Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Remodelers with Kyle Hunt

designers show sales and marketing Jun 22, 2020

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Today's guest, Kyle Hunt walks you through his Marketing Top 10 List to prepare your design and remodeling business for the rest of 2020.

You'll discover specific and practical ideas you can implement to attract more leads and generate more repeat/referral business.

Kyle will show you proven, cost-effective marketing ideas to help you:

  • Increase repeat and referral business
  • Keep your remodeling business top-of-mind month after month
  • Stand out from your competition and attract more leads in 2020 and much more!

    Kyle Hunt Bio 00:30
    Marketing Intro 2:15

Top 10 Marketing Strategies:
#10 Track Your Leads! 5:15
#9 Know Your Marketing Budget 12:34
#8 What Makes You Different? 19:27
#7 Secure Google Reviews 27:00
#6 Create Compelling Content 33:05
#5 Review and Improve the Elements of Your Image 38:40
#4 Do One B.L.B. Per Month 43:30
#3 Referral Program 46:09
#2 Your Website 48:57
#1 Stay In Touch with Previous Clients 53:35
Q&A 58:15