Christmas Q&A with Chief Experts - Designers Show #117

designers show Dec 20, 2023
Christmas Q&A with Chief Experts - Designers Show #117

Get ready to deck the halls with boughs of holly and a sprinkle of design magic!  In this festive episode of "Designers Show #117," we're unwrapping a Christmas special like no other. Join our jolly hosts, the Chief Experts, as they light up the screen with their sparkling wit and wisdom in a merry Q&A session. 

This isn't just any Q&A; it's a sleigh ride through the enchanting world of Chief Architect software, filled with tips, tricks, and treats for everyone from eager elves to seasoned Santa’s of design.  Whether you're curious about material editing, customizing dimensions, or the mystical art of SIP walls, our Chief Experts have got you covered with their sack full of answers.

So, grab your hot cocoa, snuggle up by the fire, and get ready for an episode brimming with festive cheer, insightful discussions, and a community spirit that would make even the Grinch smile. This Christmas, we're not just decking the halls; we're transforming the way you think about design.  



Introduction and Casual Conversation (00:00 - 01:40)

  • Welcoming viewers and discussing Renee's potential absence.
  • Brief chat about Thanksgiving and its timing this year.

Discussion on Materials and Chief Architect Software (01:40 - 02:24)

  • Open for questions about materials.
  • Sharing experiences with a complex project and framing a house using solids in Chief Architect.

Summit Announcement and Discussion (02:24 - 04:17)

  • Mention of an upcoming summit in March, focusing on Chief Architect software.
  • Emphasis on the educational and networking opportunities at the summit.
  • Discussion on the unique aspects of the summit compared to other events.

Business and Product Promotion (04:17 - 07:31)

  • Renee discusses his products and services related to Chief Architect.
  • Introduction of cabinet pricing systems and templates for Chief Architect.
  • Promotion of Renee's Discord server for community interaction and resource sharing.

Wall Bracing Details in Chief Architect (07:31 - 10:29)

  • Discussion on upcoming features in Chief Architect X16, including 3D dimensions and schedule enhancements.
  • Demonstration of a method for creating wall bracing details using note schedules in Chief Architect.
  • Anticipation of new features like row totals in schedules for more comprehensive planning.

Advanced Wall Bracing Techniques (10:29 - 11:16)

  • Detailed explanation of using note schedules for wall bracing in Chief Architect.
  • Renee demonstrates how to copy and adjust notes for different wall panel lengths.

Discussion on Chief Architect X16 Features (11:16 - 12:02)

  • Anticipation of new features in Chief Architect X16, including 3D dimensions and enhanced scheduling.
  • Renee mentions receiving a new computer from AMD for his work.

Greetings and Audience Interaction (12:02 - 12:29)

  • Welcoming Robin, a regular participant, and her students watching the show.

Dimensioning a Radiused Wall (12:29 - 17:52)

  • Addressing a viewer question about adding a radius dimension to a curved wall.
  • Demonstrating how to use labels and lines to show arc length and radius on a curved wall.
  • Discussion on different methods to accurately represent dimensions on curved structures.

Utilizing Text Boxes for Wall Measurements (17:52 - 20:04)

  • Showing how to use text boxes with leaders to indicate measurements on walls.
  • Explaining the use of object references in text boxes for dynamic measurement updates.

Introduction to Renee's Cross-Sectioning Tool (20:04 - 21:21)

  • Renee introduces his Pro Plan tool for creating detailed cross-sections.
  • Demonstrates how annotations and details are driven by the system for efficient design work.

Rene's Pro Plan Tool for Efficient Design (21:21 - 23:08)

  • Renee demonstrates how his Pro Plan tool allows for quick changes in design details.
  • Showcases a library of details that can be easily modified and linked to different sections.

Addressing a Viewer's Question on Backsplash Visibility (23:08 - 27:29)

  • Discussion on why a backsplash might not appear in elevation views.
  • Suggestions include checking layer settings, resolution issues, and material patterns.

Exporting DWG Plans from Chief Architect (27:29 - 32:06)

  • Tips for exporting DWG plans, including layer management and exporting each floor separately.
  • Emphasis on simplifying the plan for consultants by turning off unnecessary layers.
  • Discussion on exporting options, like splitting wall assemblies into layers.

Resetting Materials to Default in Chief Architect (32:06 - 32:45)

  • Addressing how to reset all materials to default in a model.
  • Mention of using the eyedropper tool for painting walls and materials.

Resetting Materials to Default (32:45 - 34:52)

  • Discussion on how to reset materials to default for individual walls and the entire plan.
  • Demonstrating the use of the materials tab to reset individual walls to default.

Edit Area and Stretch CAD Features (34:52 - 38:45)

  • Explanation of the 'Edit Area' feature in Chief Architect for copying and modifying specific plan areas.
  • Demonstrating the 'Stretch CAD' tool for adjusting CAD elements without affecting other parts of the plan.

Addressing Backsplash Visibility Issues (38:45 - 42:05)

  • Discussion on why a backsplash created in 2D might not appear in 3D.
  • Suggestions include checking the height of the backsplash and using the slab tool for better control.

Simplifying Backsplash Lines (42:05 - 42:53)

  • Showcasing the 'Simplify' tool to reduce breaks in the backsplash at cabinet edges.
  • Tips for adjusting the backsplash placement for visibility in different views.

Discussion on Wall Types and Material Editing in Chief Architect (42:56 - 44:04)

  • Issues with opening the correct dialogue for different wall types.
  • Tips on changing wall surfaces and using the default material option.
  • Demonstrating how to replace materials in the plan.

Creating Arrows and Customizing Dimensions (44:09 - 47:59)

  • How to add arrows on both sides of a wall in a text leader.
  • Using the dimension tool for creating arrows pointing in both directions.
  • Customizing dimensions and suppressing values for precise representation.

Splitting Bathroom Floor for Walk-in Shower and Tub (49:39 - 53:26)

  • Strategies for splitting a bathroom floor with different materials for a shower and tub.
  • Using CAD blocks and macros for material differentiation.
  • Tips on creating a tub deck and customizing edge details.

Handling User Questions and Preparations for Future Shows (53:31 - 54:01)

  • Encouragement to send questions and plans ahead of time for better preparation.
  • Importance of providing pictures or detailed descriptions with questions.

Addressing Specific User Queries (54:06 - 59:50)

  • Discussion on floor plans for mechanical setups.
  • Issues with incorrect plan schedule labels for windows and doors.
  • Tips for handling multiple callouts in schedules.

Customizing Window Labels and Schedules (59:51 - 61:00)

  • Demonstrating conditional window label customization.
  • Options for including dimensions and superscript in window labels

Final Discussions on SIP Walls and User Engagement (64:07 - 65:09)

  • Continued discussion on accurately representing SIP walls in Chief Architect.
  • Encouragement for users to submit questions for future shows and the upcoming summit.

Closing Remarks and Future Plans (65:09 - 66:52)

  • Wishing viewers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Announcement of the next live show scheduled for January 5th.
  • Invitation for feedback, ideas, and suggestions for future shows.
  • A light-hearted conclusion with a mention of returning to the United States and potential tiredness