to close it up and something we can do is we can get into edit area and then click on the edit area tool okay and from here I get a um a drag icon right and so look at this I'm actually dragging this up off the screen look at that so it's selected based on an organic shape so if for some reason you have the need to create an organic shape like you have you know uh a vector of Kevin trance's face and you want to cut something out of your model based on that necessary well actually John showed me that a few years about a year ago or something that you can use that for if you're going to create two different designs of a kitchen which is what I deal with right so you have this one kitchen you can take that edit area and copy it into another part on that same drawing make your edits and then if you decide this is what you really want you just have to remember you I always take a corner so I could use that point to match it back right so is keep using that same point but then you could delete the existing kitchen and put the new kitchen back in which is how I use it all the time and I love that it's a great tool yeah if you draw a box around it first like grenade did with the spine tool then you could snap to any you can snap to anywhere basically I just snap to the same point you just have to have a snap point so you can get it back in the right spot John had a client that did a lot of plans for and you would have different options you know this big addition smaller this Dormer not that dorm room you had all these areas marked out where you do edit area to move things into place it worked really well it was very very well thought out I'll use it to bring old plans into a new plan template but just keep in mind you have to set your floor defaults once you do that to match things you guys um that was fun thank you what is this where do you think we found him um yeah Mike said Area 51 has worked for you and I said where do you think you found him that's funny Happy Father's Day you guys to the three of you who are dads Happy Father's Day okay everybody else out there and have a great weekend take some time off be with your family and enjoy so thanks everyone um have a great weekend we'll catch you in a couple of weeks bye take care you guys