HIGHLIGHTS from the Total Immersion Summit For Chief Architect Users - Designers Show #97

designers show Mar 06, 2023

In this Designers Show, we're going to share the most exciting takeaways from the Chief Experts Total Immersion Summit for Chief Architect Users. Our attendees left the summit armed with new knowledge and skills that will help them take their designs to the next level, and we can't wait to share some of the highlights with you.

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all right here we are I think we're live welcome everyone all right here with John and Kevin we're just getting it started a few minutes late after all the work we went through at the summit to emphasize that you got to start on time and end on time right when did we say that and we never did so okay we tried but it never worked playing the music helped a lot anyway welcome everyone so uh thanks for being here today we're gonna have some fun today and answer some questions I hope uh hey Scott how are you doing uh looks like we got a bunch of people logged in I see Michael Moore and Marnie and hi Aaron missing the summit already hello I know I finally got um I got two nights of awesome sleep so I'm ready to growl again so let's go have another Summit huh um not two weeks anyway I got my new Duck cup that I picked up from Andrew and I you know Justine stopped on the way back at Duck Village that's the village through as we left the the town of duck I mean we drove out of this did you see any Ducks did you see any Ducks there are ducks everywhere yeah yeah I love the Ducks so cool I thought we'd start out today having a little fun and uh share a few pictures from our Summit and I was just going through them I spent the last door going through them and I barely phased all the pictures I mean I could show them in the pictures and I got pictures I got to get from Renee and from you John and Patty and uh-huh yeah so we we just had so much fun at this thing it was it was a really uh unlike anything we've ever done before so I mean we've done the the Builder show uh we didn't call them some that's just you know what do we call them stay and Learn Type events yeah this truly was a summit and this truly was uh for me anyway it was life-changing so I've made some decisions about some things moving forward that um are fairly totally influenced by what I what happened here in the last few weeks so and they're all good for the chief community so I'm looking forward to moving forward with that I was going to um well let's just jump into that so so John where are you located today Ken Stan North Carolina and uh sitting at a little city park we've been camping in for the last few days cool you still haven't made it out of North Carolina no I had to stop and work living the laptop lifestyle better boy yeah yeah um cool all right so we are going to spin the wheel a bit but first definitely a great event thanks here um you know we missed you there come on now you should have been there I know I'm just teasing let me get to my pictures and let's run through these really fast and then we'll jump into the spinning the wheel for some uh different topics uh you guys get ready with your questions because half of the spots on the wheel are a q a question so you get to ask questions and the other half are just some things some some takeaways from The Summit in that we came back with and if anybody on the call here today was at the summit and you had some takeaways uh please share them with us I haven't even had a chance to go through all the testimonials that you guys have sent me so uh keep them coming I'm looking forward to it but let's just uh John you want to share my screen I'm not seeing my uh there it is I can do it here never mind um I'm going to move my screen over a little bit I was having camera issues okay present share screen and I want to share entire screen this screen share there we go so let's just start I'm going to rip the you know we got to get to the summit so I'm getting there with Mary this was the cutest thing I've ever seen uh when I was driving on Swansboro before uh the summit I was parked I was at a corner and I saw this this duck just walked out and stared in the window with the cat longingly at the water room I don't know but it was called the it has something to do with fish so I'm sure it had something to do with that and there's John and Patty in their van so cool yeah they're on the road I didn't know this was going to go on on uh hey you would have cleaned up yeah I would have cleaned it up a little bit better that's all right so this is we're loading up to get ready to go to Summit so uh I'm sure you guys that were at the summon appreciate all the work that London and everybody uh put out to put this thing together Linda and we had we had so much food coming from Linda's house that I had to stop putting it in our trailer because it was going to overload it there's a little bit of the food um a portion of it they shop for three days before the event to get ready for it there's a trailer we're loading up and here we're at the summit and guess what's going on in the background and guess what Renee is not paying any attention to but who's that guy is that that's the Super Bowl oh we had the Super Bowl game I missed I missed that I was with a client working oh okay as he usually does so it was pretty cool here's where we before we got set up here's the room we were in John you were working away yeah here's the gang in the kitchen starting to prepare food Robin is uh was there to help out and here we are we're all set up day one getting ready to go um I think we're just doing a few announcements up front I'm not even sure what what day this was I just popped some pictures together here real quick here's a picture of the dining room empty and then here's a roast from our cotton dumplings coming up there's sauerkraut and dumplings doesn't look very good but it really is good here's a group here we are in our training lab uh in one of the days I see Robin's doing a little presentation and here you guys are getting ready to go drive down the beach so yes we did have lots of fun doing all of this event so um okay here we are in the hot tub um then we move forward uh here's our name teaching with his group the first week here we are outside the thing this was a common theme uh throughout the event lots of hugging going on so it was pretty cool that's what tends to happen at these events Kevin and I took a stroll on the beach actually a stroll on bikes we were driving down the beach on John's electric plates um here we are what was this one was he oh this was Robin um in one of the lunchtime chat sessions that was kind of fun we really had a lot of fun with those that was on the second week Doug's making dinner I'm at my table teaching here they are in the kitchen Chris did a really good job in these pictures he took some great shots I should have hit him stay for the second week um because his pictures are really really good uh this was again common theme everywhere having meals together and this is where the real learning happened uh with people talking to each other about their business and things that are going on in their world that was you know when it comes to something like this there's nothing like it it's just really cool um here's uh looking down um there was uh Parker getting a shot by his buddy and here we are in front of the Black Stallion statue in front of the house so this was our first week group and I do believe I have to apologize to the second week group because I didn't have my pictures in there yet um and here's the team here's our whole team we are the this is the gang that made this all possible so thanks to all of you guys this was an just an absolute phenomenal event so yes we did a lot of fun it was a lot of work but it was very very very rewarding so um so there we go with that and let's keep it rolling here here's the second week we changed Renee's training room around a little bit to accommodate more people so that worked out really well he was open he was down in the bottom of the circular stairway area and it worked out really well and uh off to the right of that there was a bar uh here we are talking about as built one of the evenings we did a bunch of evening sessions and talked shop so this was really fun we did Chief Architect all day long and then the evenings we have different we had sessions on marketing on sales on as builts uh we did the hot seat thing which was really cool to me that was one of the finest parts of the whole event where people just got to share their frustrations and things that are going on their business and successes as well and here we are again is this uh you're wearing getting ready for a little uh Left Right Center to say that was a hoot was that would be a total understatement uh 31 people playing Left Right Center that was uh that was a heck of a pot that you won John nice I know yeah I think I recovered all the dollars I've lost it over the years and then probably and then some so that was pretty cool uh really a fun fun event oh here we are this is more people are chimed in so can you tell we're having fun I'm already playing with our youngster there this is Jackson he was there with his father 14 year old uh in these their learning Chief Architect a little bit about business kind of a long story I'm not going to get into it right now but it was pretty cool this is a pretty common theme you guys sitting around the bar having a beverage and chatting shop I mean you guys saw just about all the problems in the Chief Architect world I think except for that one you forgot one okay that one yeah let's go back and work on that one but yeah pretty cool here's our icon board I printed out all the 12 1246 icons and or buttons and Chief Architect and I put them on a banner on the wall that was kind of fun tell Aaron what the pool table was the pool table that was right behind where Renee was speaking it was on the other side of that wall that doorway wasn't it those are bedrooms back here okay yeah there was actually two pool tables there was one in the uh pool room two or where I was staying and let's see nope took my wife and daughter to the beach it was a beautiful day and oh I didn't realize I put this on I'm with my family in uh in the outer bit in Swansboro and here we did take this is the last day I was in Swansboro we we left the cleaned up on Sunday we left on Monday checked out as usual we left the building in perfect condition for the cleaning crew to come in that's one of my goals whenever we rent a big place or rent anything is to leave it better than we found it so I I think we accomplished that very much so and then headed to Swansboro on Monday this was Tuesday I got to spend some time on the beach after I had a mastermind session with a group and it was a beautiful beautiful day it got almost it did get to 80 degrees that day we were so fortunate can you imagine that's all I got so um if you want I could open the folder and go through the other 500 pictures I've got but I don't think everybody would care for that so we won't do that it wouldn't put people through that so guys I hope you enjoyed that it was a lot of fun um you guys got anything you want to add to that I think you did a nice summary there was a it was a fantastic trip and uh anybody who missed it briefly missed it it was uh it was Sensational um you know it was a little a little wearing for those of us that were there for the entire two weeks but uh I think the one week trip would have been fantastic for anyone and uh we sure all of us learned a lot we did we did I know I didn't that's part of you know there's nothing like being there staying together I mean yes we can go do a class in the classroom and you're going to learn a bunch and that works that works great and you know when time is an issue yeah there you go doing an event like this it's a lot of work it was a big deal without my family there cooking all the meals it wouldn't have happened I mean again if they wouldn't have been there we would have been eating a lot of frozen pizzas um a lot of them and but the food the old saying come for the food stay for the training but after the second day that's what everybody was saying yeah okay now I get it now I get it so but let's do this let's spin the wheel I've got I mean I was just we shared some ideas here and I just I just asked the guys that were there unfortunately Renee and Robin couldn't be here with us today Renee is on taking a break so uh kudos to you Renee I don't know if you're on the call or not but if you are hi I doubt he is because he's did he say oh he was gone is he going to some snowboarding uh-huh he was going snowboarding snowboarding yeah oh cool I thought he was going somewhere warm but uh you know he's a sport kind of guy and Robin is teaching a class right now now look at that comment from Aaron um oh there you go that's kind of cool thank you Aaron I like I think that's a new slogan the fun of summer camp with the value of a master's degree Hallelujah thank you laughs uh Margaret hey I'm Chet GPT I did not see that if that one lands we'll talk about that let's spin the wheel and talk about a few things um we'll see where it lands here all right so we're open to q a anybody on the call uh do you have a q a John and Kevin you want to add a q a to this I got a couple questions here okay can we adjust the default size for wall blocking just the default size for wall blocking um where are we going to find that in the framing probably I think so let's go let's check our defaults and our framing um let's see if we have any options for that blocking inline staggered cross-section we're going to go to wall options wall framing staggered blocking I don't think so I think the blocking is going to be the same size as the studs question may have isn't from a comment that was made at uh I don't remember was week one or week two about the possibility of doing wall blocking in showers for uh safety rails and things like that where it'd be nice if you could put a you know two by twelve blocking in there as opposed to two by four behind a wall or anything else so we'll even do that but you're gonna have to do it manually I don't think there's any way to do that automatically and let me show you how you could do that real quick uh and let's see and by the way for this Kevin is you'll probably see it more often on our designer show um Kevin is Kevin tell your story real quick you got 10 seconds no you gotta you got 30 seconds uh I am a uh I'm a creative ironist I uh I am a creative person who uh happened to succeed in business so I am trying now to teach others the same thing and I'm now moving my business into more of a coaching role than a than a design build role and um I'm trying to uh to uh I don't know help others I my kids don't want my business so I want to turn it over I want to turn my knowledge over to other people the kids don't watch your construction business no I mean you've been doing construction Contracting for a long long time yeah yeah and you finally hung up your Contracting license and are now doing coaching Consulting and everybody on the call or watching this recording if you ever need any help with your business he's your guy he's your guy they can help with Chief quite a bit too I think one thing or two about the program a little bit I'm gonna go ahead and frame a wall turn the frame I'll turn the framing on here so when you see the framing in a wall like this see how we've got that framing right there now you can edit this framing in two places so if you need to put a block somewhere you could just take one of these studs and copy it anywhere within the wall and let's see I do have to drag off of it though so I'm gonna you do have to drag it you can't just copy paste so I'm going to grab that I'm going to pull it I can rotate that I can make it a bigger board if I want to and then I could go like this and put it in the wall and again use your point to point I'm going to snap that from oh you know women achieve to that settings no not there I'm gonna copy of Chief all right so there's a board I just made a copy of if you want to show that now when you click on the wall and you hit this little icon right here to show the 3D framing of that wall it's not going to look like 3D it's going to look like a 2d drawing but here's that board I just made a copy of right there and if you just need to show a part of you know you don't need to show it all the way you could do that oops looks like you can rotate it too so there you go so you can do that all day long and to show the blocking in there and I could open the dialog if you want that to be three quarter blocking you could do that so if that's just supposed to be a piece of plywood just make it three quarters of an inch thick um and then you can make it any size you want so that would be a nice way to show the blocking in a shower area you might want to include a picture of this Frame this framed wall along with your plan so if you hope I need to reposition that so you could make a note on the floor plan put blocking here you could make a note in a 3D elevation like I was just showing you or you could bring up a 3D view of the framing and you'd be able to see that blocking right there you could make a you could take a picture of this and make a note of it on the layout page if you wanted to so there's a lot of different ways to do blocking and walls good question though because that is something that's really important when you're doing those kinds of things we got a little bit more explanation for Norman um who asked the original question you see that no remember I'm watching the screen over here you guys are seeing the comments over there so New Zealand we do rows at 800 high and this is not an auto frame feature yet I'm Dan I'm gonna have to say goodbye for a little bit hopefully I'll get back on okay sounds good John thanks um uh 800 High you Rose rows of what Norman rows of blocking so so the idea is to get uh to get your blocking in once and then you can multiple copy it if you wanted to so that'd be another option again just like any other thing I could take that that right there I could use the multiple copy function and I could say you know every 16 inches I want to make a copy of the framing you see how it highlighted that wall stud item there because this is a wall framing item I have to do the spacing here so every 16 inches it's going to leave a copy of that item in here um that doesn't seem right what is it doing it's not doing 16 inches let's try that again tab tab to get to the framing object multiple copy you could do this in 3D end on elevations as well uh primary offset 16. my stud's 24 I wonder maybe they are I didn't check that I didn't catch that that's right though definitely lost it anyway you're going to be using your multiple copy um and I get it okay I'll book that here we go see I can should look like that so just make your guide is 24 on the center um so there you go so you could make those copies along the whole wall really quickly so there's always going to be a little bit manual work done there there yet there's not going to be an automatic function for blocking that I'm aware of Chief has a video about blocking Norman um who said that you see that Albert Ford okay um Albert if you could post a link that'd be great chief of Auto Freeman Rosa blocking at centers of the wall but I need to manually frame the wall I have a request to have this added okay cool um yeah I do you know once you get good with the you know you start working with the trim tools and things like that trim and extend get those get those CAD tools down so you can do this kind of work easily you know in an elevation view like this you can modify this stuff pretty quickly if you're using trim and extend so sometimes I'll have a wall that doesn't frame quite right maybe I need to raise this up 12 inches so I'll just you know pull that up and then you can hit the extend tool and extend all your studs up to that and you're done so not that I would do that in this wall but again is it the framing tools work exactly the same in any situation as they do when you're doing 2D CAD layout so um all right all right we got another question anybody well actually let's go spin the wheel maybe we'll come up with some other things here so let's go over here and we'll just spin around um and we had some fun with spin the wheel at our Summit it was really cool wisdom wisdom Kevin you said that one I believe I did say it what did you say about them uh you know I'm going to remind myself what I said I'll remind you you had said um learn from those that have been there before wisdom is born of experience ah yeah and and experiences born of a lot of challenges um the uh I think the thing we all learned there was that there was always somebody who understood um possibly more than we did about any given subject so while it was really fun to be able to share the wisdom of our years and and what we what we've grown to know I was really thrilled with the idea that I was also learning from others I saw that Chad Halverson just joined us and a whole person I don't know how you pronounce your name Chad but I'm going to guess holgerson holgerson and uh Chad and I had a couple of great conversations where I was learning from him and uh hopefully you know he learned something from me as well um it was just it was the wisdom of that of a group like that was really an incredible experience from the summit um across all the days it really was and it doesn't have to end at the settlement because we're doing some of that right now and so you guys on the call um share some of your wisdom too when you you know when we're trying to answer something we don't have an answer and I know you guys are great at this already but I'm going to encourage more of it just just feel free to answer our questions answer the questions as well if you can I know we can't with this program I use it it's not like Zoom where I can just have you out you know put you up on the call you have to type it in but feel free to do that so I know um one other thing that I think prompted my thought in the first place was the idea that I think people had a preconceived notion of um what the summit was or you know it might be a classroom experience and um I wanted to kind of describe that it was not that it was multiple experiences all in one um you know I don't think I could I think who is it Aaron Or whoever just said about the uh the Church not church camp but summer camp experience um we we met as a group daily and then we would break off into other groups and those groups extended into feeling like there was even more knowledge to share or so and some of us broke off into those and we created uh lunchtime events where we talked about specific topics I know Robin and I split off in two different floors and talked about different things all week got back together after lunch as a group we broke into the two major groups where we had a more advanced set and then a more General set of of people attending and then broke for dinner and came back and did it again at 7 30 at night we would meet again and I don't think anyone really expected that they were going to get all of that out of a single day we put in a long day long days every day and it was really fun it was really exhausting but it was very exhilarating at the same time so it was pretty cool um all right thanks Kevin that's good let's spin up the wheel all right water regulations you you commented with this about Robin Robin uh was doing Robin was doing some kitchen classes and they got to talking or kitchen and bath they got to talking about water and Kevin you'd commented to Robin about this I wanted to go ahead and take that question real quick if you don't mind she said she had commented the Oregon shower code oh I was told by Ferguson incorrectly so Ferguson who sells this kind of stuff informed her incorrectly so Oregon um yeah go ahead uh Robin was essentially she was teaching uh things that mostly had to do with kitchens and baths and and where her forte is that and then instruction itself um and she wanted to send along an apology to the group that she was misinformed and had done some research afterwards and found out that she was misinformed that um I don't know what the what the question was because I was probably teaching something in a different place but um Robin apologizes and says that uh you know she's now been corrected the uh the thing that I find interesting about the whole code uh contemplation around water and conservation of water is that while the government said okay as far as any given fixture is concerned you can't have more than I think it's 1.8 gallons per minute they did not restrict the number of fixtures so you know for instance I did a uh I did a a master bath once where the owner said I want a car wash and by the time we had it I've done those we had an eight inch main shower head we had a 20 inch these are all on separate controls by the way they each had their own Valves and own temperatures a 20 inch shower head I mean a rain head then we had the personal wand shower on the hose and then we had what do we have and then we had eight body Jets so really if if that if the guy coughed a little bit he was going to drown um did that have a soap cycle in it too it did not have the soap side I actually asked it where are you going to soap up you know how can you do this the Jets are hitting you from all sides we're we're pushing 15 gallons per minute which was all code compliant given the regulations but it doesn't to keep up with that oh yeah we had we had a uh we had a continuous uh sorry what's the word a tankless we had a tankless that was uh supported by a by a tank then we had a three-quarter inch water pipe we had to put a three inch drain in to uh to catch all the water out of there so uh I was gonna say he doesn't need soap because the damn thing's going to wash all of skin off anyway that's amazing yeah yeah so anyway my golly we're only getting 1.2 gallons per flush so there you go so they might want to work on that coat a little bit huh um yeah I've done projects like that too in the past where I had you know we had three shower bars two water heads and a handheld so yeah I mean they could have washed the car cool uh let's let's uh better up here um oh boy there's the chat AI this this one you guys that are on the call this is a really big deal okay this isn't a small deal this is a big deal I was kind of hoping we get this one kind of hoping to kind of hoping that um but what is it chat AI well I'm here to summarize that Renee brought this up the first day we were there he did it on the show last time that's when he brought it up oh did he oh yeah last we were there at the event but he had shown it to me way before that um so that's part of the reason it came up um chatty eye is uh something that we're gonna start seeing a lot about moving forward so let me just get to the screen I believe I had open for that somewhere on my computer see um here it is so so let's say that and I've been using this ever since and I've created some pretty cool things with it um even great for writing love letters you guys check it out I turned them off here so you don't see them um anyway it's uh let's say that you want to do an agreement let's let's just type in the question um write me a is let's see if I can do right right at right a design agreement for a this has been show um nine project all right and then let's hit generate generate response oh great um there's something that was really good try that again so it doesn't work so I just thought I would fool you with this um let me try that again it's been idle for a while maybe I needed to refresh the page let's try it again okay now it's thinking and here it's going to start writing it the screaming Center between blah blah blah so you could say different kinds of right of educational design agreement right a very strict legal design agreement right a fund design agreement try different words and see what kind of other agreements you get up there uh it's phenomenal I mean ask it questions it's going to give you answers that you can work with I'm using it to check emails I write now I might even ask it to write an email for me one of the things about this so if you know if you run a Blog I was just talking with Jolene about this yesterday my marketing person she's using it and um you got to be careful with it because Google knows because Google can tell if you've taken and plagiarized a lot of stuff using this AI system so if you're writing a Blog writing things that you're going to post online that Google can search make sure you make your own words before you ask this program to to do something with it so I mean not not the best I mean okay writer but I'm not the best in the world but when I write my story and I pop it in here and I let it kind of rewrite it and then I go through it again it's like I feel like I'm really like I've just hired a good copywriter and it's really cleaning things up for me so check it out I think you'll enjoy it it's free I I think last I heard you can't beat free and if you want to get a little bit more uh it you know their servers get busy so maybe that's what happened here I'm still in the free version so the server you know just chugged for a little bit there um for 20 bucks a month you can get their enhanced version so it's not expensive but I can see just a ton of application for this what about you guys you see anything that you could use this on definitely helped me with my grammar yeah yeah uh personally I've seen um I've seen this used in different ways and uh I've been involved in that industry for a long time prior to my current occupation I wrote wrote a white paper on the future of artificial intelligence back in 1999 so it's been around for a while the uh the exciting thing and the scary thing is that it's maturing and it's maturing very very quickly and I think we're going to see a major change to our industry in the next five years through artificial intelligence so I think we're going to see it everywhere so I would say Embrace this yeah um get used to it because it's here it's not going to go away all right here I just told the write a story about remodeling using minnesotans let's see if they get it in there um the real where's Ben Carpenter yeah you betcha Carpenter's as busy as a beaver you got it you got it kiddo this is great hot dang I didn't even know we spoke like this in Minnesota who's a nanny because we don't I don't think we're doing they've got a few things to learn yet a little bit overboard on this but see how simple it is create a story about remodeling you know give it more give it more details and uh or you know copy and paste your whole blog article in here and have it rewrite it and see what it comes up with so um and you betcha you're going to get some really good results so that this to me was for me coming away from the summit was a one of the highlights of the top things I got got out of the summit as far as new tools to use so this is a big one anyway we haven't even really touched on chief that much here so all right let's get back to it let's uh let's um go spin the wheel for the next unless someone has some questions but um we're going to get down the Q and A's only here in a little bit some of those off of their networking I think we kind of covered that already yeah I think so if you want to expound on that a little bit you know networking really is everything Kevin's what you wrote um business was made of businesses made and friendships were born I saw both and I'm looking forward to seeing more so those that were at the summit I'm encouraging we will encourage them to continue working with each other so um we're gonna see a lot more of that all right let's spin this away again all right q a anybody got a question for us there was a question that kind of just needs uh this one here I can't seem to copy and paste from my user catalog these are CAD details I've modified and edited to fit our use up here um but they will not paste into my plan after it's worked for years anybody seen that with that um you don't copy and paste from a from a uh from the library you just click and click on this you highlight and click um so I this is a brand new install of X15 I haven't even by the way X15 is available for everybody now as public beta so they don't call it beta anymore I'm seeing that show you guys can go into your digital locker and it should be there if it's not just contact Chief and they'll make it available you can download it and use it and it's really really it's a really nice upgrade so they've done some things in here that are really cool um I'm going to talk about this one even if it doesn't come up on the wheel so the uh let's go find some CAD details here so if you have a cad detail you should be able to just take that and click on your screen I wonder oh you know I wonder if it's putting it in on the wrong layer maybe that's what's happening so what I would suggest you do uh when you when you put something when you grab something from a cad detail you do have to copy and paste it she's talking about the library so now open the cad detail window you're saying if it looked to me like you were going to try to put the cad detail into the plan is that what you were doing oh no you know what I no that's not what I was doing um okay but you're right I was clicking I was clicking on the wrong thing library but yeah if you're in the cad detail you would have to copy con you know copy and paste that in your plan I was looking for the library I was in the wrong I was in the wrong project browser not the library so if we go to the core catalogs and we go find some CAD blocks and we will grab a cad block by the way the new library is going to take you a little getting used to yeah sure so yeah I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far but it will take he's getting used to and you can turn the different blocks that you see here on and off so if you don't want to see all the details turn that block off if you don't want to see tags turn that block off so you can open those up to be a little bit more of what you're used to so it does work pretty well so let's go um just look at our CAD blocks here again let's add uh CAD detail let's grab that one let's go back to our floor plan uh and click on the page and there's your detail now again if the detail is not there check you know right now CAD default layer is turned on that's the layer that the detail is coming in so if you've got your own CAD details that you've been doing and you've been putting them in use your library make sure that you know check for later that they're on the easy way to check it is just to go to all layers on just go all layers on click the uh check mark here and go down here and hit select all and make sure this is a check mark So then you'll know every single possible layer in your plan is turned on and then we can click ok and now you will know that it's there or not this has happened to me before where it was paste and pasted what's going on it's not working I turn all layers on it sure enough it was on a layer that I didn't have on so check that out that might not have the same thing happen to him yeah let try that and let me know if all the details you were pasting are there now so go check that out and let me know that was it I can't think of any other reason they wouldn't be there thank you not right off hand anyway there's always a reason except on Tuesdays it's always operator error um all right any other questions that's it for now that I see all right let's go back to our wheel and if we don't get questions we just keep spinning till we land I suppose I could turn some of the Q and A's off all right we'll just pick stuff off the wheel we don't have to spin it really but it's just fun to spin the wheel all right well I had that choice um it was fun Renee gave away a bunch of things at the event and uh all right let's just go go to one let's go to the um 1244 I'm gonna go talk about the uh um XYZ ref reference because this to me is a really big deal for a lot of people I actually had a client I had a client that Drew a house a couple years ago and it because of the way it was it kind of had to shift floors in in between two two parts of the house yeah this would have been perfect for that um trouble getting stuff to come together right so if you're in Chief beta 2 and you check the floor reference um it looked like this okay so you notice there's some right here there's some things that look at what looks like this now when we go to um X the the newest public beta and we click the floor number look at these things that they've added x y z angle this is a big deal if you here's where this is a really big deal all right if you have a project that has more than one building in it so I know most of you yeah that's fine if you have a house and a garage or separate you draw it in one plan or maybe not maybe you want to draw them in separate plans so anytime you have a project with multiple buildings in it you want to create those plans in multiple plan files you don't want to draw a whole bunch of hoses on one plan because it gets to be a really big file and it's really difficult to keep track of everything so what you can do with this new reference you'll see here I'm referencing plan two and I'm in plan two so if I go to let me go back to plan one let me cancel this so this is this is a second building I want to put on this lot so you could do a whole neighborhood like this you could have 20 houses and you could have one big plot drawn and you could xref I think that's called xref all of those houses into different positions into one plan without actually copying and pasting the plan into that so let's close this um let's see what am I doing here plan view oh there it is okay so you see the red building is not really drawn in this plan it's it's being referenced from another plan so this is plan one okay and I'm looking at the floor plan here's plan two here's the other plan okay so again you could have house one two three four five as many as you want as far as I know and so what I wanted to do was reference this house here now what I did is I drew the house in a different position because I'm just learning this right now so I wouldn't I didn't know I have to play with these this X Y offset and then we could angle the house a little bit so we'll have to see how those works and we'll get into that as time goes on and I'm not quite sure what xor means do you know what that means Sean or Kevin uh Renee would probably know what that means but uh that's beyond my scope of knowledge at this point isn't it the the actual versus the reference possibly that I don't know what you're supposed to put in there to make it a difference so I'm not sure but we'll figure all that stuff out and we'll tell you about it someday so here I am I'm in plan one and I want to show both houses so what I you know when I bring up a 3D View it's going to just show the one house okay nothing in the backyard all right but what I can do is I can X-ray and save cameras so what I could do is I can go to my project browser now and I could go into uh to the the cam cameras that I've saved and here's the view I saved with the house in the back being referenced into the camera view so I could open that and here you go so now this house here I can't click on it change it here but I could change it in the other in the actual plan I'm working on and there you go in fact I'm curious let's just go back to that and let's go change something on it let's change this to a Gable all right so I think I still have Auto roofs turned on here um okay so now I've got a Gable so now if I go back here this should change to Gable and voila it did so just like having views on layout that automatically update the xref the reference back to the plan you're working on will change so here I've a reference plan one is the one I'm working on plan two is the plan that is uh I want to have that building show up here and I can specify what layer set I can then I can Define where it's going to be in this plan I'm working on so this would be a little tricky when you're doing a whole neighborhood to get those coordinates just right but that's something that we'll work on and start defining how to do that but uh go over the advantages you know what this the problems that this solves is what you're dealing with different height issues for the different houses the different uh soil or different terrain levels well with files I've done neighborhoods before where I've had a big project with lots of buildings on it and what I had to do was open each model I had to turn off the Interiors of the house and I because when you have everything in one plan you start generating these massive uh amount of surfaces in your plan and that can really slow your computer down so what I've done is I've with that particular thing I did that and then I created the symbol out of it okay so you just take and you go to 3D and you go to um let's see you would create is it 3D it's under tools tools um symbol and convert whatever you see on the screen to a symbol I would convert the whole house to a symbol and I create a library full of symbols and I'm I would come and paste those onto the 3D model okay so if I would change this if I change the house a little bit I'd have to go redo that whole process again this way I could create one plan that is the whole plot of the whole area with the survey on it and everything and then I could start drawing each house and then reference them to certain spots on that one plan so again I could reference a whole bunch of houses and that would work really well too and then as I go change the plans my reference neighborhood all be up to date it's live so it's the live updates so if you're just doing single family homes and that's all you ever do you um you really won't have much use for it if you're doing remodeling and you want to show existing versus new yeah you're going to have a use for this um but you won't need that you won't be needing this you wouldn't need these last three things because everything would be in the same place but again this is something new that as Chief moves forward with making itself a more powerful program it's a really big deal for uh for a lot of people that do multiple projects here's another issue it solves right here and you can't use the paint floor on a plan when you multiple buildings same model yeah exactly if you change one material you change the whole all of the models um so anyways this is something we discovered on with the last day we were there that they had because they had just released the the update none of us have noticed before that those functions weren't there as part of beta 2. so pretty cool um what does the help button explain for xor I don't know we don't have enough time for that right now but I'm gonna check it anyway xor let's hit the help button this is something we discussed too whenever you need help with something hit the help button how about that um unless you're a guy then you figure it out first then hit the help button drawing change is the color of lines in the reference floor plan one there on top for if the lines are identical properties change I don't know it makes no sense to me what that says so we have probably have to hit a related video on that one is it just a check do you put a check mark in the in the box or do you do something else with it um yeah I wonder if it just changes which one's the reference and which one's the request it's just a plan view thing well it only only shows up for plan view oh okay it's it's born of the AutoCAD World um so if somebody if somebody came in Chief only then they were not exposed to it to begin with so it's a very foreign concept to to uh people who haven't been in in the AutoCAD world yeah yeah cool um all right any questions anybody got any questions here's a question when is the appropriate next Summit approximate approximately approximately I need to plan and book in don't know yet um the the builders show uh next year is on the same week I would like to have the summit so it's either going to be before or after that um I will let everybody know as soon as I find out so Norman send me an email so that I can get you on the list to contact right away it will be only one week that I know for sure we're not going to do two weeks again it seemed like a really good idea at the time so we're there let's just do it twice right it wasn't too bad you just had to go to bed every night instead of staying up till two or three o'clock in the morning yeah Kevin I did pretty good at that remember first day I said remember pace yourself we're gonna be here for a while yeah my biggest adjustment has been not being around people 14 hours a day you know and this is being by ourselves again you know it's really fun yeah it was good it was good I'm just saying it's a it's an adjustment you know yeah yeah coming back to just being the two of us again John offset railings tell me how to do that because I haven't tried it even once so let's go to this deck over here and plan one all right and let's offset a railing so go ahead and select your let's get a 3D view so we can see it happen all right so let's bring up our 3D I'll just do a one level overview I'll tile our display by pulling the tab down to the side till it splits spin that bad boy around see now this view doesn't have that building extra referenced onto this particular plant all right and here let me show you how you would reference it real quick because I didn't really show that um back to that topic so you go to the floor number and in this case now you see that I closed plan number two I believe let's see if it's listed here yeah it's because the plan is open in one of the tabs I can reference it right here if it wasn't open I would hit choose an existing plan and then go to I can pick any plan anywhere on my computer but I'll go to plan two now it's being referenced uh set to minus 74 and that will show up there you can change the camera style that you know that you want to use for that and I'm set to one level overview so that's why we're seeing it like that anyway how do we offset this railing let's do all three railings at once and move them what do we want to move them to the outside of the board of the rim that makes sense yeah you can you move the rail the rail and balusters separate from the posts right and then you can move the whole system as well so I'm going to select the railings so where do we start all right so go to uh first of all you probably want to set your wall thickness and get your balusters set what how you want them so what do we want there right now it's three and a half let's just do six and then we'll do six inch post as well all right so we set the rail thickness extension noodles and then we go to our noodles and balusters we're going to change those to six as well okay so now we gotta have your posts yeah so let's make the rail the rail top top and bottom rail just a two by four or something smaller than that right now she's doing fill in the fill in the wall cavity right um so we want to go to rails and make these right now it's fitting so yeah okay so we'll go like that so they're gonna yeah that's probably a little goofy but that'll give you the idea because now the rails right in the middle right correct all right so let's go to the I think it's the rail noodles and balusters first I think go ahead and select that and then there's a horizontal offset there go ahead and offset it like an inch or an inch and a half I'm gonna move move the top rail in the bottom rail it actually it actually moved to posts moved everything oh move the post move the newel posts over so now that's because we're under because we're under noodles and posts okay right let's let's go to your um picture then so we can see what happened okay so it moved them in so yeah moved it in moved the nulls in from the edge of the deck okay so I should check so now let's go back go back to the to the dialogue do I need to check at this time I need to make it no okay go ahead just leave it right there all right go ahead go to go to rail style now rail style now there's another horizontal right here okay let's make that one minus an inch and a half and that should move the noodles back out to the edge of the deck and keep the railing in in the same position same relationship to the noodles okay so if we wanted to move everything to the outside of the deck okay now you would go minus six to the outside of the deck and you could set the bottom yeah so we could move this so the the posts could be right you know right on the outside of the deck and then we'd want to set the then then you're right I didn't realize that's where you wanted to go with it that's okay the other side we could extend the balusters down along the edge of the deck um because we can do all that separately now so we're getting close I mean we can do um Rim mounted balance you can do or uh yeah Rim mounted balusters and posts and posts or we could have the post you know inside the the rim with the balusters on the outside of the room I mean so yeah that looks like we just have to figure out again this first time I've even you know John showed me about when we were leaving that if they added that M1 that must have been part of the new public release too because you were trying that earlier in the week it wouldn't work and it wasn't working yet so I think they got that fixed so you can also stairways also have it now so that you can offset the railing off from the edge with with the with the noodles so that's kind of a cool thing to be able to get stairways closer to looking right yeah yeah so we'll play with that and we'll report back to you we'll uh our next Summit our next Summit our next designer show uh I think we'll we'll discuss probably the next couple of designer shows let's discuss the new features in Chief because there are a bunch of them and some of them are really really good yeah um you know I like the new denoise feature that they have for rendering and some of that stuff so live material lists live material lists I mean yeah so go ahead and download that so we're just about done here for the day uh thank you guys for being here I do want to suggest I want to mention one thing uh next up on our list and uh you're the chief experts Academy and you might see this on the show page here but uh uh Julian and I are going to put together a course and talking about we're going to get into branding and marketing for your business one of the comments that we had from people at the show is they're really busy why should they market and it's like well not when you're busy that is the best time to Market and a lot of times when people ask me I'm busy why do I need to Market my first question them are you getting the kind of jobs that you like are you getting the kind of projects and customers that you really want to do and that you really people you really want to work for more often than I'll say yeah most of them but not all of them or not not really liking the kind of stuff I'm getting so so your brand your marketing your these are pictures from the actual Summit by the way um though that's that's what you want your brand to do you want your brand to bring you the kind of clients that you want to work with the type of projects you want to do so be sure to use your branding marketing to do that and so Julia is something a really really nice course it's going to be a 12-month commitment meet once a month and really dig into things and there's going to be some done for you parts to the to this as well if you elect to go that route so um look look to that if you click on this you could get on the wait list and we'll be sure to let you know you'll get early access to everything and will notify you when it's ready to roll so check it out and so we got that coming up um we will be doing some I'm going to start launching her digging into the mastering course again so I'm hoping to do a new online series with that uh Kevin I know you've got some things that we'll be working on together so I'm excited about that and uh kind of go from there so and we just we've got uh we're not slowing down one bit guys we got lots of cool things coming for it we're looking forward to helping you any way we can so reach out to us if you need help on anything with that I'll say goodbye you guys John Kevin you want to add anything nope everybody have a great weekend Kevin you don't have any more words come on man what's up with the time's up oh well not for you um thanks guys everybody have a great uh weekend we'll see you next time in the designer show bye