Rene Rabbitt's Review of the Builders Show, Q&A, and the Wheel - Designers Show #95

designers show Feb 07, 2023


On this Designers Show, Rene will give us his recap of his time at the 2023 International Builders Show (IBS). 

Rene spent a bunch of time at the Chief Architect Booth and wandered the show floor where he will unveil some of the fabulous products he noticed. 

We'll also spend a little time answering some Chief Architect questions. 

Introduction & Dan's Total Immersion Summit 00:01 
Rene's Summary of the International Builders Show 2023 (IBS) 04:35 
IBS Photos 09:00 
Trends & New Designs 11:15 
Kohler Products 17:27 
New Cabinet & Vanity Designs 24:00 
Ceiling Mount Faucet 30:32 
Solid Surface Vendors 32:08 
True Refrigerators 33:43 
Technology: Moasure & AMD 36:50 
Dan's New Homemade Smokin-Hot Computer 42:45 
Q: How do I put a Terrain around a foundation? 45:28 
Q: What was the cost of Dan's computer? 48:55 
Click Systems for Siding at IBS 51:14 
Q: How do I put a skirt around a building? 52:04 
7950x AMD Processor 53:16 
Final comments 54:50 
Thoughts about Chief Architect 56:30 



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technology works when you do it right can you hear me now can hear you can you hear us I can hear you too good good good I think we're finally here gotta love it huh nothing like having a professional studio to do all of this stuff in with a whole team of people that take care of us anyway hey everyone we don't have any of that by the way uh hi everyone uh Dan here and welcome to the designer show on this day uh John thanks for being here Renee he's back from the Builder show how you doing yeah good cool cool um all right so we're getting some people logging in we got Doug and Doug how you doing thanks for being here and boy it's cold up here in the north right now yes it is I think we're still about minus six or seven right now um have you got video we've been after we got video I think we do you guys should be seeing this yep minus 32 normal alarm for you uh that's cold no no no nope and uh a lot of people are saying hi so guys thanks for chiming in today and uh Auckland New Zealand just had floods cold is much easier to deal with than floods yes yeah so hopefully you didn't have too much damage Norman so uh hope you're holding stronger and uh Ontario north shore of Lake Ontario yep that would be where it's nice and cold but anyway welcome today and uh our topic today uh that we're gonna focus on for a bit here along with other things would uh the wheel and we'll answer your questions so if you do have questions about Chief feel free to type them in we're glad to help and uh Renee just got back from the Builder show the IBS International Builder show um and from the Philippines all right he rose so Renee let's jump into this for a minute um actually before we jump into that uh real quick guys uh a little commercial here we still have some room in our Summit coming up so let me just share my screen for a second here so the the summit which many of you probably heard us speak out speak of is coming up a week from today we oh I'm going to get there a week from the day but we start a week from Sunday people will start arriving a week from Sunday and we'll be coordinating rides with people will be driving we've got a lot of things happening um people will arrive on Monday and from then on we'll be spending the week together uh cranking hard on Chief Architects so pretty excited this is going to be a great event we've got a lot of really wonderful people coming we got wonderful people John and Renee and Robin will be there Kevin tranzo my team will be there so we're very excited about this and uh we're going to crack the code on Chief in a big way if that's such a thing I mean we've already kind of do that but we want to do it even more so we still have some room I don't have any rooms on the second week the first week still has I think four rooms three or four rooms left plus we have some opportunities if you want to stay at a hotel or you have a friend you can stay with nearby you can just join us for the classes so the prices are a little less expensive for that so check it out we'd love to have you there I know it's short notice but if you can break free uh it would be cool to have you there and you will the return on your investment in time and money uh will be tenfold when you leave this event so uh John Renee you got any comments about this uh I I have some big comments about this okay I think most people I think Dan would tell most people I'm not the best salesman when it comes to this stuff but uh after going to IBS and and running into everybody that I ran into and chit chatting and just talking shopping getting into what everybody's doing um it got me really excited for this show so I'm looking forward to it awesome so that's just yeah that's it like there's this is gonna be fun it's gonna be a lot of fun so you you went to the show and it's my understanding you you spent a few minutes with the Chief Architect people there a few minutes those are those would be computer minutes by the way even then you know I'm gonna Bill them for a knee replacement I'd stand in there so long yeah uh yeah I was at the booth all day on the second day and um and I don't think I ever left and just getting to talk to a lot of familiar faces a lot of new faces to me um putting the names to the faces is a huge thing for me it's just that cool makes yeah it just makes all the difference in the world to see these people um that we that we see we see our names scrolling through the chat list and we have a relationship with you online but until we get to meet you it's just it's something special to meet you in person and and you know maybe you're fans of us um it's it becomes immediately apparent I'm a fan of you so it's it's just fun it's fun to talk to people and see what they're doing and get into what they're getting into so yeah very cool isn't that true yeah I mean yeah and that's one of the cool things about these events we do is you really get to know people and um again some of us have I mean that's how we got to know you you came to one of our events in Las Vegas you did you weren't was that it was at the middle Builder show yeah you came just for dinner and we've got to know you since then and we've become good friends we've collaborated on things and we got a whole bunch of other things we're going to clock down so very exciting yeah so I spent a lot of time at the chief Booth um really fun to see the culture of of Chief again um it's just an amazing company uh Greg Wells is what would you call them president CEO of the company I think he's the CEO or he's the head guy Greg Wells is out there just selling the product direct to the customer just out there working the floor like everybody else your developers that are working on the software we're selling the software you know they're talking to their customers they're asking their questions they're out there doing this it's like what other company do you get where do you get to know your own development team for that software um it's been around for 30 years it's just unheard of so isn't it though well yeah it's really cool and then you know I'm getting into some advanced stuff with rendering and and uh and anytime they got a chance to it huddled around and get excited about this stuff so um someone asked if they had showcased X15 yes they did and and that was that was a lot of fun we got to play around with it um and those of us that are on the beta team already and we've been waiting to talk about X15 we can't yet we still can't but it's exciting there's some exciting stuff um the ver the version of the beta that they were on in X15 introduced some new features and so it's just getting better over time and um I know that they said they're going to launch in the spring that's going to be the official release date and then they're working on getting public beta out and you know they're targeting early next month or something for public beta so keep an ear out for it and we'll be talking about it as soon as we can we'll be talking about it because it's fun it's exciting so do you have any pictures to show us Renee yeah I do let me get my shares and you gotta remember how to function yeah you got to go to the share screen here I'll just share mine for a second oh yeah um this is from 2020 I 20 19 or 2020 and that should clear up in just a second this is cool photos come on there we go so well it should clear up uh there we are at the Chief Architect booth and they do have an amazing Booth I don't know why this is not clearing up usually they do oh there we go and we had so much fun there and uh this is at the both and I think you're an hour to go I heard some of these pictures Renee maybe that was a different show that must have been a different show because we had some photo bombing going on um anyway uh it was cool yeah go ahead and share your screen and um I haven't had the chance to sort through this stuff and I'll tell you that uh the most of the pictures I took were on the kitchen and bath side I didn't take a lot of pictures uh on the Builder show side I did talk to people and vendors on the Builder show side but um the event this year was just huge and Chief's Booth was in the new West Conference Hall which is a really long walk from the rest of the show so it was uh it was tough to get to everything but um so did they put all the computer the technology stuff together again in the big Hall in the hall where Chief was um they no it was a mixed bag really I mean it was um so you got a lot of the kitchen and bath stuff over in the chi fall as well so okay um like 2020 you know one of Chief's competitors that was in a completely different Hall so it was kind of interesting uh we they had Builder Trend right next to them and um uh no one told me I couldn't say anything about this so I'm not sure if I can or not but I know they're talking about their Trend and trying to figure out you know relationship with Chief so um well that's cool that means they're getting into the planning um I mean the construction management side of things so well if I know achieve they're collaborating with a lot of people so I mean they don't stand still for anything and you know everybody that works there they're always looking for more and better ways that they can collaborate to help more users they have such a sharp team too and they seem to have great interpersonal relationships with each other and they've all been there for a long time and yeah um they're I know they're excited about a new developer that they hired and and I heard a couple people talking about him so some more exciting things maybe coming for x16 who knows so oh yeah I'm sure they're already working on extra money I mean yeah you know they're always working way ahead of the game and it takes becoming higher to Chief Architect is not an easy task so any new developer they hire goes through about a six month trial period and a ton of qualifications so people when they work when they get hired there they stay there so nice um I'll talk a little bit about the trends that I saw when I was there uh and I the most notable Trend to me was color all of our major fixture suppliers manufacturers were starting to do introduce color in our fixtures and in our sinks or faucets um and and that seemed to go across the board so it was almost like there was an internal conversation that was had so um that was pretty cool I haven't sorted through these pictures so you're seeing them as I'm seeing them um as you took them yeah as I took them it took them and uh just um I liked I like this shot I like these faucets I was getting some Star Wars Vibes out of these so are these the kind that turned themselves on when you should when you get next to them oh the automation that we're seeing is just incredible um of course it's difficult to take a picture of you know a pamphlet or something where we're talking about automation but um uh the the resounding thought that I kept hearing from all of our manufacturers was that this new generation of of homeowners wants automated stuff they just want Automation in their appliances they want Automation and everything so if it's got an app it must be good you know yeah I have to sort through my notes I can't remember which um vendor it was but um someone had a range where it's a gas range when you walk away from the gas range it's got a proximity sensor you walk away for long enough shuts your burners down you know so we're getting into the safety side of automation so that's really interesting um and they've got some you know on on-demand induction features coming into these um cooking appliances and um so some really some really cool stuff with automation uh and and the automation's getting into everything you know your sink faucets you name it but John's got a valid point here but you can everything is our cars everything is a computer now yeah so John you know you're right and so let's hope the uh let's hope this test security gets built in so we don't have to worry too much about that I I have a hunch um that as some of these Services become commonplace that we're actually going to start seeing subscription models in our fixtures in hell so um you know there's there's um like I really can't check my notes but there's a couple of uh the vendors that um they're they're doing they're integrating um Smart Systems in terms of shutting down your water supply Etc and monitoring that and then and they're starting to like build that into the valve systems um so we're just going to see this as you know you can't take a shower today because you didn't pay pay up your app speed yeah exactly that's on your bill you know you left on your subscription or they'll start by giving you a cold water only uh you didn't upgrade to 104 degree showers sorry yeah I know they just put in a smart electric meter on my house which is yeah you know yeah someone I'm gonna pin this comment hey I agree with you but it's not doesn't mean that that's not coming yeah uh all right so let me just kind of scroll through some of these things yeah um got to see some just new design I mean it's always nice seeing new designs in you know some of these traditional fixtures we're just starting to see some new lines um new ideas with a lot of these faucets break away from some of the old um like I said a lot of color we're seeing introducing a lot of color in a lot of the sinks um and faucets so you know this bright orange sink and um I'm having enough trouble getting my kids to automatically pack and unpack the dishwasher I think that comes with a shock collar or something like that doesn't it I I have an idea that I want um I'd like produced I want a utensil drawer that is actually a dishwasher drawer for my utensils put the utensils in there somehow it figures out how to clean them so you just you put them away dirty and they come out clean yeah that's it all right there you go it's going to be coming down the line or just do that some people and they do two dishwashers so yeah and that's where they get all their dishes from I am it was fun to see some you know vendors that are unknown to me and see what they're doing you know taking big chances on producing really high-end stuff and I mean maybe someone else knows this this brand but I didn't and and I thought there um some of their display stuff was was very cool they're selling um you know some of these Peg systems and aluminum bodied stuff so let's kind of a good one um I was I'm starting to see a big trend of a lot of book Matched Stone on the floor on the showroom floor so you'll see a lot of pictures of of stone um I also took a lot of pictures so that I can convert them and get them in the chief and get them to everybody here uh I like giving away those textures so that's fun so you know coming weeks you'll see a lot of the materials I saw on the showroom floor and you'll see them and I'll and I'll offer them for um for free for chief so I took a lot of time taking pictures of stone this was another thing I noticed a lot of Art Deco style in many of the booths um I had some kind of installation some kind of art deco nod to the art deco style yeah if I can get in real tight you know uh a big Trend I was seeing in all of our tile was just 3D text you know depth we wanted a lot of depth um a ton of fluting features fluting fluted walls fluted fixtures what do you mean fluted like uh like a channel we'll get to I'll I know I've got a couple pictures we'll get to one okay cool um Kohler just had an incredible Booth um yeah you know there are trade showing of themselves when they go to these things yeah and and sorry Delta you were the most underwhelming Booth to me so if I was over at the Kohler Booth um uh and and everybody was they were introducing a lot of interesting new ideas and Concepts so um this was one of them I don't know if you can see this but you know you've got a hand one that's floating overhead and and then um just the shower body The Rainmaker and they had a lot of interesting Thoughts with these like I don't know that you can see this but um this was just a spigot that dumped onto a plate and then distributed through oh interesting yeah and so and and then this could be detached um I didn't get a chance to try this out but uh yeah they had some really Innovative stuff this year nice and and they're kind of introducing this concept of let's get you a bunch of decorative um fixtures where we can just turn on a diverter valve and and get a different look and feel you know because when they're getting in the gardening now yeah I've been waiting for you know the these shows to start introducing ways of managing you know your home plants and stuff and incorporating it into design um this was just me taking more pictures of of looking at just how how many different integrated things were getting into these things I don't think you're going to see a sink coming up here soon um in the mid to Upper tiers that doesn't have some kind of um chopping block and integration or or drain mat or something like that the market I was talking to Mark the other day and he was saying that the show was extremely well attended probably pre-pandemic type numbers oh yeah so and the energy this year was just incredible people were really happy to be here so um I loved some of these new Styles where you know we've had the Kohler purist line for a really long time it's a fantastic line but if we're starting to you know that's a very round line throughout the entire fixture and so I like this little you know flat section we're starting to see um these vendors are figuring out how to do a nice balance with their fixtures um the inventory of fixtures is is just incredible across the board I love Vicky's coming this is the same thing that happens in a grocery store there will be 10 people in the store and everyone will check out at the same time why is that let's see starting to see a lot of these color um freestanding tubs freestanding tubs was seen you've seen a lot of tub in the shower type thing yeah and and finally showing enough of an idea there where you can wrap your head around it and and maybe come up with a A system that feels okay let me back up here's what I would say starting to see um fixtures in bathrooms where it looks like it's part of the Interior Decor it just seems like a continuation of of the house as you know running the look and feel of the house through into the bathroom and so the the tub inside of the shower is is part of that the decor in the shower itself is starting to lend itself to you know a theme that you might run through the architecture of the home including your exterior cladding and everything so we're starting to see inside outside elements um which might be fun to figure out how do we get an indoor outdoor bathroom um so oh yeah yeah some fun Trends there um oh there's a selfie there you go I was actually really interested in this vanity I just I like the lines on it um you know the the spacing on the rails and everything and just the ideas they're putting together the color palette um really getting away from White and that you know I I'm not going to be able to get away with from from white with my design clients but you know I'm gonna start nudging them that way and and we're starting to see that in the showroom floor so that's fun what do you mean you're getting away from White just an all you're all white you're all white everything here we're gone now they're all white kitchens you're all white home you're all white bathrooms it's you know it's it's not going to go anywhere it's still a beautiful idea but you're starting to see a lot of color coming in and um figuring out how to play with these different colors and textures um I thought this was interesting you know kind of a pass through them let's not include a mirror let's do away with our mirrors and figure out other ways to incorporate them give someone a dedicated vanity space so um I saw a lot of like these dedicated vanities that were you know offside of the main sinks uh in the bathroom so that was an interesting thought I wonder when they're going to start using cameras and screens instead of mirrors that's what I was just thinking yeah yeah um I didn't spend a lot of time in any of the mirror showcase booths but I definitely saw a lot of smart integration in many of those um I'll have to share it next show but there was a I got introduced to a vendor that was pushing out Qi Chargers where you set your phone on top of the charger and it and it charges where you cut into your composite top in your countertop you route out a half inch channel for this device and it will charge right through your composite top so um you know getting more smart integration in into the kitchenware got to come up with some clever idea of you know picking a mark in the grains and let someone know where that cheat charger lives but uh you know more more technology coming into the kitchen and bathroom um getting some new looks and feels on on our our Tower um bathtub fixtures so this is that's what I'm taking a picture of here I really loved this tile just a little bump offset tile I thought this was really intriguing they're doing amazing things with tile yeah um it's just and there's some really incredible looks we're getting into I love this this guy right here and just the just the lines of this really appealing to me so um I figured I'd take a picture of this and look at this later and dissect this later so I don't know what's going on here maybe we'll have to figure out a way we can share this on your website and somewhere where I can share all these pictures so yeah take a look at what's going on that was in the Delta Booth this is more color in the kitchen idea just really fun to see this stuff um again a lot of 3D elements like linear 3D elements that we're seeing in the hood so I like this drop sconce look it's very neat yeah yeah of course you need a 12 foot ceiling for this to work so at least 10 you know yeah um I didn't particularly love this look but it was oh you know it was a wild idea and then more of this this is what I'm talking about about that fluting and or the ribbing yeah I did a a project one time when we they've had little branches inside the glass like okay that glass was really expensive yeah I think it was over a thousand dollars just for the glass yeah yeah I believe it well and you know as we're starting to see it on the show maybe it drives the price down yeah who knows I um you're starting to see some of these like I feel like we're gonna start seeing some of these cabinet sink assemblies pushed into the greater parts of the home you know just for um just in a hallway you might see a vanity you know that's tucked into a Nook kind of a thing with a sink so this this look and feel very business-like to me um I like this this zero Edge stuff where you can't really even tell what it's made of you know what the what the full assembly is kind of interesting to me um getting into some more custom floating vanities um this one in particular was pretty interesting look to me yeah it's liking these Coral colors um that's more of this this channeling you know full height panels here being cut custom integrated sinks cool stuff nice yeah a lot of these mitered solid Stone vanities very interesting so it's not really solid stone is it it's just minored well the look The Look of it it's mitered and then yeah and then just Stone from you know the from the floor all the way up um no toe kick so I hope you don't have feet um I'm missing all some of these comments let's see I'd be curious on your best way to make a wall fluted paneling in Chief I do have a method for that I have a very old video about that so I'll have to redo it um I've seen a lot of this in the uh in the fixtures kind of this um how would you even say it some sort of like a translucent light so we're bouncing a lot of you know different um not as hard of a light so multiple light sources in a bathroom multiple vanity lights and at times or the valve bodies here's more of that color um this was kind of a wild concept wild look stormtrooper-esque to me yeah go great now man cave yeah um these two-toned deals here was liking these knobs thought the knobs were kind of interesting you're uh that's your your 20 inch rims on your you know sports car right there yeah yeah I wonder if the colored ones if they have different colors or your favorite football teams or basketball teams kind of a theme I think so yeah um I'm gonna try to give this one away away later today for chief This was um a really interesting pattern you almost couldn't couldn't tell where the brake lines were in this so that will be interesting to see how you make that a seamless texture yeah yeah um I might not get it done but we'll try I'll give it a shot I'll try to record that that'd be interesting yeah because seamless textures can be really tricky but yeah if anybody can do it I know you can so yeah all right more more faucets oh this was a big one everybody was excited about this seeing these colors yeah well wild looking color is going on that 1950s pink toilet I could hardly get in to even get a picture for this really which strand is that now this is Kohler and uh you know we're starting to see um what are they called social influencers social influencers aren't we're on the showroom floor and and clearing out space as much as they could and doing their podcasts and and everybody wanted to get in front of these toilets [Music] so this was uh to make any color I don't know and I know that they did some kind of a contest they wanted to see what everybody's favorite color was I have to read up on see where that ended up so wow that was kind of funny um I'm going to pin this one from Bill Murray ripped glass was hot in the 1940s uh yeah um and like like I said a lot of Art Deco elements what was our art deco influence was kind of early 50s I have to yeah to go look at my books on that but yeah um this was still just in the Kohler Booth it was just getting inspired by some of the design looks here um again just more of that 3D wall 3D wall that was just that was really big everywhere so um this was a whole line from Kohler that um you know including their their cabinet I think it included cabinet handles I think they're doing some partnership with some cabinet handle fenders or do they have a lot of that in-house I can't not sure but you can pick up the entire line through um Kohler now this was a um that same anodized finish I think it's anodized is what they're using in a designation process um this refrigerator was that same um colors so that whole fridge it was hard to take a picture of because of where they had it located but yeah and then this was the hot ticket item on everybody's list um and it was tough to even get in here and take a picture but this is a ceiling mount uh faucet no way and it retracts up into the ceiling so it hangs down until it looks like a pendant fixture and and then you you know you just grab it as you need to and pull it down and use it for your sink and oh come on the the thought here which I loved I kind of have the same initial impression like oh look at this this is a gimmick and um and then I kind of liked how they got to this idea which was you know we have all these accessories for your sink now and do we really expect people to do prep at your sink with this faucet in your way and you got to knock the faucet out of the way well this is this is that ideas it retracts up into the ceiling and it actually swivels around so you can really move it out of your way yeah and do your prep at your sink and and it's it's stand your two two-year-old toddler in the sink and give them a shower there you go right do you have a light on it oh no it didn't I don't I don't think it did um I didn't get in close to it I know that I got to meet Chad holgerson who is a member of our community and he's comments here a lot um he still might be out in Vegas and he got to try the action out and said it it really functioned well so that was um that's cool foreign just keeps on moving doesn't it yeah um I'm seeing some new solid surface vendors here um this is just again me taking pictures of some of this book Matched stuff because I want to convert it to cheating someone's going to give the Cambria run for their money now yeah yeah they're uh you're putting a little pressure on them and we'll drop the prices somehow probably not yeah I've heard the Cambria plant here in Minnesota it's phenomenal there was um oh sorry I interrupted you oh I was just saying yeah the Cambria plant here in Minnesota is phenomenal I mean it's the way they make that stuff it's really something to see I feel like I'm missing some good comments here look at this Larry Smith I was thinking that too come on kid yeah that thing flapping around at the top but um this booth I don't it's gonna be hard for me to zoom in on this I think would I take a picture of this I can't see them for some reason um there was a Italian based vendor that had some stuff that looked like it was coming from like decton where a lot of movement in their Stone was very interesting looking to me so um I wanted to go check them out this was a vendor I wasn't um didn't know but everything that they had on display was really gorgeous stuff so um now it's just a quick pass through some more book Matched big slabs this brand true I don't know if you've ever used true but they had some really Innovative products for their refrigerators and again just showcasing the colors that are being introduced they have a 24 inch um they have a 24 inch width unit that has the internal storage capacity of um their competitors 30 inch unit wow and you know they're they're they're directly comparing to like Viking um where you can get a much smaller footprint and then get a lot more internal volume so wow and the look and feel of these refrigerators is fantastic not only that but you can they're um they're available the the lead times aren't nearly as severe as what you might be seeing somewhere else so um say that now who knows what will happen down the line but did you talk to many people about lead times how things are going um yes and it's it's all over the board you know people are just everybody's trying to get handshake deals and back-end deals to figure out how they can get the supply chain you know back up and going and yeah um so yeah big concern um everybody's talking about it so it's a big deal and and those vendors that lead to you first step and first thing out of their mouth saying that hey we have better lead times yeah it's it's a that's a powerful thing that's why this company stood out to me right away I was introduced to this by a couple that I met at the show um and had just a blast walking around with them I'll talk to them later and talk about maybe getting them on here at some point because they were really influenced my power from the show gave me some new insight so this is true again they've got some again this kind of ribbed or fluted channeled look and feel so this is a undermount refrigerator two drawer refrigerator oh nice little set yeah wow this is this is more about incorporating some of these you know refrigerator and sink items into your like living room and stuff so at your bar yeah that's that pull out well and also the the Adu uh you know putting adus in the backyards and stuff would be that that small refrigerator would be good for stuff like that yeah oh we're gonna start getting into some video that I haven't processed yet yeah trying to make some marketing media for myself there you go always more of those more of these colors color sinks you know and all the the integrated elements and and the variety of integrated colors you know you see your drain trays are going from gold and black to Black to you know kind of a faux Rock Stone finish and everything in between so um and a lot of these elements will work across their other sync offerings so they're interchangeable and so so Renee let's jump a little bit here because we're 22. um how about technology stuff can you run into any good technology there um sorry Chief Architect of course yeah I got a I got very very little time to to really get into the technology side I was just um I had an ear open to it but um you know you told me shoot me over the Moser Booth yeah no that wasn't a really exciting one to talk through uh do you got a chance to meet the guys I got a chance to meet him I I think he um he said that the president of the company would probably be interested in coming on board you know they're an up-and-coming company based out of the UK and um if you're unfamiliar with Mosher they've got a little puck that has an accelera accelerometer and a gyro and um as you walk the perimeter of a property it will map that property and and they said they're within a half a percent on accuracy and um and you can even do you know um organic curves um s-curves Etc you can have it trace your path or you can go from point to point to point um and it's really fast in fact they encourage you to go fast because it's based on that accelerometer and uh and not only did he show their their main target audience is people that are doing surveys of the land right so this is a lot of it's for real estate and but I kept pushing again you know you're going to get into the interior space and they're working on it so um it'd be a company that I would say this is this is a great company to support they have an awesome product and they're not on a subscription base at the time being they just sell an individual product it's very affordable I think right around maybe 500 or something like that yeah where you can get a survey in just a matter of minutes and it's extremely accurate um and then if you change it into wall mode and you take the puck out of the extended Rod that they give you and place the puck from wall to wall to wall it will mount an interior space so and it does do elevation and this was the most impressive aspect of this to me because I'm on a hillside lot is it it is figuring out distance and elevation at the same time so it's not just counting your steps per se it's wherever you start that's your zero grade so you you pick the spot that you're going to designate as as your zero grade you're 100 foot above which sorry good could be the bottom of your front of your front door zero grade could be the bottom of your front door exactly exactly so um and then you can even pick any segment that's measured along that path and it will tell you it will it will show you a diagram of it in terms of elevation and distance cool yeah yeah so they're showing can you can you start and stop it like can you do a section of your property and then stop it and do another section and put them together um I know that they're working on being able to integrate multiple path traces because the biggest problem with trying to do it for the Interior Space right now is you can't link two rooms together it becomes just a separate project so I know they're working on that on the development side um the greatest way to push this company forward is support them I'm really thinking about buying one myself I thought it was a fantastic product it was really fun to talk to the rapper yeah I did reach out to him and um hopefully they're getting one of their sales people got back to me and they talked a little bit so I'm hoping that we can get them on the show one of these times to talk about it yeah and we're not getting any kind of affiliate you know um any no compensation for this it was just an exciting product it really was exactly I mean in fact we don't get anything from anybody on these shows so these are all just you know we do this we literally do this just for fun um and to help you guys so to us that's fun yeah um and uh awesome well I'm glad you got a chance to uh go meet them oops I just removed so absolutely um spend a few minutes if anybody has any Chief questions you go ahead and type them in we'll spend a few minutes on questions you might have um you can keep talking if you want yeah I'll tell you uh um edit edit sent you an email I believe yeah I got a question okay oh um what's the question let me check you know she said I had an email that she can't make at the summit but um I'm working on okay go ahead Renee um I was just gonna um oh this was a cool thing from Colt this was another Kohler tub this um integrated into the floor with a research pump and a filter and pushed the bath water back up so you need 20 I think it was like 22 inches of clear space underneath this tub and then it would just filter and and push the water back into the tub um and it was uh it was a pretty you know pretty exotic looking tub it was kind of interesting so cool um back to the technology side I spent a lot of time with amd's rep um I think you know we might be able to get him on the show in the future and I um he gave the he encouraged me to push his machines with some um some Chief files so and I and I really hammered away at this thing and I and then I was immediately upset that I spent so much money on my Intel based machine I'm not I'm not pushing for this product yet I don't have any affiliate yet with this so I was really impressed with that um and and there's yours yeah and there's your competitor right there yeah that's got the Intel a 24 core chip in it so yeah it's a smoking hot machine let me tell you so um RTX 40 90 128 Giga Ram so have you really gotten to push that thing yet if you had the opportunity so busy doing things I've tested it on a few things I can walk through that plan and it's like yeah it takes one second to produce the view it's pretty cool um but yeah it's looking too yeah I love it yeah is that the temp sensor right on top of the CPU no that's an antenna oh this oh yeah on top of the processor yeah yeah oops Yeah here I can zoom in on that for you but yeah you can program that you can even put your logo on that if you wanted to it's pretty cool oh funny yeah nice there's a whole control panel for controlling all fans and the lighting and all of that yeah but yeah it's it's nice I did a video on the parts and I'm going to do another video show on how they all came together and uh I'll post that in the blog we'll try to get um you know if you're open to it we'll try to get this AMD guy on the show somehow too and it'd be fun to compare yeah I'm really pushing to uh try to get a machine from AMD out to the summit so well that'd be cool we're gonna be yeah we're gonna be talking Hardware when we're out there that'll be a fun thing to dive in yeah our next designer show we're going to do from the summit um so we'll have a chance maybe to talk a little bit about some of that and you're bringing your main machine that new machine you're bringing that bringing that bad boy with you bet cool yeah it's a good teaching machine too and if you um take a look at it real quick it's uh where'd my picture go um not where did I put it here it is um I've got a few you know we'll talk about the space mice we'll talk about the the stream deck how that works I just got that I haven't even tried a chance to see how it works yet but Joe talks about that and he really gets into this um yeah about this the automation um I'm going to mechanical keyboard just to go a little different a little bit different Mouse so I'm sorry are you liking the keyboard I'm really liking a lot um yeah it's a little it's a little noisier than what I'm used to but not much and I just like the space between the keys and the feel so yeah I'm hoping I'll be able to type faster with less errors um but anyway it's all those silly little things um Heather had a question about Chief let me go answer that real quick and then if you've got a few other things you want to show just go ahead and zip through your pictures um Edith's question was she put a Terrain around her property and add it I'm so sad you won't be joining us at the summit um so some things came up in it I can't make it now so when you put a train in um it puts itself in kind of based on the thickness of the floor joists six inches below that because that's the code thing that you have six inches of foundation well I don't have a foundation in this plan so when you click on the terrain and open it you'll see here that you'll have a number right here and this will be checked as automatic so all you have to do is uncheck that and put a number in here now don't put a mine don't put a negative number in here what you're doing is how far is the subfloor of the first floor above the terrain so if you want 24 inches you could do that so you can move that terrain up and down all that you want and it really works very slick and it doesn't matter if um let's see if I have one here that was this one I that was four I just worked down a train my son thumped upstairs I know you heard it um it's a stone I have the terrain in no this is not I'm sorry I wasn't planning to show this but if I can find it real quick which if I go to layout it should be down there foreign wanted me to show the terrain on all floors oh really it's took me a minute but there you go but it's really only on one floor guess how I did it uh safe land views yeah reference plan reference three separate reference plans okay yeah anyway um so I want to just demonstrate here too it doesn't matter if your terrain is flat or contoured already this one we had a dwji I brought it in and it's part of the deal so he wanted to see how his house how his design fit on the existing lot so he can tell how much grading he's going to have to do so that's what we're looking at here so he was pretty pleased with how it came out um the way he designed this house but at any time with any terrain you can open the dialog box and you can change this number anytime you want so that's just where it happened to come in here and it fit perfect but if I wanted to I could lower that even more this is the my negative number now so if I put a if I made it three it should go down even more okay so it doesn't moving the train up and down has nothing to do with the Contours those won't change whatsoever um it just has to do with the relationship to your house so there's a long-winded answer to that question all right so if anybody else has any questions thanks for sending that in uh if I get you can always email me questions ahead of time um Dan at and I will post those and we'll get to those returning these shows what's the cost of that what no your computer I've got about four into the parts two two children no I mean the biggest expense on the thing was RTX 4090 which was 1600. um yeah that was not a bad price and then all the other parts put together the next big biggest one was the processor which was 600 um and then the ram was 300 for 128 gig of the ddr4 I didn't go the ddr5 because it would have cost four times as much ddr5 is the latest Ram um so in the motherboard is a little less for the ddr4 um other than that it's just all the little parts and you know it's water cooled and all that again I'll post a video with all the what I have in there with the pricing and yeah I think it was just a little over four so it was uh not too bad my son and I put it together we had a lot of it Ethan I used to build all my own computers and Ethan's really good at it too and um so we did have we enjoyed we enjoyed doing that kind of stuff uh here I'll just show you real quick I was going to tie that that picture of that sink um faucet into your machine the only thing your machine was missing was a beer tap like that [Laughter] we'll have to think about that um all right where did I put those pictures for that thing uh here there so so here we are um there's Ethan here's my son he built machines for other people and and he's really good at it but he just didn't want to do it anymore so he just kind of kind of gave up on him but uh yeah it was fun it's this is a big jigsaw puzzle it's a big Lego thing with a few Tech you know a lot of Technology involved in it um but yeah there's what it looks like and it's rough state with cords hanging everywhere you get it all cleaned up and away you go so anyway always exciting when it comes together yeah it is so my goal with that was to be able to show everyone uh the different components that go into computer and I do have a video that I'm prepared already again I just have to get it posted so nice uh I was going to mention a couple things I remember in a few things from the IBS side I didn't I didn't take a ton of pictures over there but um was just seeing a lot of um quick quick systems for just um we're starting to see click systems for siding which is kind of crazy Fasteners that are just fastening to your zip balls or whatever and you just click on some sightings in it you know you you level up your click system and you've got a level siding facade with an air gap for um for managing you know um ventilation Etc like that so I'll have to dig through just some of the brochure stuff and get into some of that stuff maybe next time get into some of the exterior clad stuff and and a lot of the weatherproofing stuff that's products that are coming out but this is in two parts Dan oh yeah it says period of the wooden tight Foundation using the deck tool to portray the 2D CAD Foundation um and then um so you're just trying to you just want to know how to put a skirt around the building yeah he has this question posted in Chief experts Forum on Facebook I was going to make him a video of that and I haven't got to it yet I've done it different ways I use a molding polyline sometime with a either a lattice look or a straight you know like a siding look or something and that can work okay you could use it you could even do it in 3D I've done that before I've made walls that look like that uh you can do a railing wall and convert it to a symbol drop it back in there's a whole bunch of different ways to do the same thing in the worst case I mean you can go in the elevation draw slabs and put them in where you need them um you know that works you could do material regions on top of walls to make it look like something um so yeah a lot of ways I've been running my 7958 Ethan what do you mean you're running a 79.50 what's a 79.50 what oh that's a processor an AMD processor is that what is that what that is yeah I've heard great things we were talking about the AMD when you put that up there yeah I've heard great things about AMD so um it would be fun to do some comparisons and they are less expensive than the Intel chips so awesome yeah that's what I mean and how much was that how many RAM was that their gigs was that Ethan um and Ethan are you bringing that machine we're going to put it head to head with Dan's machine come on baby bring it out depending on your case I had to buy a 30 inch suitcase to bring mine so um he's been in the top end other than thread Piper processor I don't know what that means 64 gig 500 for 60. yeah that's what that's what it was so I got 128 for four for 380. of the ddr4 the guy just they're just telling me there's just not enough significant difference in that part of the speed to make it worthwhile to pay that extra money so I went along with that um ways more than I do yeah yeah so I did buy a medium tower case so I can bring it um unless I just like the smaller case I got a wonderful case all right um how are we doing on tonight um a few minutes left a few minutes left I just wanted to say to everybody that came up and introduced themselves to me I just I had such a fun time talking to people and having people come up and and chat with me so that was a really good time really good show that's great yeah it is so fun to meet everybody and and again if you can make it to our Summit you'll have that experience in tenfold um so the uh um yeah we'll have to think about doing something next year I'm not sure what uh I I don't I haven't planned ahead to know if we're going to do a thing something I've done in the past if we just do a training if we just do a get to I don't know yet so um but there's lots of opportunities there's lots of different things so we'll see yeah and I am I posted something let's see uh last week on my own channels and I don't think it made it to the chief experts channels but we're going to be giving away uh over fourteen hundred dollars worth of my shop items if you're registered for the summit by the sixth which is coming up here pretty soon so if you've already registered for that Summit um you're going to be entered into a raffle and we'll we'll do a little spin the wheel at the show and we'll give away some stuff yeah yeah we'll have lots of goodies good boy and I just went over the menu with my sister yesterday we're looking good there lots of good food uh you guys will eat well we'll have sarcon dumplings again um see what else anything else anybody else have any questions yeah Renee thank you for uh for sharing your experience there I know you were excited to go there and spend time in the chief booth and I'm sure they'll send you a big check here next week I have I mean I have more stuff to to tell you about Chief I just haven't really processed I mean I got in on a red eye so I'm still half half asleep right now but sure so you got any high points uh yes uh just talking to the development team and what they're into and what they're working on and um and you know they're really attentive if you can get the area they're really attentive to the features that you might need to incorporate that's cool um sorry we're out to Coeur d'Alene and I was talking to the guy that's doing on about the garage the way the garages work and cuts the curb and all that stuff they put some of that in right away so that was pretty cool um yeah so you guys are John you say something I was just going to say that uh Margaret's asking if the new version's been released yet and you said they're looking at the spring uh official release in the spring and then public beta might be in the next uh within the next couple months here I did reach out to Brian and asked him if he would please put all of our people on the beta list so we'll see ya we'll see how responsive they really are um but I said we would be your best beta testers ever which we wouldn't be we'd be pushing nothing hard when we're out there so um here would be really cool so I think I can say this um I've probably got 20 projects under my belt with the with this version so yeah yeah yeah it's solid it's really solid and it's fast the rendering is just even on my older card it's really fast so and even on my laptop the 20s RTX 2070 it it's good I mean it's it's not as we were doing doing stuff out the booth um all day and when you see that you know the the CEO of the company jump up and get excited about something that we're doing that's just that's so cool you know yeah so yeah were you showing them how to do a crazy things with cabinets you know I don't know how much I can say right now [Laughter] getting a bunch of I didn't know you could do that yeah well and some of the developers have never seen you know just how crazy we can get with hacking these cabinet tools and all this other stuff and them seeing it for the first time it was fun it was like oh that's our product cool yeah you know so yeah it is cool so that's the fun thing about Chief you guys thanks for being here today I appreciate it um everybody that's on the call if you're watching the video thanks uh if you've got questions about this someone reach out to me and I would be happy to talk to you about that I hope we can make it work for you if we have to um at our website let me just pull this up real quick um if you head over to Chief experts we do have something you know we're not always standing still so um if you're interested in doing a little you know branding for your business um Jolene who does all my marketing stuff um is phenomenal and she's agreed to put together a course where we're going to help companies Rebrand get their logos get the things done that you've been wanting to get done for years and never got to so just sign up here you can just put your you just get your name on a list if you're interested and we'll be sure to let you notice by you we'll be sure to notify you right away when it's ready to go it'll be a while yet so we're still working on a lot of things this was a Hot Topic by the way a lot of people talking about how to get into this this new realm of of marketing yeah and direct for marketing we're getting a lot of um you know marketing just based on social media that's the new wave well that's part of it but you have to get your branding in order first yeah okay what made a big difference we were always showing up to um the booths that just you know how that that look that something that was just enticing something that you really wanted to get on board with so yeah so I mean I work hard to keep my branding in sync and everything and not Chief does a great job you know good companies do great job with their branding so you know what they're all about so but we can talk about that with clients we won't get into that right now but sign up for that get on our waitlist we'd love to have you there check us out everybody thanks again for attending we'll see you next time Norman said when's our next show and that's a good one to end up it's a third Wednesday which would be um I Heard Friday third Friday thank you I don't know why I said Wednesday um so if I get to my calendar here it is on the third Wednesday so that'll be on the 18th and we will be there at the show uh doing it from from the summit but if it's a nice day we might be standing right there in that courtyard behind Dan there maybe maybe we hope that look at the weather forecast is supposed to be darn nice yeah above average is what it's looking like anyway guys thanks bye everyone