How Education Marketing Helps Designers and Contractors Get Better Leads - Designers Show #42

designers show Mar 08, 2021

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Join Dan and John with this week's special guest Spencer Powell the CEO of Builder Funnel a company that specializes in digital marketing for contractors.

Spencer will discuss how the marketing landscape has changed and how people now shop and buy. It's vastly different than it used to be.

Discover ways your company can capture leads in all phases of the research and sales process.

  • How education marketing is a differentiator for your business.
  • What is top-of-the-funnel conversion, and why it's one of the most significant opportunities you have?
  • Misconceptions about website design and redesigns.
  • The power of social media but also where it lacks


Dan's Chief Experts Academy Courses 00:01 
Introduction with Spencer Powell 02:29 
What is Education Marketing? 06:54 
What is Top-Of-Funnel Conversion? 20:02 
The Most Effective Platforms to Use 23:58 
The #1 Thing That We Should Be Doing Right Now 27:42 
Using Social Media for Education Marketing 30:20 
Misconceptions About Website Design & Redesigns 32:04 
Creating Blogs 36:16 
The Pros and Cons of Social Media 39:15 
Effective Email Marketing 41:40 
 Spencer's Book "The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint" 45:53 
Spencer's Final Thoughts 54:26 




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