CAD Part 2, Q&A and Spin the Wheel - Designers Show 109

designers show Aug 21, 2023
CAD Part 2, Q&A and Spin the Wheel - Designers Show 109

In Designers Show #109, Chief Experts Dan Baumann, John Schrader and Rene Rabbitt delved deep into the functionalities of Chief Architect, a leading architectural software. The session was packed with hands-on demonstrations, tips, and answers to user queries, making it a must-watch for both beginners and seasoned users of the software.

The show kicked off with a discussion on various projects, emphasizing the importance of showcasing finished works. The hosts introduced the "Smart System" in homes, which allows for remote control of various features. As the session progressed, they touched upon the challenges of capturing finished projects and the significance of staging. A highlight was the introduction to several Chief Architect tools, including the "Make Block," "Concentric Jump," and "Stretch CAD" tools. These tools aid in tasks like grouping items, adjusting object sizes, and resizing CAD drawings. The video also addressed specific user queries, such as designing a waterfall roof and managing temporary dimensions. Towards the end, the importance of updating video card drivers for optimal software performance was emphasized. The session concluded with a look ahead to future events and a warm thank-you to the participants.

This video serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to harness the full potential of Chief Architect in their architectural endeavors.


 Here are the highlights and topics from the first segment of the video:

  1. Introduction and Welcome (00:01 - 00:14)
  • Dan introduces himself and mentions John and Renee. Kevin and Robin are absent.
  1. Discussion about a Project (00:14 - 01:11)
  • Dan discusses a project he worked on for a client contractor.
  • The project took a couple of years and resulted in an 18,000 square feet house.
  • Dan mentions visiting the project a few months ago and taking pictures.
  1. Smart System in the House (01:22 - 01:45)
  • The house is equipped with a smart system, allowing control from anywhere.
  • Features include low voltage and the ability to shut everything down with a button.
  1. Project Landscape and Design (01:45 - 02:02)
  • The landscape was man-made, including lakes.
  • The property used to be a ranch.
  1. Challenges in Capturing Finished Projects (02:02 - 02:36)
  • Discussion about the challenges of scheduling and coordinating to capture finished projects.
  • Mention of the importance of having a good portfolio of projects.
  1. Importance of Staging a Project (02:36 - 03:10)
  • The significance of staging a project for showcasing.
  • Mention of using suppliers and manufacturers for staging.
  1. Before and After Shots (03:10 - 03:59)
  • The idea of setting up a camera to capture the "as built" shot and then capturing the finished project.
  • Mention of before and after sliders to showcase transformations.
  1. Website and Marketing Tools (03:59 - 04:06)
  • Brief mention of using tools like Elfsite for website enhancements.
  1. Upcoming Classes and Events (04:06 - 05:16)
  • Discussion about upcoming classes and events, including a three-day beginner class.
  1. Website Enhancements with Elf Site (05:16 - 11:03)
  • Discussion about the functionalities and benefits of using elf site for website enhancements.
  • Mention of embedding PDFs, using Facebook Messenger, and other functionalities.
  • Elf Site Integration: Renee explains how elfsite is straightforward and provides examples of integrations.
  1. Spin the Wheel: Make Block and CAD Blocks in Chief Architect (12:05 - 14:52)
  • The hosts spin a wheel to determine which topic to discuss next.
  • The topic selected is "make block."
  • Explanation of the "make block" icon in Chief Architect.
  • Discussion on grouping items together, such as lines, windows, and doors.
  • Introduction to the "explode block" function to ungroup items.
  • Mention of CAD block management and how to insert CAD blocks into plans.
  1. Roof Fascia and Framing (14:58 - 18:09)
  • Addressing a user's question about framing roof fascia.
  • Explanation of how to set up framing for roofs, including sub fascia.
  • Tips on how to frame plans, use truss roofs, and view framing.
  1. Convert Line to Arc Tool (19:48 - 20:45)
  • Introduction to the "convert line to arc" and "convert arc to line" tools in Chief Architect.
  • Demonstrating how to start with a line and convert it to an arc.
  • Tips on creating curved arrows and using the "3T" tool to add breaks.
  1. Concentric Jump Tool (27:19 - 31:45)
  • Explanation of the "concentric jump" tool in Chief Architect.
  • Demonstrating how to create a column with a base and cap using the tool.
  • Discussion on the keystrokes for the tool and its location on the toolbar.
  • Using the tool to adjust the size of a countertop.
  • Mention of other potential uses for the tool, such as setting property setbacks or designing pool decks.
  1. Concentric Jump Tool Continued (27:19 - 31:45)
  • Further discussion on the "concentric jump" tool in Chief Architect.
  • Demonstrating how to adjust the size of objects using the tool.
  • Mention of using the tool for setting property setbacks and designing pool decks.
  1. Temporary Dimensions in Chief Architect (35:03 - 38:49)
  • Explanation of temporary dimensions and how they differ from manual dimensions.
  • Discussion on how to adjust the size of temporary dimensions.
  • Mention of the importance of not renaming plan files to avoid breaking links.
  1. Waterfall Roof Design (39:08 - 42:15)
  • Addressing a user's question about designing a waterfall roof.
  • Discussion on how a waterfall roof has shingles that wrap around the edge.
  • Experimenting with creating a waterfall roof design using CAD tools in Chief Architect.
  • Introduction to the concept of using a shadow board to create the desired roof shape.
  1. Flying Gable Fascia (48:32 - 52:07)
  • Discussion on the concept of a flying gable fascia.
  • Explanation of how to stop the gutter short of the fascia.
  • Mention of using a slab to create the flying fascia effect.
  • Demonstrating how to adjust the roof plane to extend the fascia.
  1. Stretch CAD Tool (52:25 - 53:16)
  • Introduction to the "Stretch CAD" tool in Chief Architect.
  • Demonstrating how to resize a CAD drawing using the tool.
  • Explanation of drawing a box around the desired area and using the stretch CAD option to adjust the size.
  1. Make Parallel Tool (60:00 - 61:51)
  • Introduction to the "Make Parallel" tool in Chief Architect.
  • Demonstrating how to make a line parallel to another line using the tool.
  • Explanation of a hidden function to rotate an entire polyline to make it parallel to another line.
  • Mention of using this tool to rotate a house plan to align with a plot plan edge.
  1. Removing Rooms in a Plan (61:55 - 63:11)
  • Addressing a user's question about removing rooms from a plan.
  • Discussion on how to use the "Edit Area" tool to remove sections of a plan.
  • Explanation of how to move walls and adjust the layout of a plan.
  1. Make Parallel Tool Continued (60:00 - 61:51)
  • Further discussion on the "Make Parallel" tool in Chief Architect.
  • Demonstrating how to rotate a house plan to align with a plot plan edge.
  1. Deleting Rooms and Lumber (70:28 - 71:01)
  • Tips on how to delete rooms and lumber in a plan.
  • Mention of turning off auto framing and the importance of framing only after the model is complete.
  • Demonstrating how to frame the entire plan and then delete all the framing for a cleaner plan.
  1. Closing Remarks (72:13 - 72:33)