On-Site As-Built Measuring Techniques #4 | The Designers Show

designers show May 27, 2020

What does it take to measure an As-Built on-site? What technology tools work well? What's the process that goes into making a great, accurate plan? Should I charge for it?

These questions and many others will be addressed by Dan and John on this week's Designers Show. Watch to find solutions to some of the questions you may have about measuring As-Builts on-site.

Also – be sure to check out the Pro Academy on Dan's website, for templates that make this process much easier at chiefexpertsacademy.com.

Welcome and Intro 00:01
What's the Goal? 05:18
Creating the As-Built On-Site 06:12
Pre-Site Visit Process 11:33
Equipment Needed 13:56
The On-Site Process 23:40
How to move through the site 42:00
Measuring Roof Overhangs 46:41
Unique As-Built Situations 51:55
Q&A 54:00
Dan's Pro Academy Templates 1:02:40

Technology tools you can use to gather information for projects