Interior Design Business Best Practices - Designers Show #47

designers show Apr 12, 2021


In this Designers Show, Dan and John have an in-depth interview with veteran Interior Design specialist, Betsy Brandenburg of Brandenburg Studios.  
Betsy runs a successful full-service interior design service and is in high demand in the Portland OR area.  
Review of Dan's Mastering Chief Architect Course 00:01 
Introduction with Betsy Brandenburg Hurst 05:38 
Photo review of some of Betsy's projects 15:01 
Working with Architects 23:33 
Betsy's Design Roadmap System 30:25 
Working with a Virtual Assistant 38:53 
Commercial -vs- Residential? 46:20 
Betsy's final advice and Roadmap System 48:27 

Got something to share? Join us, and we'll bring you into the conversation.


Meet Betsy Brandenburg Hurst

With a highest-honors degree in Interior Architecture from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Betsy brings nearly 20 years design experience to her projects. Her early career in San Francisco as a designer for a firm that specialized in high-end hotels earned her a top “30 under 30” designer award.

Since moving to Portland and starting Brandenburg Studios Design in 2005, she has worked to enhance the beauty, function, and livability of homes, not only in Portland but Seattle, San Francisco and the Chicago area as well. Her commitment to professional excellence has led her to maintain an AKBD (Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer) certification from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. 


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