Designers Show #12 Selling is Easier When People Already Want You

designers show lead generation sales and marketing Jul 27, 2020
The best leads are when someone calls you and says “Hi, I want you to work on my house, I saw your work at my neighbor’s home, and they said they loved your results and your team.  We have $50,000 in cash and are ready to start as fast as you can show up here and discuss the project.  When can you come by?”. 
Unfortunately, that is not the reality of the world, but you can come close if you market yourself correctly.  Look closely at the fantasy sentence above and realize that a significant portion can be positioned to support your sales objectives.
Learn how to create an environment that attracts your ideal prospects, so they quickly move to qualified leads that easily become a better sale!
Introduction & Brian Javeline's Bio 00:01
Be 100% ready for your ideal lead that is calling next 15:30
Enhance your image before speaking to a prospect  22:05
Marketing to the What and Where to create demand 31:41
Ensuring your website supports follow-up communications 34:24
Hiring Free Salespeople to bring leads to your door 38:03

Brian Javeline is the owner of MyOnlineToolbox, the #1 online marketing, website services, and education company that focuses on contractors.

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