2024 Business Goal Setting - Designers Show #118

designers show Jan 08, 2024
2024 Business Goal Setting - Designers Show #118

Are you ready to dive into the world of business planning and strategy, specifically tailored for the creative minds in the design industry?

The latest episode of The Designer Show, hosted by Chief Experts Dan Baumann, is a treasure trove of insights and engaging discussions that you simply can't miss. Joining Dan in this adventure is the ever-insightful co-hosts Dan Schrader and Renee Rabbit from Rabbit Design, bringing her unique perspective to the table.

From the moment you hit play, you're welcomed into a world of warm greetings and casual banter, as Dan and Renee reminisce about New Year celebrations and share amusing anecdotes about their colleagues. This isn't just another dry, business talk; it's like sitting down for coffee with friends who just happen to be experts in their field!

As the conversation heats up, Dan steers the ship towards the topic of business planning. Forget the yawn-inducing lectures you're used to; Dan's approach to discussing the new year's planning (or the surprising lack thereof) is as refreshing as it is enlightening. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's a golden nugget of wisdom here for everyone.

There's more! The episode takes an exciting turn as they discuss an upcoming Designers Show dedicated to plan reviews. Imagine having your work reviewed by Chief Experts, live! Plus, they've introduced a nifty feature on their website that lets you submit your plans for this interactive experience. Talk about taking viewer engagement to the next level!

And just when you think it can't get any better, Dan drops the news about an upcoming summit in March. This isn't just any summit; it's a melting pot of networking, learning, and growth opportunities, with a focus on business discussions and Chief Architect training. Whether you're looking to expand your network or hone your skills, this summit is the place to be.

As the episode nears its end, the hosts dive into the world of marketing strategies. This segment is a goldmine for anyone looking to boost their brand exposure and master the art of client engagement. Dan and Renee's conversation is not just informative; it's a catalyst for action.

Throughout the episode, the hosts maintain an interactive and inviting atmosphere, urging you, the viewer, to join in, share your thoughts, and be part of this vibrant community. This episode of The Designer Show isn't just a watch; it's an experience – one that leaves you inspired, informed, and ready to tackle your business challenges with newfound enthusiasm.

So if you missed the live streaming, grab your favorite drink, settle in, and get ready to be swept away by this exhilarating episode --- we put the recorded Live Stream below. Whether you're in the design industry or just love a good discussion on business and creativity, this episode of The Designer Show is your ticket to an exciting and educational journey. Let's hit play and start this adventure together! 🌟📈🎨



 Show notes:

Introduction and Casual Chat (00:02 - 09:59)

  • Introduction and casual conversation with Renee Rabbit about holiday experiences and personal activities.
  • Announcement of an upcoming Designer Show on January 19th focusing on plan reviews, with a new feature for submitting plans via Dropbox.
  • Information about the Total Immersion Summit in March, including available spaces and accommodation details.

Marketing Strategies and Business Planning (10:02 - 21:02)

  • Discussion on marketing strategies, emphasizing the importance of engaging with clients and potential clients.
  • Advice on reconnecting with past clients through various communication methods.
  • Importance of regular newsletters and maintaining an active online presence.
  • Discussion on the effectiveness of different social media platforms for marketing, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • The significance of having a well-designed website and continuously updating it to maintain relevance on Google.
  • Tips on creating engaging content, including using AI tools for blog articles.
  • The value of storytelling in marketing and the importance of defining your client avatar (ideal client profile).
  • Emphasis on setting goals and defining a clear vision and mission for your business.

Defining Vision, Audience, and Business Planning (21:05 - 30:48)

  • Discussion on identifying the types of projects and clients preferred, and the importance of enjoying the work you do.
  • Tips on how to define your vision and audience, especially for those new to the industry or looking to refine their focus.
  • Suggestions to use technology like chatbots and Grammarly for refining business plans and marketing content.
  • Emphasis on asking yourself the right questions and possibly consulting past clients for feedback.
  • Advice on creating a comprehensive business plan, including an executive summary, company description, market analysis, and a detailed list of services and products.
  • The importance of product diversification and focusing on services you enjoy offering.
  • Discussion on portfolio creation and the significance of continuously updating it with new projects.
  • Tips on contract stipulations for sharing work products and conducting photo shoots for portfolio use.

Portfolio Creation and Utilizing Technology (30:52 - 41:38)

  • The value of creating physical portfolios or hardcover books of projects for high-end clients.
  • Tips on using Google My Business for client reviews and improving search engine visibility.
  • The value of having someone else, like a partner or a hired professional, reach out to clients for testimonials.
  • Discussion on the importance of documenting work for portfolio use and including stipulations in contracts for photo shoots.
  • Mention of Michael Stone's book "Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide" as a valuable resource for contractors and designers.
  • Introduction to the topic of tech integration, focusing on the use of AI tools like ChatGPT for improving business efficiency.
  • Discussion on how AI can assist in generating content and ideas quickly, enhancing productivity.
  • Mention of construction management software like BuilderTrend, Co-Construct, and JobTread, and their potential use in design work.
  • Speculation about future AI integrations in software like Chief Architect, particularly in material selections and space planning tools.

Exploring AI and Technology in Design (41:44 - 43:03)

  • Discussion about the limitations and potential of AI in design, particularly in space planning.
  • Mention of saving blocks to the library for quick design elements like bedroom and bath suites.
  • Challenges with the space planning tool in Chief Architect and potential improvements.

AI Integration and Business Planning (43:03 - 44:59)

  • Emphasis on incorporating AI learning into business plans for the upcoming year.
  • Example of using AI for creating illustrated elevations from Chief Architect vector drawings.
  • Introduction to the stable diffusion tool for enhancing architectural drawings.

Client Relationships and Communication (45:07 - 48:31)

  • The importance of maintaining good client relationships.
  • Tips for building trust with clients, such as keeping a clean job site and being responsive.
  • Personal experiences and strategies for effective client communication.

Budgeting Basics and Project Pricing (48:47 - 51:55)

  • Discussion on creating realistic budgets, including startup costs, running expenses, and revenue forecasting.
  • Strategies for pricing projects to cover overheads and ensure profitability.
  • Introduction to an automatic Chief Architect cabinet pricing system embedded in a plan template.

Continuing Budgeting and Business Planning (51:58 - 55:34)

  • Emphasis on pricing based on your business needs rather than competition.
  • Discussion on different types of budgeting, including for contractors and designers.
  • The importance of understanding overhead costs and incorporating them into project pricing.
  • Personal experiences and strategies for managing business expenses.

Market Research and Digital Marketing (55:45 – 1:00:13)

  • The role of market research in understanding client needs and industry trends.
  • Utilizing tools like Google Analytics for website traffic analysis.
  • The value of surveys and government data like census reports for market research.
  • Discussion on digital marketing strategies and online courses related to marketing.

Chief Architect User Group and Technical Discussion (1:00:18 – 1:02:25)

  • Mention of posting to the Chief Architect user group on Facebook.
  • Technical discussion about handling complex terrain in Chief Architect.
  • Suggestions for troubleshooting terrain issues in design projects.
  • Invitation to join Chief Architect-related Facebook groups for further interaction and support.

Final Discussions and Closing Remarks (102:28 - 105:00)

  • Continuation of the discussion about the Chief Architect user group and active participation in it.
  • A suggestion to send a challenging Chief Architect plan to Chief experts for insights.
  • Discussion about the complexity of certain terrain designs in Chief Architect and potential software bugs.
  • Tips on handling CAD DWG files in Chief Architect and the importance of redrawing contours.
  • Closing remarks, including a reminder about the upcoming increase in the SSA (Support and Software Assurance) price for Chief Architect.
  • Encouragement to renew SSA early to avoid the price hike.
  • Final goodbyes and wishes for a successful year ahead.