Chief Architect Q&A Open Forum - Designers Show #51

designers show May 10, 2021
Sometimes it's fun to not have a topic and play it by ear. That's what we're doing in this week's Designer Show. Attendees bring Chief Architect Questions and Dan and John do their best to answer them.  
Introduction 00:01 
Why are lumber prices so high? 02:27 
How to put moulding in with "no room definition" 11:01 
How to make a dotted line As-built and add it to a plan 19:03 
Working with double trey ceilings 41:08 
Creating a boxed eave where gable walls meet 42:58 
How to set the amount a door is recessed into a wall 46:11 
Framing with roof trusses 50:00 
Using Rebuild Framing 53:31 
Reframing a Deck 58:20 
Moving a deck beam 1:01:09 
Update on Designers Show Schedule 1:10:52 
Upcoming ProAcademy Schedule 1:11:29


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