How to Setup Google My Business for Maximum Results with Joleen Emery | Designers Show

designers show sales and marketing Jun 22, 2020

The wide world of online marketing can often feel very confusing and daunting. In this episode of The Builder’s Show, our good friend and colleague, Joleen Emery of Big Raven Media, demystify social media marketing in an understandable and actionable way. She will help you understand some key areas where you can improve your digital footprint, and as Joleen says, “get your digital house in order.”

Google My Business allows your business to show up in Maps, Search, and other Google products. During Joleen’s presentation, you will learn the following and why these actions are essential to the growth of your business.
Guest, Joleen Emery Bio 00:25
De-mystifying social media marketing 3:30
6 reasons to listen to me 8:05
Social Network Platform Tree 12:30
Distraction Marketing 14:00
Inbound Marketing 15:39
Setting up your Google My Business platform 24:15
Preparing your Google Knowledge Card 31:25
Optimizing your Google My Business listing:
  • Claim your business 32:29
  • Verify your business 33:58
  • Publish your business 34:51
  • Optimize your business 37:09
Managing Reviews 37:19
Monitoring your listing & insights 40:55
Q&A 53:27

Joleen will describe the clear distinction and differences between outbound and inbound marketing and how and when you should use each.  Joleen will also share the exact steps required to create a more substantial online presence for your business—so you can get more leads— she will even provide listeners with a step-by-step downloadable guide.

Joleen is a local lead generation expert and the owner of Big Raven Media, a full-service digital agency that helps businesses grow and be more profitable.


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