Chief Architect Q&A and Open Forum - Designers Show #74

designers show open forum Mar 23, 2022
Chief Architect Q&A

Focus on Baths -


On this Designers Show, Dan and John answer questions provided by the viewers. Some great topics are covered, dealing with CAD detail management, foundations, space planning, default settings and much more.

CAD Detail Management/User Library 00:01
How to share CAD details 04:38
Dan & Robin's Bathroom Mastery Course 10:00
Dragging a Foundation 16:14
Adding a first floor skylight to a two-story plan 17:52
Creating folders in Chief 20:40
Space planning features in Chief 23:00
How to use the Shower Creator Tool 24:41
Material Regions 36:23
How to know square foot of region of Tile take-off 44:05
Using the default arrow setting 48:05
How to change the default rich text setting 49:47
Resources for asking clients questions 51:51
The custom cabinet backsplash tool 53:27
How to link plans to the layout 55:10
Tile Elevations - Fill patterns 1:01:22
How to bring back total square footage when deleted 1:05:24
How to create an object in 2D and convert it to 3D 1:07:49
How to bring a photo into a layout at a specific size 1:09:15 



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