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designers show May 04, 2020
In Episode #1, Dan and John discuss technology, such as webinar platforms, consulting, how to align yourself with your clients and contractors, the importance of getting certain designations or certifications, and helpful apps to use. What do you have to sell? Design expertise, twenty years of experience as a seasoned contractor or consulting…?

Invaluable feedback from our listeners is taken to heart and written down so we can consider them for future episodes. We want to know what you want to learn about!

Chief Architect on Facebook 12:20
GoToWebinar 16:42
Zoom Tips 17:44
Designing & Consulting 24:16
Aligning with Contractors & Clients 31:49
Get Designations/Certifications 42:40
What Do You Have to Sell? 43:35
Helpful Apps 47:10
Dropbox 52:42

If you missed the Live Episode, watch the replay below: