Chief Experts Q&A

How do I update my Credit Card Information? 

Login to your account and go here to update your credit card

Why when I try to order something, why do I get a message that my email is already in use. 

When you purchase something from the Academy, your login, contact and credit card information is stored for future use. Your credit card info is not stored on this site, it's encrypted and kept safe by Stripe, our credit card processing company. Simply login to your account and then process your purchase. All of your purchases will be listed in the "My Library" link.

How do I cancel my account? 

Login to your account and go here and remove card & cancel all subscriptions.

How do I recover my password? 

At the bottom of the login screen you'll see a "Forgot Password" link. Click the link and enter your email and a temporary password will be sent to you. If you are still having login issues, Contact us and we can send you a reset link or change your password for you,

How do I change my password and contact information? 

Login to your account and go to "Settings" to change your password and update your contact information.

How do I send a large file to someone. 

Using the free service called, you can send up to 2 GB files. If you are sending multiple files, WeTransfer will zip the files for you.