What We Learned at 2023 Coeur d'Alene - Designers Show #110

designers show Sep 11, 2023
What We Learned at 2023 Coeur d'Alene - Designers Show #110

In this Designers show, Dan, Rene, Robin, Kevin and John discuss their recent experiences at a Chief Architect training event in Coeur d'Alene. The show starts with a warm welcome and a brief catch-up among the hosts, mentioning the absence of some regular members. They reminisce about the event, highlighting the good times they had despite the unfavorable weather at the beginning. The hosts share their appreciation for the community and the familiar faces they see each year.

They proceed to share a series of photos from the event, showcasing various moments including their meals together, a hike around a lake, and their visit to the Chief Architect headquarters. They also discuss the upcoming features in the Chief Architect software, emphasizing the tool search, 3D dimensioning, and cloud sharing functionalities. They express their excitement about these features but note that not all of them might be available in the next update.

The Chief Experts also touch upon the brainstorming sessions at the event, where they exchanged insights with the Chief Architect team. They mention their desire to focus on creating better remodeling plans using the Chief Architect software in future sessions. Towards the end, they discuss upcoming classes in Minnesota, detailing the levels of the courses and what participants can expect from them. They encourage viewers to sign up, noting the limited availability.


Designers Show #110 Highlights

0:01 - Introduction

0:28 - Discussion on Recent Event

  • Discussion on the recent Chief Architect training event in Coeur d'Alene
  • Sharing experiences and highlights from the event

1:22 - Greetings and Acknowledgements

1:36 - Sharing Learnings from the Event

  • Discussing the list of things learned during the event
  • Sharing pictures from the event, including:
    • Lunch at Coeur d'Alene
    • Training sessions with Dermot, the head developer at Chief Architect
    • Gathering at Le Peep
    • Hiking around Tubs Hill
    • Visiting the original house where Chief Architect software was developed
    • The event center and the design contest
    • Sharing a special picture of Greg Wells, the CEO of Chief Architect, and his wife on their 38th wedding anniversary

8:20 - Upcoming Features in Chief Architect

  • Discussion on upcoming features in Chief Architect, including:
  • Tool search
  • Auto numbering for construction lines
  • Convert text to notes
  • Find a plan by layer
  • 3D dimensioning
  • Cloud sharing for files and settings
  • Speculation on whether these features will be available in the next version (X16)

12:01 - Cloud Sharing Details

  • Further details on cloud sharing feature
  • Discussion on sharing user catalogs and plan files through the cloud
  • Mention of the single-user restriction for plan files

12:18 - Remodeling Plans

  • Expression of interest in creating better remodeling plans using Chief Architect
  • Mention of the presenter's background in remodeling and preference for remodeling plans over new home plans

13:04 - Visit to Chief Headquarters

  • Sharing experiences from the visit to Chief Architect headquarters
  • Introduction to some of the support team members at Chief Architect
  • Sharing a picture of a 1969 Mustang car spotted during the event

14:14 - Recap of the Trip

  • Recap of the trip to Coeur d'Alene and the learnings from the event

14:20 - Classes in Minnesota

  • Announcement of upcoming classes in Minnesota
  • Details of the beginner/intermediate level course in October
  • Details of the intermediate and advanced level courses in November
  • Mention of the venue and the limited class size

18:51 - 2024 Summer Event

  • Mention of the availability of slots for the 2024 summer event
  • Encouraging viewers to learn more about the event and register

22:48 - Coordinate System in Chief Architect

  • Turning on various settings to expand the view to 100 inches
  • Adjusting labels to size 12
  • Discussing the importance of starting a model close to the 0,0 coordinate to maintain a faster plan speed
  • Mentioning the default position of the 0,0 coordinate in the bottom left of the drawing sheet in out-of-the-box templates
  • Sharing personal preferences for setting the 0,0 coordinate
  • The utility of having the X and Y coordinates visible in different views, including 3D views and elevations
  • The advantage of learning XYZ coordinates to function faster in CAD software

24:26 - Using XYZ Coordinates in Chief Architect

  • Encouraging users to familiarize themselves with the XYZ coordinates and then deciding whether to keep them turned on
  • Discussing the possibility of having the coordinates displayed in elevations
  • Sharing a tip on moving objects precisely using the knowledge of X and Y directions
  • The convenience of having coordinates turned on when adjusting elements such as windows

25:45 - Preferences and Settings in Chief Architect

  • Reverting settings to default and encouraging exploration of preferences
  • Noting the addition of many features in the preferences section over time

26:02 - Dimensioning Windows to Inside of Frame

  • Highlighting the importance of this feature, especially for as-built projects
  • Demonstrating how to dimension to the inside of a frame
  • Discussing the option to exclude the frame for dimensioning
  • Mentioning the preference for having an option to toggle dimensioning to the inside of the frame in the "openings" section

28:04 - Adjusting Window Dimensions

  • Demonstrating how to adjust window dimensions without opening the dialog for the window
  • Sharing a tip on identifying selected edges using color preferences for handles and edges

29:37 - Discussion on Dimensioning to Frame Feature

  • Responding to a question about changing dimensioning settings via annotations
  • Sharing greetings and catching up with a participant who joined late

30:32 - Using Designer and Client Info Feature

  • Introducing the new feature in Chief Architect X15 for storing designer and client info
  • Discussing the appropriate use of this feature in preferences
  • Demonstrating how to use macros to auto-populate layout pages with designer and client info
  • Suggesting improvements to the feature, including adding more custom fields

33:00 - Using Macros for Auto-Populating Fields

  • Explaining the utility of macros for auto-populating fields with stored values
  • Discussing the simplicity of using predefined macros in Chief Architect
  • Suggesting a separate session focused on macros and inviting users to join a Discord group for macro discussions

34:04 - Start and End Indicators on Walls

  • Demonstrating the use of start and end indicators when drawing walls
  • Showing how to enable start and end indicators from preferences
  • Highlighting the utility of these indicators for identifying the start and end points of walls

36:00 - Time Tracker Feature

  • Advising users to add their name in the time tracker to keep track of time spent on a project by different individuals
  • Demonstrating how to select multiple lines in the time tracker to get a subtotal of the time spent
  • Sharing a tip on adding notes to selected lines in the time tracker

38:04 - Recap and Further Discussion on Features

  • Recapping the discussion on start and end indicators on walls
  • Responding to user questions and comments on macros and other features discussed
  • Discussing the potential for a separate session focused on macros

41:00 - Designer Client Info Tool

  • Demonstrating how to use the designer client info tool in a software
  • Filling in client information right at the start of opening a layout
  • Mention of using macros to fill in certain fields quickly
  • Discussion on how to pull in the client information into different areas such as text boxes or notes

42:54 - Feedback and Suggestions for the Tool

  • Discussing feedback received during discussions and the desire for additional fields in the tool
  • Mention of a voting process during discussions and the hope to see the suggestions implemented in the next version

43:33 - Copying Client Info from Layout to Plan Files

  • Discussing how to copy client info from layout to plan files
  • Mention of a new system that allows for the info to be used across layout and plans without needing to copy it
  • Discussing the linking of plan and layout to automatically populate client information in both

44:25 - Discord Link and Viewer Engagement

  • Mention of a Discord link available at the bottom of the screen on the website
  • Discussing the icon representing Discord and encouraging viewers to check it out

44:55 - Wall Resizing and Settings

  • Discussing features related to wall resizing and settings in a design tool
  • Exploring different settings for how walls build into each other
  • Demonstrating how to adjust wall intersections and the options available for how walls interact at intersections

46:30 - Library Browser and Search Functionality

  • Discussing the new library browser and its search functionality
  • Demonstrating how to use boolean keywords and symbols to refine searches in the library
  • Sharing tips on how to quickly find specific items using tags and keywords

51:42 - Use of Tags in Library Browser

  • Discussing the use of tags in the library browser to quickly find and organize items
  • Demonstrating how to create and manage tags for different items
  • Sharing personal strategies for using tags effectively

55:36 - Adding Clickable URLs in Notes for Library Items

  • Discussing the feature of adding clickable URLs in notes for library items
  • Demonstrating how to add a URL to an item note and how it can be accessed
  • Discussing the potential use of URLs in schedules and the caution needed to ensure accuracy

1:00:21 - Closing Remarks

  • Recap of the session and announcement of the continuation of the topic in the next session
  • Sharing a tip about using the right mouse button to cancel an action while using a design tool
  • Closing the session with thanks to the viewers and participants.