Spin the Wheel Designers Show #92

designers show Dec 19, 2022
Spin the Wheel Designers Show #92

Sometimes it makes sense to learn Chief Architect a little at a time. In this Designers Show, we'll have some fun and spin the wheel to see what topics we'll discuss. Chief has grown into an extensive program, and sometimes the best way to learn it is one icon at a time.

Introduction 00:01
Dan's Total Immersion Summit 03:06
Chief Architect's New Pricing Structure 04:57
Find In Plan Icon 08:55
Terrain Hole Icon 12:15
Q: Do You Guys Use Schedules? 14:58
How Much Do You Charge For Your Design Services? 17:40
How Do You Do Spiral Ductwork? 24:17
The International Builders Show (IBS Show) 31:35
Export 3D Viewer File Icon 34:12
Q: Best Practice for Party Wall Between Two Units? 40:30
Build All Framing Icon 42:27
Open Row Object In Schedule 44:50
DIY on the splash green 49:25
Do You Think the Economy will Slow Down? 51:26
Add A Railing to a Landing Icon 54:00
Chamfer a 3D Object 55:50
Relink Icon 58:30
Q: Can You Select Multiple Viewports on Your Layout? 1:01:00
Transform Replicate Icon 1:02:05
Rene: The Hardest Thing I Overcame Using Chief 1:03:35

and here we are hey everyone welcome to the designer show on here with John and Renee and it's a beautiful lovely day here in Minnesota I came home to a winter wonderland yeah in fact I wanted to show that a little bit um oops let me show you what I'm looking at what I saw at my window when I was walking my dog this morning um this is what my yard looks like higher on the branches yeah is that cool or what that is nice so yeah the temperatures were just such that the the snow was just accumulating on everything and the wind it's definitely a winter wonderland so that's the kind of winter time I like yeah yeah so very cool Mike says it's Friday yes it is yep yep of course if you're when you're self-employed it's just another hump day so time to start working again tomorrow there you go uh John says did you bring the beer uh didn't bring any beer today uh cool green and wet here um wherever you are Mike I'm not sure where you are so yeah no thanks for the snow but it snows really cool when it's happening it's just when you have to live with it for a long time it then it gets a little old but it really is beautiful anyway let me let me close that screen down and get back here so I'm not sure if Robin will be joining us I haven't heard from her so we'll we'll see what happens anyway anyway again welcome everyone and tis the season we're not doing a Christmas show this year like we did last year last year wasn't it that was kind of fun yeah it's Santa Claus and Miss Claus on the show and and uh that was interesting but uh I don't know it just all snuck up on on me so much it's just kind of weird uh which is okay but part of the sneaking up that happened was this wonderful event we just finished um uh we had a class that we just finished this week Monday Tuesday Wednesday we had I think there was 17 of us all together in room for three full days talking Chief Architect and this is the first time we've done that in about three years so it was really cool uh here we've got a little picture of everybody in the class it was kind of fun so there's our gang right there so good group of people we had a ball and got to share lots of cool information about Chief Architect as well as other things so looking forward to doing some more classes so that'll be cool anyway um yeah let us you know if you guys are interested in live classes set drop drop me an email let me know where you are we'll see if we can put something together yeah if um if anybody's at kibs IBS this year let me know I'll be there cool um yeah I'm not sure what's happening with me so we'll have to see what's going on there we do have our big event coming up right after the IBS which is our Summit so we're excited about that um getting a good turnout in that but if you want to learn a little bit more about the summit just go over to chiefexperts.com and click the learn more button right here and you can find out about our Summit that we've got coming up that's uh two one week uh total immersion event that we're gonna you're gonna show up for seven eight days and we're gonna just talk Chief Architect in sales and marketing and everything else that goes into your design business uh for all the all that time and I know Renee you've got lots of cool things you're going to share here's the game that will take care of you uh I think what we'll probably do here if you guys are okay with it is let's let's plan on doing a little a show sometime because people might have questions about some of the things we're going to do here so we'll pop on a presentation I'll let everybody know about it even do it in a week or two we're just gonna talk about this what we're going to do yeah we've still got times if you're planning on coming yeah so we still got room available um it is filling up so if you're interested you might want to get signed up as soon as possible make sure to make sure you get your spot anyway I just thought I'd bring that up so that is our Summit today we are going to do some again fun things spin the wheel uh this you know in a way it's just the spin the wheel is kind of a fun way to do it when you don't have any kind of special topic that you want to talk about and with Chief Architect there's so many different ways you can go and so many different things we can talk about and true with the design world too there's just so many things we could do so uh which is kind of kind of have attitude uh making a little bit uh what do we want to call it just have fun with it I do want to bring up real quick uh you people you guys may have heard about the new pricing structure the chief Architects uh going to uh they're going to a subscription model uh I was online last night looking at uh SolidWorks AutoCAD uh solid or soft plan Chief's still the cheapest one out there even on their new subscription model so uh yeah it's it's not cool for new users for everybody that already owns Chief Architect if you don't have a current software and support agreement if you're behind or you've let it lapse you might want to consider re getting your software and support agreement up to date so that you can be grandfathered in on the pricing that you already have so I highly recommend it right now it's 5.95 a year for the software support agreement you'll be locked in at that price well you'll be locked into the software support agreement I don't know if you'll be locked in at that price as long as you keep it current so that's uh that's the agreement that they're putting out with everyone which is the same which is really the same thing as as the monthly subscription or yearly subscription if you keep it current then you have the software if you don't then you you don't right um from from my Facebook group have found a bunch of home designer Pro users that are upgrading now so we've got a bunch of interior designers that are going to be in the premiere line yeah that works in your business model cool that should be coming forward I highly recommend I also heard that you can not only can you do the rent to own and that carries forward as a legacy plan but you can they also have a and this is the first time I've heard of it they also have a four month uh um I bought one license like that yeah it works good four months financing so you just paid what seven eight hundred bucks a month for four months and you own it yeah yeah something like that of course you're buying additional licenses mine was cheaper because it's additional license a bit all right so yeah guys uh if you're not current on your SSA don't let it lapse so you don't want to get hit up because I worked out the numbers if if you were to buy a new license today um at their 32.95 price and add one SSA so now you're at 3 900. that's about a year and eight nine months of 200 payments of which the new software support agreement will be after that you're paying about three to four times as much as you would by keeping your SSA current so if you break even for a couple years and after that it is not even close yeah if you at least it for the 200 bucks a month that's the same what that the subscription is going to cost you for the first license yeah and we'll do it after two years you own it yeah 20 months or something like that and then you then you're 600 a year instead of 2 000 a year right so so you might want to jump on that and do that especially if you think you might need some additional licenses you might want to do that now as well anyway all right um think about the tough thing you overcame with Chief Renee keep it simple good one Mike um yeah let's come back to that uh let me make another never come from a technical standpoint I guess yeah could be um we'll think of we'll let that one sink in a little bit we'll come back to that that's a good question Mike I like that all right so tis the season and since the season to spin the wheel so let's just go ahead and do that uh let me jump over here let's share our screen and I've got some new icons on the screen I've got topics one to five that we'll cover so let's go spin it up and see where we land today and our first one is that little page thing find and plan yeah find that what what do you find in a plan anything you select find what what where do you find it from I think this is in your edit that's in your edit toolbar and that's once you've selected uh what a schedule row item let's schedule something in the schedule and then you can go find it in the plan well let's go back to a plan and check that out all right so here's the schedule so we know there's lots of schedules in Chief Chief's schedules are phenomenal they keep getting better and better I think they're adding some new things in the next version too uh which I don't remember what they are right off hand we're not supposed to talk about it anyway um that's right and if you're not on the beta program it they're opening up a new round I think so if you want to get on Chief's beta program for X15 which is really solid by the way so I have no problem using it uh I think you just Brian at Chief architect.com or is it beta Chief architect.com do you know what it is Renee or John I can look it up okay if you look that up that'd be great um then you can get on the early program and maybe have some input into it too so when you ever you when you have a schedule and you click on it you'll see that icon right here okay find something let's hover over that icon so we see what it is find object and plan all right so what that means is it's going to find the object in the plan so if you click on something with multiple items like this one has four of them you see the quantity right here four so if I click on that it's going to find all of those items in my plan so that's kind of cool now um I don't know how that works when you have items on each floor I can't just do it twice yeah I think you do too but you could do that you can also you could set up your schedule if you wanted to where you're just doing a schedule for each floor so if you wanted to you could say just include all the objects in this schedule for floor one and not for the entire plan um so here I would turn off turn I would uncheck that and just say just do the items on this floor and that way you would have a schedule on each floor if that's the way you like to do it so that gives you that option so but but it is really that is really a handy way to find the objects in your plan to work on them all right let's go back to our wheel for a minute we could go off and a whole bunch of other icons on that right now if we want to do but we're not gonna discipline foreign email for getting on the beta is beta Chief architect.com okay yeah if you just go there um if they uh they'll look over you know just tell them you're interested and be part of the beta team you're using the program a lot you'd like to use X15 on some new projects um yeah they'll send you a NDA yeah tell us a little bit about it under Chief talk under announcements oh that's true that's right that's really good too let's spin up the wheel here foreign I don't think we've covered this one I thought we'd cover this but I'm not sure about a Terrain Hole uh we yeah we talked about that um in another video but not the icon yeah that's a Terrain Hall Yeah well yeah kind of sort of let's go look at what that one does because we someone had a condition where there was a deck that was creating a hole that they didn't want to create and you showed how to exactly so when you have a room um uh that's sticking out over the terrain let's see if I can bring up a view here on this I think I have Terrain in this plan so you might have a cantilever you might have a room you might have a deck so let me just rename this actually let me delete the terrain let me rename this this deck of room kind of a name so let's go name it a uh whatever closet okay we don't really care and then let's go add terrain to our plan all right so we're gonna go add the terrain again and what Chief tends to do when you do that let me lower the terrain of course this time it won't do it when I want it to will it uh let's turn off automatic and his feet all right of course it's not putting the hole in there now sometimes it won't sometimes it'll leave it blank underneath certain rooms okay I don't know why it's not under this one it should well anyway if that happens when you click on your terrain you'll see this little icon so what Chief has done when you put the terrain around your house is is it think about it traces around the outside of your house and it puts a cad box there and a lot of times when you have a room it'll put it around that as well okay and it'll cut a hole in the terrain sometimes you need to be able to edit that hole so when you click this icon there's that hole in the terrain that Chief created when it did the terrain it just had it turned off at this that point here you turn it on and now we could edit the hole in the terrain so if by some chance you had a situation where it wasn't showing the train under that object you could pull that item back you could reshape the hole that is the turn going around the house or if you need it open you can do that too for a window well or something like that exactly so it's so that's what that icon does John had a question if we use door schedules if we use the door schedules so John if you've got questions about that go ahead and type your question and we can talk about it do you guys use door and window schedules and cabinet schedules and all that kind of stuff uh I mean I'm a remodel contractor so I definitely do I like to show I like to have the tag on there the label on there specific to my schedule and yeah and also I'm in California so sometimes I need energy code compliance listed in my schedule oh yeah you guys need the display your citizenship your kid's names yeah yeah California you guys have a few requirements on your plan sets down there so schedules I would assume would be one of them uh and it'll as Chief schedules get better more and more people are finding them using them because they're really cool they really do work well yeah well and that's fine it's more about the plan Checker if the plan checker for some reason it helps them push you through great and then the contractors know to just do as they need to wonderful yeah it's all about the relationship you have with your contractors right if if we're in this field and you're in this field long enough you really should start getting to know the people that are building your your designs right yeah you know and some contractors may not be aware that you could do those schedules and you know they'd be willing to pay extra to have those done for them so it just depends on the project depends on the client depends on so many things over the years of all the thousands of plans I've drawn for people I rarely use schedules all right people just haven't wanted them yeah uh part of it should people have drawn for they just want basic plans um but they like the 3D aspect of it so we do spend a lot of time on that and so you just need to call outs on the windows and that's it I mean just you're you know yeah in many cases but that's not to say I haven't done plenty of schedules over the years so I have it's just that I'd say the majority of the clients I've worked with haven't done them or they've done them themselves I haven't done them as part of the plan I pair the schedule down to the to the basically the size of it size of the door and the swing of the door and leave it at that don't put any other information in it typically all right good question by the way if you guys have questions feel free to post them and we can easily start talking about them yeah I just did that one and I had forgot to hit the hide Choice button so let's do that again number one all right let me go to my list and see what I put down for numbers this is the floor level uh designator change reference floor no no that's not everybody learned out of Coeur d'Alene oh oh well no not in this case oh okay um number one on my list was this one is how much do you charge for your Design Services all right this is a group question all right I would love to hear from everybody on the in a group if you don't mind uh sharing you're charged by the square foot you charge by the by the project he's charged by the hour uh Robin says I charged a thousand dollars an hour where's Robin uh she's not here oh and herself so I am if you can get it by golly all right so I've been arranged to complete and so far that's that's really worked um and that's just based on historical data what I know it's you know unless I get a project that I truly don't have any historical data for I give them a range to complete and I usually fall in the low end of that range um and if I feel like I'm going to dip into the high end of that range I just let the client know that that's where it's headed so how do you control the expectation from the client for what they're going to get for the complete it's you know they're looking at my service as a whole you know and and I have I happen to have a good presence online I happen to have you know a website built out so there's plenty to go on there but also just communication getting known man I mean when someone wants to hire me I expect it we're going to start a relationship and and and so that's it I'm invested in that and I and I lead with that this is a relationship and then and then the cost kind of comes by um keeping in mind that the same thing goes for contractors as it does for designers you can go get a bunch of bids from a bunch of different contractors but if you look at the numbers on an Apple the Apple range you're not going to see much fluctuation in prices it's going to cost what it's going to cost so it's just about establishing who you are as a service that's assuming you can get an Apple by Apple Apple yeah uh comparison so that's the hardest part um so I I know everybody's going to be all over the place when I talk to different people about this and kind of the reason I added to my list is one of the people in our class the other day had a question about what he should be charging and of course John and I beat the heck out of him um because he said he wasn't charging yeah or very little um contractor yeah we didn't really do that we're just we're just talking about them um but you know it's it's so easy in this industry for someone that's got a ton of experience to take that experience for granted is because we're around it every day and we're this is what we do every day so we just kind of that's just what we do and we know this stuff and we think other people should know it too well that isn't the case so I mean we've all spent you know a lot of time learning Chief a lot of time learning our trade our design we go to classes we have to get Licensing in many cases we have to do all sorts of different things that require lots of things that's why we're professionals and we deserve to be treated and paid as professionals so I'll just suffice to say that on what I've seen happen is you'll see percentages of project will be charged so like for new homes or sometimes remodeling because I'm seeing a lot of contractors at five to seven percent for the whole design package as part of that and the design package could be anywhere from your per you know your your conceptuals for them final details with all of the everything of the permitting you can break that down if you want to uh I've seen hourly so we are seeing plenty of people doing hourly I see Sandy's at 125 to 150 cool way to go Sandy um and I've seen ranges from you know if you're below 75 doing this self-employed you need to raise your prices probably um but you can also compare yourself look at the cost of a project look at how much you know at a percentage price you know if you're charging by the hour for a project and then you do the same thing based on a percentage what percentage are you coming in at are you coming in at a half a percent a one percent two percent five percent um that's one way to just judge if you're charging enough for your hourly rate as you get faster with Chief you're over the rate can probably go up um so there's all sorts of things and if you've been showing up every other Friday you should already be like 10 faster this year yeah there you go at least at least if you come to the summit what's the guarantee the the the losers the loose guarantee you'll be exponentially faster I I looked at my numbers from uh X8 yeah yeah so if you're you know if you're charging um you know two bucks a square foot for a house plan not not saying that's what you charge if someone charges two bucks a square foot for a house plan it used to take 20 hours and now you can do it in six yeah right okay that's a testament to your skill plus the tools that Chief has given us between those versions exactly if also if you charge per square foot don't work in California we've cut thousand square foot house in California take you as long as the story uh somewhere else yeah oh my gosh and that okay we won't even go there yeah so all right so there's lots of different ways and the other you know so you got by the hour square foot by the project uh percentage of projects there's lots of different ways to do it so um part of it the biggest problem I think a lot of people have with charging what they're worth is it's up here they're just the self-imposed doubt um that's a big part of it and not knowing how to sell okay so kind of keep all of those things in mind we're not going to dive into that right now I just thought I'd put that one on the wheel and we'll see what's going on yeah so kind of fun all right back to our will um oh number five another number all right how do you do spiraled duct work oh that was a good one we covered in class a little bit yeah anybody know how to do that you know how to do that Renee don't you you probably have a whole Library we have a bonus catalog for that well I'll say right away you can't do it out of cabinets okay um don't they have a bonus catalog for spiral ductwork they do uh let's go over there so uh it's a uh it's actually done with pieces or so if we're going to the library here it's done with pieces or molding molding right you can do it both ways um so if I go spiral and that should come up here that's so that's a bonus catalog all right go to the right part there's another Spiral things where is it you passed one it was at the top did I oh there it is okay so I'm gonna right click on this item see I'd search but now I want to see what else is in the library so I'm going to hit show and browser and let's see what else we got in this spiral duct Library so yeah so they've got other things here too so different connections things like that but here's the spiral duct and when I bring that over to my plan let me open a new plan here just get a plain and simple screen going that's right I've still got my old uh go playing with my template here so if I take this duct that you see here come on and I grab it and I try to place it my plan you can't place it like a regular symbol what you do is you start dragging you start drawing lines with it now you noticed it created a a box so let me bring this up as a four-sided object uh or sorry it's a 3D View and you'll see what I'm talking about so that's what it drew why did it do that well it's because when I selected it from the library it shows this symbol molding polyline all right let's go back to the floor plan see that's the symbol that when I grabbed it from the library and started drawing it chose that let's switch this to the line option molding a line do the same thing I just clicked on it in my library now I can draw it out as an individual item all right so Chief's going to attach that duct work to that line that I just created and that's if you select the tool first it'll do that yes interesting yeah I know I discovered that the other day in class when we were talking about this when I add a molding to the library and I draw with it it always will do that but after a while it reverts back to its square molding and I didn't know you could select it and then select the library yeah yeah so I think it's kind of always done that but we've never really realized that it was doing that because I didn't um until I did figure that out one day as I was punching around with sheep so keep in mind everything you can do to any CAD line to edit this you can do to this molding polyline so if I want to put a break in this line right here and I want to bend that over and I want to make that rounded I just kind of I can convert that to a Arc and I could go like that now I've got bringing it around like that so that makes it really easy to work with put a chamfer on it too can't you yeah that's yeah exactly so yeah we could use the uh the tools for for um Philip and chamfer so if you just set your distance here so I want a 24 inch corner there so I could do that too and yeah fillet has to be bigger than the diameter of the pipe though on in yeah depending on if you're gonna if you're on an inside curve or an outside curve right you feel it's going to be a different size right I think that that goes that's what we figured out yeah yep so anyway so there you go so that was number five how do you do a spiral ductwork and again you've got the library full of those other items that you can add to your ducting um a lot of times I'll show a ductwork in a plan and even on this sample plan I had open here um I have shown a little bit of duct work in the foundation so here I had thrown in some ductwork so if I go to my HVAC and plumbing plan I always show my heat runs as pink and my cold runs is like blue I just kind of that's just the way it is so so if I were to bring up a 3D view of that that would all be in 3D as well so the challenge has been put out there Dan make it go vertical now no no these are just no I'm not going to do with this you could with a part though I could with a part or I could go into elevation and draw a line going up yeah but you you cannot take yeah I I know exactly what you're talking about believe me I've wanted to do that many times where I could break the line and pull it up and Z all right but you can't I can't I can't wait till they fix that that's got to be coming yeah you could do it with parts you could make an elbow part that goes the right direction exactly or rotate it rotate a symbol and yeah and I've done that the pipe but yeah there's really no reason in Chief with this Advanced stage and its new cost that we shouldn't be able to draw straight up too so um I gotta believe they're working on that I mean we've got the new polyline Solid box which does a lot of cool things and John asked can you fill out it yes you can yeah yeah we were talking about that when he asked yeah um exactly so it's just again remember it's every it's not a piece of duct work it's a brown box with their their symbol on it that's attached to a cad line so anything you can do into a cad line you can do to that so if you need to fill it a corner absolutely I could take this whole box here and hit the fill it tool and set my distance and I'll make it um it's outside corner so I'll make it 36 and I'll click click on the corner I'll do it to all edges at once there we go so now I've fill it in all of them and works great you see a lot more of that kind of ductwork in projects these days even in residential you're seeing quite a bit of that stuff all right any other questions on that one not so far not so far okay let's get out of here and get back to where am I going here here we go okay back to our wheel we can't see it there it is there we go the wheel all right I think I turned that one off let's spin her up here I keep getting the damn numbers I want these icons come on it's a wheel what did I put down for that one the international Builder show huh if you guys are going to the IBS the international Builder show and I put this on my list and I didn't double check it so we better do this right now um if you go on the show make sure you go to Chief architect's website they always used to give away free tickets to the show they do um so so they are there yet all right yeah it's green adjusted so if we go to chiefarchitect.com and you go to I don't know they would keep that um probably under their events let's go to their events webinar and training seminars uh let's go up to the pull down on the top I think I just searched IBS and Chief Architect did you okay um I could probably just do that here you had events in training right there yeah let's just search IBS 2019 uh 2023 there you go second one oh okay there we go yep complimentary tickets boom drop that link in the comments we're gonna grab that that must be their idea right there all right here we go there you go so so you can get your free show tickets so I think that saves what is the admission to the thing 175 bucks or something like that I'm not sure it's I've always done three free ones I know me too so I have to get in the show in the past has been like fifty dollars I thought yeah I talked to someone at class and she said they paid 175 oh they might have done the the one that includes the training access and stuff yeah I don't think that's what she said but anyway whatever it is you're gonna save a few bucks by doing that and uh kudos to Chief for doing that and a lot of Manufacturers do that it's not hard to find free tickets to the show some limited one-on-one training when I'm there so if someone's interested at their Booth um not at the booth I might do it after after show hours or figure out a way to set up somewhere okay so cool um all right so let's I'll be at the booth for a good amount of time just that you will talking crap to Scott Harris [Laughter] will be there all right anybody know what this icon is you know what it is you just don't recognize the icon right I don't know I don't know what that is yeah you do you know how it works it is called except export 3D viewer file there you go so I got you a little bit a little bit all right let's go um let's go over to Chief and we'll show what that is so when you're working on any project um and you bring up a 3D view so let's just bring up I'll just bring up a one level overview okay at any time um in a 3D view you can go export there's that icon a 3D viewer file so this is great because you can export a 3D model that you can send to your clients Subs anybody that you want to you can send a link to and they can zip around your 3D model look at things the cool thing about it is you're not giving away your plan there's no Dimensions involved here it's just a 3D model that they can look at so depending what stage of the project you're in um it really does make a difference you have to be you have to be in a 3D view to get that option though you can't do it from a plan right let me log into my account see if I remember my password I did um all right so what will happen is you you have your model up and you're gonna either create a model or replace a model so you see I've got quite a few here I think you can have up to 95 projects at a time on the list before you have to start deleting some but I'll create a new one and I'll just call it sample plan you can put a bunch of notes in you can include all sorts of cameras you can label these cameras too if you go to the floor plan and label them and then they'll show up on the client's end as a list of items that are labeled so they can click on things to get around the model if they want which for a lot of people makes it much much easier a lot easier yeah um this is really important your surface count in the file size if your surface count is huge it gets really large on a big project it's not going to work it's just going to bomb out on the system and not even it's not even going to open the file it's not even going to convert the file so you do have to watch your surface count you might have to turn Furniture off fixtures off things like that anything that produces large amounts of surfaces you really got to watch that um and then file size too that matters so just if you have a lot of things in your plan that are making the file bigger pictures PDFs CAD files things like that you might want to whittle those down a little bit all right then we just go ahead and type in the name hit okay and it's going to upload all this to the chief servers and this is part of your SSA now this is why you want to keep your SSA current because if you don't you won't be able to do this so some clients have trouble navigating that but do you guys know if Chief has a do it on a computer do it on a computer but does it have a video that we can send our clients to teach them how to use it I'm sure they do so when you get to this point and it brings up this little menu don't click the OK button because it'll close the screen and nothing will happen you'll go what the hell click this link instead and this will take you to your library if you want to look at it right away if you want to look at it right away but typically we figure that's what you're trying to do anyway so we would assume that's what you wanted to do let's hear like John updating it every day and sent letting his clients go look at it every day then he probably won't do that he just says oh sure it goes about getting lunch yeah of course you're talking Johnny yeah John right here says he uses that every day oh okay cool um okay so here it is remodeled the remodeling sample um if you want to share it you make it public and then when you open that dialogue to make public dialogue you will have the option to um where'd it go oh no I need to hit the share button so now I have to make it private but I can share now now you have the option for direct link and email or embed so you can embed these things on your web page if you want to or you can also I think embed them you can use it embed no you just use the link on Facebook I think and Facebook will share it just fine but here's your embed link um I think here is where you might find um some training for it it's part of it's part of the email right here I think that's what it is um but so that's how you would get that you just copy that link send it to your client I do this I do use this with a lot of my clients if you want to see what it looks like you want to click the view button and again depending on the size of the file it might open right away it might take a while I always recommend for people to look at it on their computer with a mouse it's just so much easier to work with but you can open it on your phone you can open it on a pad and it will work too most of the time it just depends on the model now here I only imported the floor overview I didn't import the whole house and then I'm not going to go through the controls here right now but the first thing you'd want to do is hit standard under rendering techniques and that'll put the materials on it so you'll see the materials in the project that just looks a lot better I wish it would come up to that but I understand it takes a little more horsepower to show the the texture textures so that's why they don't bring that up right away but anyway so again there's there would be your list of cameras that you would have if you've included those any notes that you've included can be there and I believe the client and you can add notes in this too that will stay in the model so there you go and there's all sorts of different ways to look at it we're not going to get into that right now but I just wanted to a lot of people aren't even aware that that is function is there so again you can have up to 99 models um uploaded at any time any questions about that the third question no questions about that new wall style that has everything uh I'd probably create a new wall style have two separate walls that's why I would yeah it used to be we had to use two separate walls but now you can see now you can use one wall you could have your drywall framing air gap for you know drywall framing drywall air gap drywall frames yeah not all that uncommon too to have um some kind of recessed feature in in just one party wall and not the other you know one portion of that one walls who may not do there so yeah whether or not you do that or use two walls I don't think it really matters so you could create a single wall and just call one of them for a third wall so if you put two walls as long as the two walls are touching as long as they're touching you know you you put air gap on one of the walls make sure that that's touching the other wall then it'll act like a name one of the walls a third wall and everything will work just fine so I don't think that's your square footage for that for the rooms true that that well the third wall goes it it goes past the third wall to that um so there's some issues doing it either yeah I know what you're saying so when you do a foundation and you put fur walls against the Block it's going to count the square footage to the block not to the frame wall so so you do have to watch that um that's where you might use CAD boxes to calculate your square footage just to make sure that has both wall structures and it's the best yeah all right we're getting we're doing number three you think so it's gonna come all right yeah this is a new one in x14 that was one of the nicest tools that I use all the time that I'm sure glad they added that so when you're working on a model um of any kind I'll go ahead and do it on this one even though I don't want it to be but I'll do it anyway so Chief added this icon right here under the framing let's build all framing so well we used to have to do in all the previous versions was we have to we had to open this dialogue and then we had to go here build the framing and then we had to go here and build the framing um then we had to go build the framing so we had to go through each of these and turn on build the framing all right which was in itself not that big a deal but it took time now all we have to do is you know switch to my framing which I already have framing in my plan Marshall all my framing uh now all we have to do is Click build our Framing and that's what it does it builds all the framing in your plan at once done you don't have to mess with clicking all those different buttons anytime so when you're looking when you want to see what your framing looks like that's it one click and you're done so works really well um see what I got here yep there's all the framing trouble is that to remodel house I don't want it all remodel all framed so how do you get rid of that all at one time now so we go edit delete all delete delete edit um delete objects there it is and we go to our Framing and framing just turn it all on and hit delete down here at the bottom and it's all gone now so it does it's a really nice way to do it when you're working on a project you just want to see how Chief's doing with its framing is that framing it left on there it does look like framing is left on there maybe it's blocked um that's my I've added that manually why is it not well I didn't know that interesting roof Rafters I don't know why I didn't delete that well so that that new icon is really nice yeah all right all right this one SCH with an Open Door all right so that's open schedule from an item that's in a schedule well I can't quite remember yeah to this so when you click on a schedule that's open row item is that what that is exactly yeah so if you're looking at something and I want to you know I've got these cabinets and there's four of them and there's something about them I need to change maybe I need to add a code or manufacturer or something or I need to change the size this is true for anything on any schedule so it's not just cabinets so you have normally down here you would have open dialogue you know open the dialog to do things but now we have here open an object from whatever I've clicked on the schedule okay so that I can click on this and now it's going to open up the information about the item or items that I have selected on that row equipped comment or something like that you needed to add in you don't need to throw this down here to components and I can throw a code in there or a comment change you know whatever I want to change and that will update on my schedule then automatically I have something to add to this there's there's some other tricks you can use with that open row object which is you know a schedule is only going to um it's going to group items by we open that up real quick I want to see the the option in the schedule just the schedule you want to open the schedule yeah okay yeah so when I hit the open so we have group similar objects checked and and because group similar objects is checked if you remove in your columns to include if you remove a bunch of those it's going to then you know group items based on the only available columns that are in the include section so that you can really narrow it down to something specific and then open row objects make your edits and then go back and include those columns to include so if you've got a really complex set of plans and you've got some kind of you know funny little thing that you want to apply to all things and it's it's an approach I've used a couple times yeah with that open row object tool I could see you could probably create a second schedule with just those columns on understanding you're going to have multiple call outs yeah until you delete that one schedule so that'd be another way to do it without having to change the rows all the time yeah they're like I I have a blocked schedule in my library that I drop in every once in a while I've shift selected my schedule I blocked it I added it to my library and it's only got several rows selected so that I can get a quick selection so you have a unique schedule set up to do that instead of yeah all the time that makes sense yeah can you also under match properties is a schedule that's on one of them like if you've selected a cabinet in the plan and match properties is schedule one of those click click on your match properties and see what the options are for schedule uh the yellow boxes on the bottom oh this is the dots yeah um options there yep schedule number schedule seven not the schedule type though is it right so there's a couple things that you can't get with match properties categories including the schedule schedule categories schedule numbers schedule simple schedule number yeah so you might have to check two or three of those boxes to get it to yeah come up all right cool again that's just part of all of the things that keep chief keeps doing to improve their schedules I've been having trouble if I could select more than one one thing like a ceiling elevation and a floor elevation and then trying to go apply properties to more than one it doesn't do both it only does one so I don't know if that's a glitch or what it seems like that's that's from when they gave us the wall elevation is clipped to room and yeah they kind of distinguish the two as separate entities now like if you try to pull a wall elevation outside of the building envelope it'll tell you it can't do it and do you want to switch to a cross section all right Charles says I wish you could get rid of the DIY on the splash screen Splash green splash screen looks kind of Charles not quite sure what you're asking that's why we brought up that um what what did you put they had the Chief green with the door on it from the client side maybe does the client see that we're not talking about um when we hit the um 3D viewer side does it show DIY to the client because that would be kind of goofy oh okay that's what he's talking about um go back to your wheel huh go back to the wheel why what's on the wheel didn't have the icon dance monkey exactly uh let's see where am I where'd my wheel go here it is um what do you want to know about that I guess it's not on there he brought you you've hidden it so it's not there anymore for those people here that have never streamed before it is a challenge sometimes I swear keep everything straight down about the 3D viewer thing where it had the green door oh yeah before on it that's when he made that comment so yeah okay maybe not even on the go I can go do I have that open yet [Music] um you see I don't know if it's the same viewer for the person we need Clarity Charles yeah oh for a professional oh yeah DIY yep okay yeah that's a good idea send that in as a as a thingy yeah that shouldn't be on the chief architecture I agree maybe on the home designer one but not Chief Architect exactly good point all right let's go uh spin the wheel again here we have somebody laughing at us who would laugh at us ah there's number three number three all right what did I have down for that let's see um talk about getting away on let's squirrel on this one do you think there will be a Slowdown in the economy well you've been doing some shows about that um a little bit yeah we got a bunch of layoffs over here in California now at Google um but I don't know what that means for the economy I don't know Diversified I've worked with a few guys that um their new home plans are slowing down dramatically uh they've never you know of course it's been a long time since we had that last downturn so it's hard to think back what happened then obviously new home plans went away back then most of yeah back in 2008 most the people around me which it's a pretty small market around here went to North Dakota and built stuff for the oil fields oh yeah yeah so um if you're willing to move outside of your comfort zone and do something different you'll be fine if if you're not going to do that it's going to be a struggle so the person I talked to I said well um do you do remodeling plans and said no not as much so I said well maybe you want to consider doing more right you know start yeah diversifying more into doing remodeling and doing as builts maybe add matterport is part of your portfolio and maybe you know add what other products can you add to yourself I think we've done some shows about that and we've talked about that but it's just be aware I mean it's going to happen it's going to slow down maybe not now maybe two years from now maybe 10 years from now but it will I mean it's just that up and down cycle that our economy always goes through right you know it just the way it is and go organize your files sick of organizing them for you yeah you know get your Marketing in place get uh start contacting past clients um you know I talk to a lot of guys that are proud of the fact that they've never had to Market their business because they've always been busy on until the day that they worked themselves out of work and they don't have any reads coming in so um don't don't make sure you make that a priority all right don't let yourself get caught with no leads in the hopper remodeling's not new homes are down yep like I said I'm trying to get some remodel calls yeah I like doing remodeling I've always done remodeling all right that looks like a hospital bed um foreign it looks like at a railing to a landing yeah you are exactly right so whenever you create a Stairway um and you put a landing in it or you just create a landing you go to the stair tools um which are right here and you create a landing and you click on one of the edges of the landing you'll see this icon right here right now it looks like uh remove railing so I could do that and you'll see now that the railing is gone but when I click on that edge again now we get the hospital bed that allows it to put a railing back on at that edge as far as I don't just use the molding icon that they use for everything else yeah well they do that with a few other icons too that they use something different a little bit different but the same same exact principle because the landing is basically a molding item or it's not really a molding item it's a 3D object with railing on the edge so when you open the dialogue if you wanted the railing off on all the edges you could say no railing no railing and apply it to all edges so that's the other thing you can do which which is nice when you just want to have a plain old Landing floating out there that you're going to work with so that one I I can't wait till we get to talk about X15 I know there's some cool things coming yeah I can't wait to grow my grass then they have to mow it all right get back here okay and we're gonna quite get through all of them but we're getting close all right oh that's another new tool that's the new one in x14 tampering a 3D yep so whenever you have a new whenever you have you're using the 3D solid tool and you draw a box and I really haven't even done a lot with this but it does work let me actually just draw it in 3D right here which is kind of cool and I can draw it up and give it a height so just like I like that action it's it's different when you draw it from a wall but I like that one yeah trying to catch up almost yes so when I when I'm working on these kinds of objects if I wanted to round the corner here um making a curb or something like that there is your your fillet tool and there's the fillet 3D tool okay you could do one Edge or you could do all the edges so same basic one so I could click this and then I click on another Edge let's see that I'm not good I think I have my Phillips set way too high let's go in here and now I have to set the fillet here first surprised I can't just click on that one to set it that there's your Edge you could go around and do more edges at once if you want to and there you go so can you show us that I've never used that action that you just uh when you put that on there can you show us how you did that when you first put that solid on there I've never done the two actions to get them both at the same time oh yeah when you you start by drawing the shape and then when you let go of your cursor just pull up or let go of your mouse button you pull up so hold your left Mouse button to start yep draw it where you want it to stop and then drag up and it's kind of drawing a roof Baseline you let go and then you click when you you're done okay now you've got it the height you want so let me try one other thing with that so if I draw the shape and pull up and hit Tab Key it doesn't work no Tab Key for this one they'll be coming next right here here it works so I could do it on the floor plan I can do a tab key so I can make this what I want it to be um I've put that in as a report by the way did you okay yeah didn't work yeah it doesn't work no so that's why you put it in as a report all right so that was that key let's go back here while we're making good progress today mm-hmm one or two more and we're done let's see what comes up we've got the oh that one's gonna be a fast one huh that one's gonna be a fast one because we couldn't find it well that is true that's an icon that's in their library of icons but it's not in the program wait what what is it dude where is it can you tell me where yeah that is that's the new replace um from library uh no that's not a replacement that's not no replaced from the library yeah replaced from library is uh is um where is it here let me find something I can replace from library toilet yeah that isn't that is in it by the way I'll show you exactly where that is okay show me let's see um anyway I'll just what it does what it does and this is one of the cool things in Chief so actually one of the coolest things in Chief that they've added in a long time um it should you know it could be on the toolbar down here but the same function if we click on a view on a viewport on the layout and open its dialog it's the same as this button right here relink all right so what that does is allows us to link any viewport to anything on this list I stole your screen yeah okay you can have it in just a second um so if I wanted to I could replace that floor plan with a anything a camera so if I wanted to get this camera to show up in that viewport I could do it right here by replacing that let's see if it pops up and so at any time you can relink any viewport to anything on that list really a nice function of how that works so renew did you find where what am I on the right track with that icon um so oh my magnifier doesn't work in this funny um and my edit toolbar is super tiny but if you select a call out link and it's linked that icon is going to show up there and you're at home link okay so I'm a little bit I'm kind of on the right track but a little bit off yeah and that's re-link view I'm clicking on there where is that we couldn't find that in the toolbars list though to put on our toolbar where is it it's it's in your it's in your edit toolbar once you've selected a call out that's been linked only available there okay okay just a call if that's like um no we won't get into that right now because we're basically out of time um I'll go spin one more time multiple reports on your layout I have only done one at a time depends on what you want to do with it if you select yeah if you're trying to read link a bunch of things you can you can select a whole bunch of them now and change the the scale of it where you've seen that before so I could select all of those and and move them change them put them on different sheet I could select these three right here which we don't see the 3D image in and refresh them um I could select those two and rescale them I think they have to be the same kind of viewport probably um let's see if I go here and I open the dialog yes I could change the scale for those two at once so yes you can do you can group select them but you can only do certain things yeah in order to rescale them more than one at a time you have to go to the dialogue you can't do it from the trail at the bottom on the toolbar all right we'll come back to that one another time um because we need more than just a minute to discuss that let me spin one more time and we'll call it a day um and what we got here this is the one that is um you guys know what that one is right transfer and replicate yes and the reason I want to show that and I think we've talked about it a little bit is since it's an icon that you want to use fair amount okay transforming replicate if you don't know what it is you should learn it um it opens this dialog box to do all these things but there's no hotkey associated with it so what I do is I associate the letter t with transform replica transform replicate letter T so you go to customize you go to tools custom toolbars and hotkeys and customize hotkeys and we're going to just go Um that can transform you're going to highlight this that'll be blank there and you're going to type the letter T down here at the bottom and then you're going to sign that command that keystroke to that command of opening that dialog and T by default is to Temp Dimension so it'll get rid of that yeah yeah we don't need that one so just say I couldn't remember if there was something I was replacing or not so anytime you want to use transform replicate hit T and it opens a dialog and you can copy move rotate resize reflect it's a real good dialogue that you really need to use great for moving things in the free access yeah cool everybody thanks for being here uh I wanna I wanna answer mm2's earlier question what's the challenge oh yeah I got a quick response to that and it's it's kind of like a holistic response is um biggest challenge was for me is you have this tool which is Chief Architect it does everything under the sun knowing what you need to include to get your plans through your county or municipality to get your plans to your contractor that's buildable there's a big difference between knowing what you need to include versus including everything you possibly could which is everything under the sun you know that was the biggest challenge for me was my plans only have what I need to include in there I don't include any extra information just because the program can do it yeah I mean you've got and that's a great point because you've got to get a set of plans built you have to go through a process where you're going to design it and lay it out you've got to get it through the municipalities then you're going to give your plans to your your trades people your Carpenters your mechanics and they have to be able to look at the plans and go oh I need to do this bam and then it's done just like that uh yeah right my biggest thing probably is related to that it was get wrapping my head around layers layer sets uh default sets same plan views yeah and making sure that when I have a have a page set up the way I want it I don't go screw it up by changing it somewhere else so I'll just suffice by saying squirrel yeah you've been in it it's day one so like you've gradually learned the whole thing I did I grew up with the program so I that's how I've got to learn all these little little things that happen with it but the toughest thing when you're working on a plan is all the distractions that you get all day long all the time not just outside sources but my own right yeah you know you're waiting for you're waiting for chief to do something I'll go check my email yeah and I'm gonna come back to where you are yeah exactly so everybody here watching us is doing the same thing exactly yeah they're all working on their plan while they're kind of watching this so uh and they're sitting there watching watching all the students in the class the other day just thinking man these guys are so lucky to be getting into Chief where it is right now yeah yeah 10 years ago or or longer go than that because it is such a fabulous program yeah yeah all right I'll suffice to say guys check out our Summit we got coming up it's going to be a kick-ass uh event for those that can make it for a week I know it's a big commitment time and money to take that much time and come along uh do something like this guarantee you'll go away from here being multi-times faster with your plans knowing with a ton of knowledge that you're going to get about how to run your business better so we've seen it happen time and time again with these uh with these Summits hey Michael there you are nice to see you buddy we had a good talk yesterday we'll go to Michael Park I haven't seen him for a long time Michael is at our first first uh wasn't that's what we didn't call a summit then we just call it a stand learn event where we were at the IBS it was our first one in Las Vegas about 11 years ago something like that we had a great time that was really fun and that's why we continue to do these because they work everybody Merry Christmas Happy New Year happy holidays whatever you go by you guys thanks for being here and that's right next Show's in the New Year this is the last show this is it off yeah that's cool we'll see you next year man all right goodbye everybody