AI for Chief Architect Users - Designers Show #116

designers show Dec 04, 2023
AI for Chief Architect Users  - Designers Show #116


Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into an exciting episode of the Designers Show, all about the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative impact on design and architecture. This time, Kevin Transue leads the charge, joined by his expert colleagues John Schrader and Renee Rabbit. They step in for Dan, who's away on personal commitments, to guide us through a riveting exploration of AI's growing influence in our professional lives.

In this episode, we don't just scratch the surface; we plunge deep into how AI is reshaping the future of design and architecture. The team covers everything from AI's daily applications to its historical roots and its vast potential ahead. Whether you're deeply embedded in the industry, just starting out, or simply curious about AI, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and foresights.

We're here to walk you through the episode's key moments. We'll look at the upcoming courses and events that are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our fields, delve into how AI is revolutionizing various sectors, and much more. This blog post is your gateway to understanding how AI is merging with human creativity to open up new horizons in design and architecture. So, let's get started and join Kevin, John, and Renee on this enlightening journey through the AI-infused world of design and architecture, as showcased in the Designers Show.


  • **Introduction to AI and Its Impact (00:00 - 00:20)**
    - Introduction by Kevin, mentioning Dan's absence.
    - Discussion on the significance of AI in various industries.
  • **Promoting Upcoming Courses and Events (00:20 - 02:01)**
    - Information about intermediate and advanced courses in Minnesota.
    - Announcement of the Total Immersion Summit in March.
  • **Everyday Applications of AI (14:03 - 15:39)**
    - Discussion on how AI is used in daily life, including search engines and social media.
    - Insights into AI's role in email management and voice assistants.
  • **AI's Development and Historical Context (19:16 - 20:30)**
    - Overview of AI's history and key milestones.
    - Introduction of Jeffrey Hinton, a significant figure in AI development.
  • **AI in Design and Sales Industries (30:13 - 30:59)**
    - Potential uses of AI in design and sales.
    - Discussion on AI's ability to reason and its implications.
  • **Practical Applications of AI in Various Fields (44:35 - 45:20)**
    - Use of AI for writing assistance and design ideation.
    - Importance of verifying AI-generated content.
  • **Digital Upscaling and AI in Image and Video Enhancement (54:49 - 55:32)**
    - Discussion on digital upscaling of images and videos.
    - Examples of enhanced old photographs and videos.
  • **Upcoming Workshops and Training Sessions (1:00:22 - 1:01:09)**
    - Information on workshops related to Chief Architect and design.
    - Details about the Summit event focusing on architectural design and technologies.
  • **Services Offered by Hosts (1:01:23 - 1:02:47)**
    - Overview of services provided by the hosts, including coaching and mentoring.
    - Closing remarks and information about the next session.