Discover Your True Cost (and Profit-Potential!) for Each Employee Labor Hour - Designers Show #45

designers show Mar 29, 2021

In this week's Designers Show, Dan talks with guest Diane Gilson, CEO of InfoPlus Accounting and

Diane discusses the actual cost and profit potential for each employee labor hour. She shows you exactly what you need to know and how you can use this information to...

  • Create more accurate estimates so you can price your jobs to earn the profits you deserve.
  • Obtain more realistic job-cost reports so you can improve the financial outcome on each of your jobs.
  • Compute the cost (and results!) associated with a wide variety of OTHER employee-related decisions.

    Review of Dan's Current Course 00:01
    Introduction with Diane Gilson 03:36
    Are you under-billing for your employees? 06:00
    Clear, Truthful Measurement of Labor Costs 11:54
    More Accurate Estimates & Markups 25:07
    Enhanced Labor Processes & Efficiencies 35:17
    Data to Minimize Your Current & Potential Team 43:30
    Employee Costs: The Ultimate Checklist! 46:56
    Diane's eCPA (employee Costing & Pricing Analyzer) 49:45
    Final Thoughts 57:47



Meet Diane Gilson

Diane is a published author, speaker, and professional QuickBooks trainer with over 30 years accounting experience. She is viewed as a leader in her fields of expertise. Her passion is designing, customizing, and upgrading accounting systems for small to mid-sized construction and manufacturing companies.
She loves a challenge and specializes in helping clients turn financial chaos into clarity and profitability. Diane doesn’t believe any accounting topic is too complicated for her clients to understand and implement. As a result, she successfully teaches all levels of technique in her online workshops and one-on-one business advisory services.
In 1994, Diane created Info Plus(+) Accounting® to help business owners establish job-cost accounting systems so they can access critical day-to-day operations data using QuickBooks as their primary management accounting tool. Her online workshops offer job-cost and management accounting training using QuickBooks and Intuit Enterprise Solutions, as well as in-house products, to teach, trouble-shoot, and coach clients and other accounting professionals throughout the United States.

Know more about Diane Gilson here.





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