Discover how you can master this comprehensive CAD software through the full-featured course brought to you by one of the world's leading Chief Architect experts, Dan Baumann. Dan will show you how to use Chief to get your plans completed in less time, with more detail.

Everything You Need To Learn Chief Architect Fast

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If you draw plans for clients in the residential and light commercial construction industry, Chief Architect CAD software is a must-have tool. Yet as with many software programs, users often don't learn how to get the most out of their investment.

With Dan Baumann’s training, you’ll discover how easy it is to create and design building and remodeling projects. His 20+ years of experience with this leading software will help you learn all the benefits of Chief Architect – features that can help you streamline your business and boost your income.

Master Chief Architect - Full Course

Discover how you can master the CAD Software Chief Architect with this comprehensive full-featured training course brought to you by one of the world's leading Chief Architect experts, Dan Baumann.

Created in Chief X6 the training covers the "Best Practices" of the how to effectively use the program. 

Why The Mastering Chief Architect Course Works:

  • You'll learn from the best -- Dan Baumann breaks down the program in easy-to-understand steps.

  • You can go at your own pace – in 30 days or less you can master this program. 

  • You’ll have over 40 hours of organized Chief Architect training at your fingertips. 

  • Watch online or download each video course to review sessions anytime.

  • You’ll receive detailed handouts, checklists, plans, layout templates and downloads.

  • You’ll discover shortcuts, tips and secret techniques that make your job easier.

  • No Risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll buy it back!

Time Spent Now Will Pay You Big Dividends Later

Dan Baumann will teach you how to get the most out of this revolutionary CAD software program. You'll benefit from his experience and master the product more quickly than on your own. 

Builders, Designers, Architects

Anyone who draws plans using Chief Architect software will benefit from this course.

Dan has helped Home Builders, Remodeling Contractors, Designers, Kitchen and Bath Pros, Interior Designers, Architects, homeowners and others learn Chief Architect.

If you need to draw it, Dan will teach you how to do it faster with more detail.

Stop Guessing How To Use Chief

It can be frustrating and time consuming figuring out a software as powerful as Chief Architect.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of Dan's experience.

Since 1994, he has trained thousands of professionals just like you how to get maximum benefit from Chief Architect. 

Get Up And Running Fast

Spend a few minutes each day in this course and you'll master Chief Architect CAD software quickly.

By working at your own pace, you can fit your training into your busy schedule. And using the important short cuts and useful tips, you'll be able to incorporate Chief Architect into your business sooner.

Learn From The Chief Expert

After 20 years as a remodeling contractor, Dan Baumann recognized that Chief Architect was the future of CAD.

For over three decades he has drawn thousands of plans and trained industry professionals across the world to design their projects more quickly and accurately.

Get It All In This Course

Dan structured this course to give you everything you need to master Chief Architect

  • Course instructions and resources

  • Searchable syllabus with time codes

  • Detailed Chief Architect overview -- 6+ hours

  • 21 modules for each area of Chief -- 34+ hours

Discover Just How Easy It Is To Master Chief Architect


Meet a Few of Our Happy Clients

"Dan helped me move my Chief skills to a new level."

- Kevin Transue, CR -

"I've learned to think outside of the box because of Dan."

- Dennis Gehman -

"I always learn new ways of using Chief with Dan."

- Debra Taylor Purvis -

"Most of what I know about Chief is because of Dan."

- Everett Elkins -

"Dan has an efficient method of presenting the material."

- Hallie Bowie, Architect -

"Dan talks our language through Chief Architect."

- Randy Iacone, CR -

"Dan teaches it in a way that makes it easy to understand."

- Annette Sokoll -

"Dan has helped me build up my self-confidence."

- Todd Lahr -

Learn Chief Architect At Your Pace


Instructions & Updates

Tips For This Training

Information to help you get more out of your course:

  • Intro and Tips for a better experience
  • All downloads in one place
  • What's new in Chief Architect X7
  • What's New in Chief Architect X8

The Syllabus

The Detailed Course Info

Using the detailed syllabus, you get a complete listing of the contents of all the training in this course.

  • Use it to track your progress.
  • Search for specific topics.
  • Keep notes for each section


Overview of Chief Architect

Get the whole picture -- How Chief Architect CAD software works and what you can do with it.

  1. Planning & Starting a Design, 2h-17m
  2. Adding Details to the Model, 1h-59m
  3. Completing the Working Documents, 1h-55m

Master Chief Modules 1 - 3

Setup, CAD & Walls Layout

Begin with the basics -- Optimal program settings, mastering the 2D CAD tools and creating and laying out walls.

  1. In-depth Optimizing Techniques, 2h-25m
  2. Mastering Chief's CAD Tools, 2h-3m
  3. Dimensioning, Walls and Pony Walls, 2h-45m

Master Chief Modules 4 - 6

Levels, Stairs, Decks & Tips

Discover time saving tips -- Create and optimize your 3D model in these modules,

4. Levels, Platforms, Foundations & Garages 1h-53m

5. Stairs, Ramps, Decks & Porches 1h-46m

6. Tips & Procedures That Work, 1h-46m

Master Chief Modules 7 - 8

Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Roofs

Learn best practices -- Proven strategies for adding doors, windows & cabinets plus how to tackle roofs.

7a. Windows, Doors and Cabinets, 2h-1m

7b. Cabinets and Fireplaces, 1h-55m

8. Automatic & Manual Roofs, 2h-15m

Master Chief Modules 9 - 11

3D Moldings, Render & Details

Master the details -- Creating 3D moldings, trim, lighting, rendering and doing the 2D and 3D framing details.

9. 3D Slabs, Moldings, Trim & Solids, 1h-43m

10. Electrical, Lighting, Graphics & Rendering, 2h-20m

11. 2D and 3D Framing, Sections & Detailing, 1h-56m

Master Chief Modules 12 - 14

Layers, Annotations & Layouts

Customize your program -- Incorporate up to 8 bonuses into your Landing Page.

12. Import, Export, Plot Plan & Terrain, 1h-59m

13. Layers, Layer Sets, Annotations, 1h-51m

14. Assemble Great Plans Using the Layout, 1h-48m

Discover Just How Easy It Is To Master Chief Architect

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