Planning for the New Year, Sales Goals and Spin The Wheel - Designers Show #93

designers show Jan 09, 2023
Planning for the New Year, Sales Goals and Spin The Wheel - Designers Show #93

Join us for this week's Designers Show, where we'll be planning for the new year and defining your sales goals... and since Chief has grown into an extensive program, sometimes the best way to learn it is one icon at a time. So we'll have some fun and spin the wheel to see what topics we'll discuss.


Introduction & Chief Architect Upgrades 00:01 
Q: How do I do a Chain Link (Symbol Smoothing) in Chief? 04:43 
Dan's Chief Experts Total Immersion Summit 23:05 
Zoomit.exe Tool for Windows 27:10 
Build All Framing Icon 29:10 
Create A Symbol Icon 29:50 
Q: Drawing a Hip Roof with a Truss Package 34:17 
Q: Why does the Vertical Plane in a Tray Ceiling Disappear? 37:12 
Q: How do I create framing only for an addition (not whole house)? 42:25 
Q: How did you select the walls only? 46:30 
Arc With Arrow Icon 48:12 
Recenter Layout Box Contents Icon 52:50 
Setting Sales/Income Goals – It Matters! 57:10 
Personal Goals – Life Balance 1:00:37 
Keeping a Clean Inbox: Zero Inbox 1:02:27 
Eliminate Distractions: Clear Clutter... 1:05:35 
Keeping a Notebook 1:06:50 
Eat The Frog! 1:08:07 
Double down on things you do well 1:09:10 
Say Yes to Less 1:09:57 
Keep a Journal as a productivity tool 1:10:39 
Wrap Up Comments 1:13:29 

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all right here we are welcome everyone to the designer show number 93 I think something like that um now here we are in the New Year 2023 so uh how you guys doing John Renee are on the call with us um how's your new year starting out so far Renee you already know you told me not not to burden everybody with it quick overview yeah I've been having flooding flooding flooding flooding oh wow yeah we got a big uh storm moving through California you've if you guys have heard about the rain Renee getting some of it so yeah so usually don't like to have it in my house but here we are yeah understood um cool John you're you're getting ready to hit the road getting ready to hit the road yep so you're on uh how long are you going to be out of town on this trek well not for sure at least into March Okay cool so you're heading down south you'll be uh meeting up with us and then we'll head over to the summit and uh hang out there for a while and then you're off to visit more of your kids so yep cool yep sounds like a great trip all right well looking forward to uh seeing you guys so I know it's coming up soon a couple of uh housekeeping things I want to talk about real quick those of you that um on Chief Architect which I'm assuming everybody on this call owns Chief Architect um uh hopefully you will uh and say anybody's listed up here what's going on here I just got a text from Chad he says it looks like the the uh chat is disabled there's somebody got in now there's only one viewer too that's interesting that's strange what is going on it's a big delay here or something I'm not sure well anyway well whoever's here welcome and if you're watching this and recording uh welcome as well so we'll just keep moving forward um hopefully it's not your technical glitch coming up here let's just uh move it let me uh go ahead and share my screen real quick and uh those of you may or may not have heard about this but Chief is going to a new pricing model for their software so if you for whatever licenses you own of Chief Architect make sure you keep your software and support agreement current and you'll stay locked in at that price if you've got older versions that you haven't upgraded yet you might want to do that before the ninth before the 10th because after the 10th Chief is going to be charging 200 a month or two thousand dollars a year for you to maintain a license no we did have technical difficulties hey Dad can you uh send send out a new email text with the proper show number on it we sent it out with show number 92 on it does it take a while to do that no give me a second you're still sharing your screen too by the way I'll stop there everybody knows your password now it's Asterix Asterix yeah exactly yeah we'll go that way why don't you guys talk about something is your password Dan the man come on don't lie and the man 92. I I definitely say that is not what it is um okay uh let me do this real quick Renee why don't you uh there was a question on uh Facebook the other day about what was it about now I lost it you commented on it somebody said we should do it on the designer show oh dang it I've done like 10 of those yeah I feel like I don't remember what it is I got one about uh creating a chain link I got one about creating an arched um cabinet door it wasn't a symbol it wasn't a symbol foreign I can't remember what it was now well if whoever put it on there is on the call if you can you can get it in the text oh here I'll share a screen and I'll do something while we're waiting let's see present that uh people are also commenting that they went to Dan's YouTube channel to access it and they got in there so yeah yeah okay so I got one here someone requested something about a chain link but I'll I'll explain how to do it and why it's done this way um the reason we never see any chain links in any of the extra content is because they just produce too many faces too many face counts um and so you're very familiar with symbol creation you might know that we've got symbol smoothing is built into the software so I'm going to just explain what that is real quick because that's a that's a good one we don't talk about this kind of stuff too much too often so I've got a symbol here I'm going to open it up in its symbol class and we're going to see in the general excuse me in the 3D panel the first panel the number of faces here we also see a smoothing angle which is 45 degrees now what that means is any faceted angle that is less um than 45 degrees is going to get smoothed over with some kind of magic coming from Chief so even though this looks like a faceted chain link when we go to render it out it's actually going to look pretty smooth so taking advantage of that we can lower the the face count on any particular object knowing that if you set the smoothing angle accordingly you might you might be able to smooth out some of these faceted angles so if I change this to something like 350 degrees what we're going to end up getting is a pretty ill to find actually let me see I'm going to bring up a refrigerator this is a good example of it anytime you see a refrigerator in it either looks too smooth or looks too sharp you can kind of edit it and then re-add it to your library so place this refrigerator open up its symbol class and then we can see here if we switch to a vector View we've got a little bit of soft edges here along all the edges of the doors if you can see that on the screen let me try to blow this up real big and if I change the smoothing angle to something like a zero Watch What Happens we all of a sudden get all these Vector lines back in place whereas if we change it to something like 340 degrees oh it should be updating on the fly but it doesn't seem to be so you're just changing the the the surface reflection area right another way yeah I mean chief calls it smoothing angle the angle the angle of it it's um it's it's just going to automatically uh smooth over any facets um I don't not sure why this isn't doing it on the Fly um that might have something to do with the news update but the other the to bring this full circle about the chain link is I want to duplicate this about itself across a polyline right and so you would typically kind of approach this by creating a molding polyline but the problem with the molding polyline and we'll just show it real quick I'm going to draw out a molding polyline oh and let's take uh Dan's trick which I learned from I think designer show number 92 which is before we use the trim tool if we select our item in our library and then use a molding line it will apply that item which I love that trick I didn't know about that one so so now this has that chain link attached to it and let me just make a little fill it here and we'll bring up a camera so when we look at this which just disappeared because it's actually in the floor let me just delete a wall and we'll get get sight of it somehow or not at all doesn't exist you got the layer open right moldings you would think moldings would be turned on below the floor well maybe maybe your trick didn't work for me I wasn't listening what would you do what were you doing um oh yeah it didn't work interesting okay architect problems early in the morning all right well anyway that fixed my error so my God just did everybody yeah I forgot to update a link on a page uh details details I'd tell you details it's a new year we'll forgive you right away you don't even have to ask for it that's my that's my one mistake for the year that I'm allowed to have okay used it up early Dan I don't know what you're gonna do from here on out so I'm just going to finish this thought real quick um when we're applying a molding that we want to repeat but we put it on um we've got a fillet in this case you're going to see here that Chief Architect automatically segments that molding wherever it it needs to to create that fillet and I mean that's just that's about the number of facets per that that Arc right so it's breaking this chain up so the chain doesn't look realistic because of that so the only way to really do a chain in Chief Architect is you actually have to come in here and do a distributed path which is in our build menu distributed objects and we can do a spline distribution path and then across this path I'm gonna put my chain link and then I have to set the distance between the chains yeah does it does it rotate the symbol too as it goes around that it does it does it follows that path so I I drop this in I'm going to set my maximum distance to three inches and then when we go look at this in 3D perfect chain link and the only other thing you can't do a distributed path in an elevation so I might want this to be a swag for a light or something like that so I have to then convert this to a symbol and then yeah yeah so close so close yet for this all right here's another quick one one of you guys can tackle yeah can you please show how to link a section view call out back to the plan view caller oh I can do that one too let's see so let's just do they want a section view call out back to a plan view yeah and I don't know if they're you are they using a camera well that that's what way you'd normally do it but something section view would be a column on the layout page do they want to okay so here's my first take on that is they want to call out in their section View can you please show how to link a section view call out back to the plan view that would be the camera on your floor plan right well I'll show this um because this is easy enough one is we can say um I want a linked view call out label so I can do that here I can also in object-specific macros I can say linked view layout page label in case we're sending this to layout as well and then I only need to link this to whatever I want it to be linked to which is in our edit toolbar we're going to be which is usually at the bottom of your screen I'm going to link View and then pick whatever view I needed to get to which in this case I'm going to be in plan view floor plan so now that is linked to a view I'm going to draw one of my little bubble arrows here and then if I send this to a layout which I don't know I have my hotkeys are messed up here but if I send this to a layout it'll automatically populate that um this camera label according to what we said okay now he's doing it with a camera if you want to go through that quick it's doing it with explain it more camera using the camera to the call out from the camera using the call out label on the camera linking it back to the plan a camera it's a label thing for the camera do a section camera oh we've got a section camera okay uh you need to be in the plan and grab that camera yeah and open it okay and Brent go down to the label and use call out I can't see your screen it's so small because everything else I've got up here use call out oh you're talking about in layout itself right yeah okay gotcha that's right yeah using and no we want to call it on the layout to always have the right page number right okay so in this case I'm going to open this up I'm going to get into our let's see if you label use call out right and uh we don't have any um great way of introducing macros that follow user created callouts on the plan side but this one is pretty simple as you we would just use the referenced views call out label so in case this is an unlinked plan so it's not going to find it but that's what it would be called so you're not so you're not using the label for the section View oh you are so whatever the reference so if we went into our project browser so all right so pull this full circle I'm in a section view here I want to send this if my hotkeys work oh they do great I'm going to send this to a view now that camera already has a um a label attached to it okay so now I only need to specify that so come in here use call out edit in the call out label reference view called out label there you go S1 now go back to your you need to have that plan in your layout too and then show how it relates the page number back to the to that viewport oh and you want to have the page number as well yeah on the on the on the plan not on the uh okay on the plan so we're now we're back in plan we're in the cross section for this plan and you could do this from the project browser it might even be easy no no no no no what's that the the viewport for the plan on the layout is on page one and Link that viewport for your section back to that well this is automatic this is going to show A3 that's just you know standard out of the box stuff okay yeah that's going to show A3 there and you can always make it show A3 anywhere else that you might like to as well we can even link this to multiple things and then have it report back that page label from those various things that might be linked to this section View so if on your floor plan there open up the call out you want to be sure you always do is make sure that um that bottom line the text below a line is always set to automatic you know always automatically read the either read the hashtag of that page or the page number in the macro box show people where you put the page number well my layouts are a little a little crazy but let's take a look at what you've got and then we can show mine mine actually are driven from a little system I built down here so I can drag this meter why does that not surprise rename it yeah I love it I love it um so a little bit different but that would be in your um edit uh edit your page information I just have a macro in mind yeah but the first item here is um we're going to say that we've got a suffix excuse me a prefix here that's a or maybe it's G for your general sheets or E for your electrical sheets and then a hyphen and the pound sign and um as so long as your subsequent sheets are following this sequence they're going to automatically number based on that number sign which is a built-in Ruby script from from Chief side let me over complicate things for everybody oh I was on the right track he's just trying to trying to link the viewports from your section view back to the call outs on the plan okay in the floor plan on your layout wait wait what I I can't it's a muscle memory thing for me so I I can't explain it all right all right so you have that view right there yeah that has a call out on it right what's the number I can't see it S1 S1 S1 take go find out where where you're pulling that from off the plan I assume it's a camera right yeah okay cool you need to go back to the plan who put S1 in that label did you type that in or did Chief I know that was that was automatic um and I mean that's set from my defaults as it starts with s's but you know and and keep in mind I think it's really easy to come in here into your project browser and find your sections here and name them here I think it's really easy to manage your your project from that yeah so I can edit edit this View and I can change this call out to whatever so your camera your camera on your plan needs to say S1 on the top of the line and what page it's on in the layout on the bottom of the line yeah and my cameras are set to automatic on the bottom so it's automatically going to populate that once we send it to view okay the only time you would override that is for if for some reason I don't know why you would do this but if for some reason you had multiple sheets you might want to override this and designate those multiple sheets I'll show you that's a pretty simple process as well we're going to edit this View from the project browser I'm I am going to uncheck automatic which I don't advise and then I could put comma A4 and this would show that I have this particular camera sent to multiple views for whatever reason you might want to do that maybe you've got a match line on this elevation yeah so now the downside with that if you relabel your pages if you change if you add a page move a page move the view to a different page you have to manually go change those yeah and and I have a way more complicated way of doing this automatically so that you don't have to do that but I don't think we should get into that no we shouldn't okay it's already confusing we're already losing our minds here yeah all right cool well thanks Renee for picking that up sorry you guys I had forgot to update the show page where the the video shows up so my bad I finally realized what I had goofed on so again it was my one mistake I'm allowed for the year so um or for today of this year um all right let's jump back into uh uh a couple of things here uh everybody thanks for joining us and uh we'll try to move through a few things if you have questions please type them in and we'll do our best to answer them uh we spin the wheel a little bit I want to talk about a couple other things besides chief for just a little bit but let's do a bunch of Chief stuff too so we're gonna jump around a little bit today but first of all I want to start out with uh and I talked a little bit about um our Summit coming up where's my screen man here it is and share my screen so many of you have heard me discuss the summit coming up so if you guys are so inclined and you want to come and learn come on Dan hit the right stupid page I'm really on a roll today yeah it's gonna be one of those days today goodness okay so I'm on my page here so I'm trying to get to my browser which is right here and to our Summit so actually what I was talking about before I got distracted to have to updated with my mistake um make sure you keep your SSA current because on January 10th she's going to their new pricing model of 200 bucks a month or two thousand a year if you don't have a current SSA so if you let your SSA expire you will come back and have to pay the new fees next week right that's next week yeah the 10th that's four days um yeah that must be probably starting Tuesday I would guess what is the temp is that Tuesday Yeah Tuesday so I better get a mail out to people so keep your SSA up to date if if you're behind x14 Skechers SSA up to date I think I figured it out over 10 years is going to cost you an extra seventeen thousand dollars something like that um from the SSA to their new pricing plan so don't mess around keep your SSA current as you should because of all the new features that come on chief that make your life easier and make producing better plans better anyways so you know it's a pain in the ass to pay that fee every year but it's just part of doing business this is a tool that you use to make a lot of money don't put it off okay um our Summit is getting close to being second week is close to being sold out I've got a few spots left so if you're in hit the right link so if you're interested go to Chief experts Academy hit the learn more at the top of the page and you can scroll down read about our Summit coming starting February 12th and um I'll be there with John Renee and Robin and my the game will here we'll be here to take good care of you it's all inclusive once you get there everything's included um except hard liquor other than that all the food everything that you need will be there um we got a lot of things that we're going to cover um you're going to get us to see firsthand the Alienware software that comes with the Renee um and uh we're going to be in a gorgeous place it's a 24 bedroom house 20 000 square feet big training room uh will be spread out a little bit first three days John and I will be teaching we'll go through the process of creating plans so we're going to cover a lot of details Renee and Robin will be off if you want to spend time with them you can the last two days we'll all come together we're going to cover a whole bunch of different topics so uh it's going to be a very immersion it's called total immersion for a reason because once you get there that's all we're going to talk about is Chief Architect in your design business for the whole week so you're going to come away with a ton of knowledge a ton of contacts it's going to be a great networking event we're gonna do some masterminding we'll talk about business we'll talk about how much you're charging should charge more how do you make more how do you Market you'll pick up a ton of tips so as you see week two is just about sold out um I got one one room and one bunk available two rooms and one bunk available and uh and then on the first week we have nine so the big difference between the two weeks is the first week is going to be more intermediate and the only thing that means is we'll just go a little slower in our training the first three days of training that's really going to be the only difference okay you still either way you're going to learn about load of information uh about your business and about Chief Architect so check it out give me a call if you have any questions my numbers listed at the bottom of the page here um this has been a very successful event just uh just wanted to add a little fun note anybody that's got a VR headset that's coming to this event I encourage you to bring it because outside of the classroom I'm going to be doing some stuff in VR show you how to use a few softwares in VR4 Chief Architect and also doing a VR based mind mapping thing which one are you using Renee I have two different ones I've got the Quest 2 and I've got the quest Pro and and the quest Pro is what I've been on lately that's the news got it cool so Dan people are already anticipating you uh not sticking to your one mistake a year so just in case you make another mistake this year how do they get to your YouTube channel uh just go to YouTube and search for chief experts that'd be the easiest way to get there or search for Dan Baum and you I think I'll come up with it as well yeah there we go that Chief actor thanks Mike um yeah you know I did modify that statement you know I said first of the year today uh anyway all right you guys thanks let's go spin the wheel huh yeah we'll uh see what we come up with here uh and again if you have questions we'll we'll get to those let's start by spinning the wheel a little bit see what we come up with I've got some topics to talk about with goal setting and sales we'll see if we come up with any of those or we come up with the wheel all right this we may have covered this one last time I don't remember but yeah yeah I did Choice um it's a very simple icon this will take just a second but I'll cover it again build all framing still build all framing it's one of the cool new tools that Chief has build off framing right here so I'm ready we're gonna have to get you going on this Zoom it tool and uh Zoom it just Google Zoom it here let me let me bring up a browser real quick this is this is good for everybody on this call if you do presentations with clients um if you go to zoom Zoom it it would be the oh Zoom it do that over Zoom it dot EXE is important um it'll be the first one here Microsoft learn or Zoom it download either of those two will work fine it's a super simple download just half a megabyte it runs in your system tray um all I do when I want to draw is I hit Ctrl 1 that Zooms in then I click my mouse button and I can draw on the screen control draws a box alt draws a lot um shift draws a line Control Alt draws shift control draws an arrow shift all draw to one of these draws a circle I don't remember but you can change the color by hitting D for blue R for red G for green you hold the Ctrl key down roll your mouse in and out you can change the line size if you just want to draw you hit Ctrl 2 and draw and again I can draw a bigger fat lines just by Rolling my mouse super super simple to use if you get used to it it's really a great presentation tool when you're talking to your clients so highly recommended um they just hit escape to erase yep that's all you got to do so control draw hit escape to erase and you're back at it so let me turn it back to red and there you go so Zoom it great little app and it's free I mean you can't beat the price so uh it's for Windows only by the way it doesn't work on a Mac there are probably other Zoom tools on that you can get for Mac um okay the frame all so if you're uh if you want to at any given time you click that free Mall button and guess what it does it frames your whole plan so just like that and um used to be we had to open the menu quick build for framing on one and two and build the roof and you know it used to be a whole bunch of steps to do the framing so anytime you want to add the framing just click that button very cool button that's Chief doing a good job for us all right spin her up again I didn't have that many icons this time all right well again another one I think we covered the create symbol to create a symbol tool anything in Chief can become a symbol pretty much anything that you draw so Renee was just talking about doing the chain link to make it into a symbol but I mean anything that you draw um that is a 3D object when you see this icon and you click on that object or objects you can turn that into a 3D symbol that will be put in your library you can use it in your plan at any time once you make it into a symbol though you can't unmake it into a symbol you can change the size of it um things like that but you can't open it and edit anything other than the size and the materials you can flip it up and down in space um rotate it you do a bunch of things with it but you can't un group it you know it's always going to be it's like a toilet it's always a toilet you can't change it back to anything else so that's the create symbol icon really handy um a really here's a super duper simple use for that tool I'll show you real quick ever done a you have you ever done a opening in a wall and you want to have a railing in it okay so real easy way to do that all right let me just go into a camera here so this is an opening a balcony overlooking the lower level all right so let's make that just a a doorway okay but I want to have a railing inside of that so what I'll do is I'll go back to my floor plan oops wrong View and go draw a railing the size that I want like this okay now I've got a railing I'm going to take and convert that to a symbol because you can't draw a railing inside of another wall at least unless they've changed that maybe they have let's see nope it actually replaces the door so I'm going to make that into a symbol I'd be curious if you change that to no locate does it work let's find out I can't imagine because that just turns oh no it's already no okay that's a railing they come up by default that way so make that into a symbol show Advanced options there it is so if I look at it in 3D come on come on come on going on here just as if your render view there the first icon oh thank you cheers okay there it is so there's that railing now I can pop that back in my plan well there it is so now I can pop that back in my plan just slide that in the doorway and now I've got a railing in the doorway so that's a really good use for creating a symbol that's if you wanted the case opening right you do another one um it doesn't matter whether it's cased opening or a wrapped opening doesn't matter so why couldn't you do it with a rail just a railing with it because you wouldn't you wouldn't have anything up here then if you put a beam up there you would uh-uh you'd have to you'd either have to fill that in with uh with something else because you're going to take that whole wall actually could we no I don't think that would work either we can't make a railing with a beam above it or kind of dog fence there you go he said it's a good good dog fence you could even put a door in it you could if you turn that into a symbol it won't keep the material list either will it um I don't think it would just say it would just say you have this one symbol in there it wouldn't show up as an item on your list right yeah it won't show up as balusters and railing and so the trick to that to doing that would be to draw another railing somewhere else on the plan or or you could just open it up you can open up the components of that symbol and change it to whatever you want you can add frames you can add all kinds of stuff here yeah anything so you can make it report correctly kind of a pain in the butt but it's an option we're closer to having a you know all-inclusive option there so but as far as getting your 3D model correct that's going to be a good way to do that um all right did we have someone have someone there was a question about trusses can you draw a hip roof and put a truss trust package on that can I use X15 no damn right soon very soon that would be a button you didn't hear that I don't even let's not even talk about it this is going to be Obsolete and uh well you still got three weeks working on he's working on the plan right now though yeah yeah so you're gonna build a trust you're gonna go to the trust tool right here get your roof in place get at the right Heights all that good stuff um you know let me get this uh remember that the truss is going to fit the the shape of the roof oops wrong so here's here's the here's the question he was uh generating trying to generate at hip roof and he ended up the long odd trusses that wouldn't so anyway he I think what he missed was the first trust there and then drawing the other ones the other direction yeah so you you know typically you have two trusses to start out so I would you know click this first one after I draw it hit copy point to point move this to there Chief will adjust the truss automatically then you just go ahead and use the truss and just click on here and click here um fill in your trusses just by drawing them in use a multiple copy tool get them in place oops that's not right that one again and we're gonna go um 24 inch Center on our trusses that was a funny one you had 19 in something yeah that'd be your smaller Dimension yeah and then you keep you know if you keep copying you know it's gonna probably not put the small one in I think the automatic tool does better now but um I've always had a hard time getting that to work so then I would just simply reflect around the bridge here to get the truss on the other side what I would do after I draw my trusses is then I just build the manual roof and she fulfilling everywhere else with Lumber so she puts boards there I call it good guys so yeah it works fine and uh I don't I decided it's not worth fighting with those little bitty trusses anymore in fact if you look at this it wouldn't be a truss anyway so so it does a nice job yeah it does a nice job when you do it like this and again in X15 we've got some surprises coming so I think you guys will be happy with that anybody any idea why the vertical plane and the tray ceiling disappears in x14 I haven't had I haven't ever had that happen I just wondering if you guys have the vertical plane and a tray ceiling use the tray sealing tool so when you click on a room you're going to use this tool right here in the comment and there you go make tray ceiling okay and once that opens you can make some changes here so I'll re recess that in the ceiling it's going to be vertical it's going to be 12 inches and let's see what else do I need to check anything else let's just start with that and chief followed the bather but it should does a nice job see how it there's your vertical plane is there a different material for that vertical plane that he might um what is it using it's using a tray ceiling specification what does it does it um line style is ceiling so it's a ceiling plane it's just a vertical ceiling plant but in materials is there a different material option for that that might be often as defaults doesn't look like it not that I could think of I mean I'll decide one right there does that say side okay the top material there this one sides and top yeah so the same check your material there to make sure that there's a material in there that's visible make sure the material is not air gap first of all yeah right how had that happen before um turn it to vector go to Vector mode then it won't matter which material you have you should see it then [Music] um so anyway try that let us know how that works but yeah the Tracy link tool works really well I'd be very pleased with that Trace ceiling yeah yeah I mean if you want to create a trade inside of a tray after you've created your tray click on the tray and then do it again here's that icon you can present it again like portray inside of that tray so now I've got a double going up twice so whoever came up with that they allow us to do a pitch on a tray ceiling yes you could do that anytime so let's do this one again but this time I'll go here and I'll do um he's 8 and 12. if that works notice I typed 8 and 12 I guess eight inches works too um yeah there we go so now we've got the angled that's getting into a crazy system uh but it won't do like a like a shed roof pitch to one one side it's a uniform pitch across the whole polyline gotcha yeah you could go in and um you're talking about where this whole middle might just be vaulted up yeah so then you got to do a ceiling plane inside of the tray right if yeah if you want to continue that or do another trade you know you could always just go in here to this tray and can I click on it nope you're not allowed come on that one okay speak to me oh I can't just I would yeah that is weird why is that can I click on it in the 3D no I can click on is the whole so okay well I guess that makes some sense it's kind of like the auto roof tool that like the it's kind of like the returns in the auto roof tool it puts them on but you can't edit them other than changing something in the dialogue so I could go in here and change something in the dialog and then I that but that's as much as I can do if I want to have that involved all the way up I'd have to do that manually okay then we can't explode that can we don't see an expert what's this explode tray ceiling aha there we go so now I can just take and bring that all the way up oh that's too cool you said I couldn't do it um think of a logic there we go so then of course just straighten that out and you've got your bolted ceiling so explode your tray cool can you is there enough can you open up that line like you can with a roof and change what it's supposed to do there on the Baseline on the Baseline of it uh on the Baseline of it yeah the Baseline of that right there what would I want to do with that Baseline can't change it up to a Gable change it into a Gable or something um can't do anything there's no open dialogue for that okay yeah so there's a question that can you think of which show we talked about this on was it the last six within the last six uh how to create framing for only an addition I got one for this one that's pretty that's pretty that's well within my usual workflow I've got an addition here represented by these purple walls hold on hold on show your screen and then uh I'm still showing my screen uh no Renee's showing his screen oh there it is no okay good so I'm just going to select all the walls of my addition um in this case I didn't I selected a call out as well so I'm going to use select Mercury similar or restrictive selection just select my walls and then in my edit toolbar which is a bottom screen I'm going to build framing for selected objects only my layer sets don't show that framing but there we go now I've got framing just for my addition only so if I pulled a um perspective framing overview which I have my Surface area on but we'd see here if I use the delete surface tool we're going to get to framing whereas we don't have framing over here so but and then I can I could highlight all that Framing and put it on its own layer so that it was new versus existing I see how I do it sure okay I'll show you same idea but I do one extra step um I take my walls and I frame them in just like Renee showed um what did I just do hip framing you know first I would switch to my framing plan um then I would well I've got framing let's get rid of all the framing edit delete objects let me just start over deleted something I didn't want to delete that way to go Dan moving too fast okay switched dig that out of the auto Saves The Archives oh yeah I could probably do that well I don't think I saved it though does it work when we don't save our plan first I don't think so are you about to make those invisible I would have thought that was a kind of now what you do is you put your walls on a different layer so I always have a wall it's called normal new yeah those are my new walls and then I'll do the same to the roof I'll take my roof I'll put those on a layer called um mine Style roof plan is new then I'll go ahead and frame my roof so now when I want to bring up my 3D view I open up a 3D View and actually let's go up here and then I just switch to my other 3D view that says as built versus new and now I can see just the framing on the addition because the framing separate from the walls the framing's on a different layer than the wall so when you turn the walls off the framing still shows same with the roof so that's how I liked it and that could do the same with the floor too I could frame that floor and so you just click on the room and you can frame just that room over to the left couple this one there you go and yes or whatever and we'll see did it put in decent framing their floor framing is probably turned off because I don't have a foundation so I can't show it if I can I need a foundation to do the framing but you get the idea so so it's working for the only thing I can't do automatically is the seedling framing that I still have to draw in manually or frame the plan and then delete what I don't want so hopefully they'll add a frame sealing button one of these days that would help a little bit not a big deal but it's all those little things uh you want to pin this one too actually I could probably do this real quick too um how do you create framing for oh I'm sorry wrong one how did you select only the walls we have two different methods for this um which is we have a tool restrictive selection which means if I choose my exterior wall tool once that tool is enabled if I hold down my shift key and draw a marquee box it's only going to be selecting restricted to the tool that is enabled right now the other method for this is if I select a wall and in my edit toolbar I use the Marquee select similar tool now I get a second subsequent edit menu I can either draw a marquee over the walls that I want to select or I can select all similar which would be selecting all walls of course we can also do stuff like the match Properties or do you know restrictive based on a a schedule right so a number of different ways you can select only particular objects and that just uh there's some nuances there when we get into electrical symbols but and we'll get into that another show yeah I do like the shift select that's the one I've gotten used to over the years and I use that all the time just almost all of the icons on the toolbar if you highlight them first so if I want to select my roofs I'll highlight the roof icon hold my shift key down draw Marquee and I just get the roofs yeah done and then they enter we're all in about cabinets um we still have tool restrictive based on base cabinet wall cabinet but the full height cabinet will select all cabinets but cabinets only spin the wheel now time to spin the wheel okay gosh look what time it has already I'm too much fun thank you earn a lot of time on technical problems yeah well 15 minutes shot right there we'll just run a little longer today um all right I think I probably did that one too that's a simple one you're stuck on show 92. I guess I thought I got rid of all of those icons so damn the man 92. anyway uh any line in Chief Architect and again everything starts with a line but if you draw a line and you want to curve the arrow yeah that was that was what was that one that was the curved um it has a curved arrow on it I mean they'll just spin the wheel yeah what was that uh hang on oh it's in the look The Arc line Tools in your CAD section there um yeah okay yeah again never used yeah there it is no need to no um you know again they could probably get rid of this and wouldn't bother wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit do that one do that Arc Arrow once can you does it go from one point to another point or uh it's just it'll lock in that first point and then you just right so you're going to move it to wherever you want to go kind of okay yeah so same with drawing any Arc same with drawing walls it starts at the point that you start relaxing that first point and then you drag it out and it works it's much I find it much easier just to draw you know straight items and then um yeah but that's a two that's a two miles thick thing going that doing that way well true but if I had a keystroke set up I could do it in no no time yeah um but the the thing about drawing it straight like that um if you're doing a curb room if you're doing a wall curved wall or something um it keeps the two ends right in place yeah I definitely like if I'm trying to do something specific I like yeah like this it's unlocked in place so that works well so the other way without having to click the the making an arc button is to just simply draw a line let's draw a line and just grab it with your right Mouse button and bend it if you hold your control key down holding your right Mouse button down you can bend it freely right if you hit the three key you can break it bend it the other way it really really simple way to to mix those kind of arrows prettier prettier doing it that way versus the other way it is takes just a second longer not a super duper big deal but yeah it's all about the roofing going on I'm not gonna worry about it okay back to our wheel um I think I turned off all those other ones come on I want to get to one of my numbers give me a number yeah oh you have a new set set up for that I do um last time too huh yeah I know this last time what was this one again that was the uh is it something I never said I'd never see this icon um oh that one this is a upload to 3D viewer or something right yeah oh yeah yeah I'm not gonna do that we'll hide that one all right we're gonna spin it up again I want to talk about business planning a little bit that looks like it's a linked call out button uh ah no it's not that's not damn it guys what is this I don't remember this one I'd see it though um I tell you where it's from oh it's not show all of you do all views no automatic automatic camera elevations or something no no it's from a layout page no I'm stumped on that one it's from a layout page um I'll hold it no that's not it it's a it's a link call out thing reference plan file reference plan files I hope we covered that one it's not reference no I'm the one that knew what this was last time yeah you did get it no we're gonna cancel that one too boy I'm really just on a roll today about that right Renee it's for Lincoln call outs right I can't remember right now yes it is it's an icon reference plan files I don't remember we're not going to do that one all right I'm going to spin one more if I don't get a number I'm just going to pick out a number I'm not going to get that okay um this is kind of a silly one um that we don't really need to cover but I'll cover it anyway it has to do with your layout it's right there um Center recenter layout Box contents so if you've moved your contents of your of the view in your layout box so so Chief allows you and I'll just cover this icon right now even though it's on the toolbar these icons right here they control your 3D views in a box in your floor plans too actually so with this magnifying one I can take and pan that view inside of my box see how I can do that um and then this one would re-center the view in the box and this one would fit the view in the Box although it sounds a little goofy there I'm not sure why it's doing that I mean I think we can do that with all of our views floor plans and cross sections and everything so if I click on a view click on a view and hit this I can pan that view on the page without moving without moving the box that you know the the viewport I can Pan the viewer on inside of the viewport so I'm not actually moving the viewport I'm not moving the box that is that view so here's here's the whole box that is that view so anyway so it just gives you a little more a little bit more flexibility on how you can move things around on your on your plan let's try this and let's see if the centering tool works okay for this one yeah see I've got that out there so that's what it's doing there try sending try sending that a different way Dan go go send that again but this time um just get it where you want to see it and then do the current screen instead of the whole plan oh okay so that's what you want right there probably is what what you want to show and use current screen instead of okay and then go send it to Page 11. uh we should actually link it to that oops anyway I I think that would probably so now if I move it around and I've still got all that other stuff there yeah but re-center it now and see what happens see if it remembers that it did yep there you go okay okay I like that so there you go so they did think about that a little bit that's cool all right we're gonna hide the choice all right because we're almost out of time I'm not gonna spin the wheel this time foreign it's reference plan file so if you if you reference an as built um then you can use the reference plan file tool to list any any linked plans okay you were right John yeah okay that's what it was so yeah I wasn't exactly right I'll fess up I was thinking of something a little different but yeah so the change is what's referenced in your plan so that one right there so yeah all right well let's just jump over here a little bit I want to go back and Achieve I'm gonna spend the last few minutes talking about some things unless if you guys got any any questions continue to type them in we'll run a little bit longer today um the uh here's what my house looks like yesterday oh wow 12 to 14 inches of snow and it was about 31 degrees so the snow was kind of wettish so it's back to everything just gorgeous just beautiful and uh so the winter wonderland I guess you could call that sweatshirt that's it and then people always say winter wonderland you wonder why you live where this winter um but it has some nice advantages it is pretty um all right I had some things I wanted to talk about here a little bit um setting sales goals income goals uh first thing I would like to do to make a point though um you know if you guys have things that you do when you set goals for the new year or throughout the year you know send it to me or put it in the text box here but if you don't do anything else get out a tablet and start writing some things down I think this is easy to easy to skip um but the act of writing it down or typing it onto your computer um kind of cements that goal a little bit more I do that all the time whenever I want things I put them on my to-do list or I put them on a list I have somewhere but things that are more top of top of Mind especially for my business I'll put those on a sheet that I have specifically for my business so it really works um how about you guys you guys do you guys set sales goals income goals yep [Music] um a million dollars well you know it's a goal man oh all you gotta do is work it backwards to figure out how you can get it so but you know I'm super duper simple thing to do is you know open up the spreadsheet and uh you know you're on a million well let's let's be a little more about a hundred thousand okay 200 000 how do you get to a hundred thousand dollars um you know on an average person can work uh um what what 25 hours a week 20 yeah 22 000 80 hours is what you're forty hours yeah with a couple weeks off and paid holidays and all that kind of stuff that's an employee but let's just say if you're self-employed you're not gonna do that uh because you know that that becomes how many hours you work that you get paid for if you charge by the hour let's just go by charge by the hour so if you if you um let's say you can work half of those so if you can work a thousand hours a year and you charge you know 75 bucks an hour simple formula some of this times this and you know and there's there's your rate so either you've got to work more hours or raise your your um what you charge to make that goal there simple I mean it's really simple and having it like this gives you food for thought um you know if I could charge 100 bucks an hour and still charge that done I just met my goal so that's you know in its simplest sense I know life isn't really that easy especially if you have employees you know and things like that in your business but it's just something to think about and uh you know if you have employees then you have to you know what are they going to make a year and then what do you have to sell them for to make help them make their payroll plus all your added expenses for that that adds a whole level of complication to it that if yeah you just got to work at that so but write it down whatever you do write it down um and if a million dollars is your goal write it down figure out how you can get it um this is kind of interesting too um because we think about goals and so often we think about you know the dollars that go into our goals but really this is kind of important too the life balance so one of the things that I like to remind myself of every now and then is you know what are those other things do I always do them well probably not but um at least I'm aware of them so just do this is really simple um I don't have any super duper answers for anybody but uh go out and just Google life balance balance of life or the uh something like that you'll come up with some pretty cool things I like this one right here this little circle right here which Speaking of Wheels this is there's a little you guys got a little video attached to this so it's got a nice little five minute video um talks about this just rate yourself from zero to ten on where you are in these different areas um and if those areas become important to you you'll focus on if you're low and you want to do more of that you know that gives you a little incentive to focus more on those things but this has always been kind of something that I've looked at and do I do really well at it now I do okay at some things and better at others and some years I do better at this and better at that but at least I'm aware of it um so just give you something to focus on so keep that balance as best you can so again just Google uh life balance or like balanced goal setting something like that there's a lot of people have come up with really good ideas out there so take advantage of them let's go talk about a couple quick more um we talked about this a little bit yesterday Renee keeping a clean inbox you had some tips on yeah I'd like to take a minute and demonstrate some of that um uh you know if you have a inbox that's got 2 000 unanswered emails um you might want to uh oh yeah okay let me show mine sure um I followed something called zero inbox uh you can just Google that term and you're going to find a lot of YouTube videos on that and then um I have you know my my space Mouse Wireless Pro and a regular space Mouse and I program it so that whenever I'm in my Chrome browser it brings up radial menus and because of that this is going to be faster for me than it is for other people but you can enable labels in if you're using Gmail as an email client and with labels enabled you can do things where you're just setting up hotkeys to quickly get through your inbox and one of the things I like to do is I have a label called follow up which means I'm going to follow up with this email so I do a preliminary sort and my sort is going to be that I'm putting things that I need to respond to back into follow up and then I'm you know anything that I don't need to respond to I'm going to be Arc archiving not simple enough and as I get through all of this inbox then I finally go into my follow-up section and I actually go and read through this and write responses and very quickly I get to only an inbox of four unread messages you can see here I've only got about 20 more left where I need to follow up with some of these clients and some of these client items are things I don't need to be looking at so yeah really efficient way for me to get through this and get to a zero inbox and to the point where I'm ready to go start writing email responses so that's zero inbox that's also if you set if you're using Gmail you can set it to default and you're going to get automatic filtering for promotions social and updates Like Chief Architect beta gave me an update and and you can always move things that might be filtering to a social tab back into your primary inbox as a rule and then we can get even more advanced from there but but with this system I've gone down to almost never having anything in my inbox I clear it every day and it's kind of harmless doesn't really bother me at all like it used to cool that that's tough to achieve um I'm close to that I have I have a half dozen emails you know personal versus business versus you know different things and three of those I keep zero and the other three um you know 20 to 100 things that I need to tend to it's like even that's tough but you know I've had some I have some friends that you know looked at his email one day it's like 3 500 unanswered emails or something oh anyway yeah remember most of them are Just Junk I mean they're garbage so that that brings up another thing okay let's eliminate that distraction let's clear the Clutter the physical digital and mental um uh so you know um thank you every day I opt out of some list somewhere I know some of these you know I've finally been said working hard with my junk email settings I use Outlook so um all my garbage goes to the junk folder now or at least a big portion of it I was getting you know six to ten we do estimating emails every day driving me absolutely nuts none of them have any place where you can unsubscribe I've tried reporting them the spam and all that stuff now I just say anything with the word estimating and it goes in my jump folder and that's how that's where that email went that I sent you the other day well I do look it over so if you sent me one I would have seen it before I hit the clear and delete I do I do run through the list quickly at least they're not part of my main email so but yeah so if you wanted an estimate for me anyway um anything you can do that a little thing that I do and I don't do it as well as I should but you know how when you're working on something and then you go look for something and then all of a sudden you're distracted and want to go look at this thing and then that thing and then that thing yeah what do you do about that um I want to stay away from my Chrome and Gmail and stuff um well sometimes what I do is I I always have a notebook in front of me and I've always you know making scribble notes on it okay so every time I'm on a call with someone I'll scribble some notes down you know who they are so it's just nothing real organized or anything it's just a notebook um but if I'm working on something I need to really focus on it and I kind of get distracted I want to go look at something else I'll write it down my notebook and if I get distracted I'll write it down again because what will happen is it's something I know I want to look at but I really shouldn't look at it now so if I write it down I can then forget about it for now and then come back to it later so that helps me sometimes other times I'm down the rabbit hole sorry Renee but um and uh yeah I get it I'm human too so we all are so it's hard to keep those distractions uh that bay I like this one though eat the Frog maybe you've heard of that maybe not just do the tough things first do the unpleasant things first um we all have those things where was that one so if you Google eat the Frog um eat the Frog uh look I got a shout out ha nice I like hearing that that's awesome oh cool um eat the Frog and if we go to all there was a you know productivity methods and basically it just says you know if you have any of those things identify the frog eat it repeat every day just do the tough things first if you got something you really don't want to do you got to make that call to somebody or you gotta deal with a client you know get it over with and the rest of your day will go a little easier again that's always easier said than done too um all right let me cover one last thing focus on the things you have more control over you know double down on things you do well um and I think that's really important too uh like again because it's so easy to be distracted just remember that you know what you really do well and what you're good at focus more on that when I draft for other clients that are also drafters I tell them my sweet spots you know you know what I'm most efficient at where they'll get you know value out of it same with me you know yeah I'm a much better remodeler designer than I am a new home remodeler a new home planner um I do both but I much prefer to do remodeling because it's my background and other people say the opposite so that's fine yeah so find your sweet spot and stick with it um say yes to less or say no more often so again another hard thing to do um John you've been really great people call me need help on plans and I called John that's good that's because I don't know how to say no yeah but but you've got people that can help and you know I do so you've been doing a great job and that's been awesome because I can't I can't help everybody I want to and yeah it's not it makes a disservice to everybody if I say yes too much so and that's another hard one to do because we all want to help people we're going to do you know be nice and do good so and then keep a journal um I used to do this a lot I haven't done it so much lately uh but you know I go at lunch and I'd take my journal and I just write what's on my mind get it out of my brain down on paper then I could either stop thinking about it or just you know come back to it later and look at what my notes were so um yeah I like that it's kind of fun it's a change all the passwords to Dan the man 92. yeah exactly let's see what would Renee's password be there's a good here's a good goal there you go there you go cool I would love it Norman are you coming I don't remember all right you guys um I think we're good for the day we did make up for the little bit of time we lost at the beginning here's a good question yes I would say if you're planning on a hiring staff it'd be good to buy a license or two yeah I mean bite the bullet now and I mean you could even do the rental now uh for 200 a month and if you change your mind have you know six months from now you just get rid of it um yeah you're out you know that many months of payments but at the end of that rental period then you will own it and then you'll be on the um on the SSA like they have it now so I'm I'm curious I have an approach for this that I think should be fine which is I contract with subcontractors and they are in my envelope I am you know hiring them as an employee almost but it's a subcontract basis so if I have another license they should be able to use my license so long as they're working on my project sure as long as they have to get it from your your digital Locker you know yeah they'd have to get it from five digital Locker which you know might be a reason to make more of an ambiguous uh email for your company domain email that's registered to you yeah that's true yeah that's true because you will have those additional licenses in your same digital Locker yeah right so any contractor I might want to freelance with should be able to use my additional license for the purpose of working on my projects yeah absolutely I can't see there'd be a problem with that yeah yeah right yeah you can't sell it no so um cool all right anybody if you got questions if you're interested in the summit feel free to give me a call um or drop me an email right here to talk to you Mike's got some uh he needs to explain his comments here he says if Renee's from if Renee is an alien then dance from Atlantis and then a little bit later he said John's the 21st century Viking I have no idea what that means you're gonna have to unpack that one next time well you're the Nomad you're out roaming now yeah okay out there exploring okay I get it now no man's not the right term but uh because you're here with your wife so the Viking team yeah so very cool um Everybody in the show go get some water go stretch for a minute don't end up in back problems I'm fighting it so all right guys see you next time this is Dan and Renee and Jones I don't know