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Discover how you can use Templates in Chief Architect to save massive amounts of time in the creation of your plans. 

Join us for the Templates Masterclass where you'll take Dan's templates that he's spent years creating and customize them for your business. 


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Chief Architect Templates

Join us for the Templates Masterclass where you'll take Dan's templates that he's spent years creating and customize them for your business. 

Live Classes:
1. Introduction to Templates
2. Using & Customizing the Plan Template
3. Using and Customizing the Layout Template
4. Templates Q&A

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Introduction to Templates

Discover how well thought out templates in Chief Architect work and how they can help you save time and reduce frustration. In this session, you'll see how templates work and how to quickly customize them to fit your drawing style and your company brand.

Dan and John go over the download and setup process for the newest Chief Experts Academy template. They also cover various settings for preferences, defaults, fonts and plan views. 

1. What is a Template (0:48)
2. How Dan created his Template (1:54)
3. How to change Plan Scale for Printing (7:07)
4. Default Settings in your Template (7:57)
5. Benefit of using Layer Control for Text Size vs. Text Style (9:20)
6. Set Extended Toolbars and add Icons (11:58)
7. Using Project Browser and Layers to Navigate your Plan (15:26)
8. Preference Settings (19:56)
9. Reset Toolbar (26:18)
10. How to Download Template from Chief Experts Academy (28:05)
11. Set up Template to Open with a New Plan (31:14)
12. Changing Automatic Dimensions in Template (36:50)
13. How to Download Template for older Chief Architect Versions (38:51)
14. Methods for setting Defaults (39:58)
15. Using Style Palettes from Chief Architect (47:54)
16. Globally Changing Font Styles (49:06)
17. Change Cad Detail Default Text Size (55:38)
18. Globally Change Dimension Styles (56:39)
19. Change where the Leader Lines meets the Text (58:33)
20. Using a new Template with an older Plan (59:19)
21. Layer and Default Sets and Plan Views (1:07:34)
22. 3D and Elevation Views (1:22:24)
23. Save as Template make Default Template (1:26:57)

Total Running Time 1 hour 29 Minutes 



Plan Templates

Everything starts by drawing in a plan file in Chief Architect. In this session, you'll see how different plan view types get used to assemble an organized set of drawings. From as-builts, remodeling plans, new construction plans to light commercial plans, you'll discover the optimal way to draw using Chief Architect.

This video breaks down the complex process of Layer Sets, Default Sets, and Plan View. Learn more useful information like making Note Schedules, creating Various Plans, 3D Views and Elevations, and adding electrical systems. 

1. Adding New Layer Set, Default Set, and Plan View (0:13)
2. Setting the Default Set (2:43)
3. Setting the Plan View (13:58)
4. Why to not save Plan View unless changes were made (19:37)
5. How to fix Active Default Changes (21:03)
6. Creating Special Cad Items (25:20)
7. Capture Button (30:31)
8. Adding Notes and Note Schedules (31:29)
9. Architectural Plans (36:41)
10. The As-Built Measuring Plan (38:42)
11. As-Built Plan for creating Dotted Lines (40:50)
12. As-Built verses Demo Plan (46:08)
13. Cad Details (49:12)
14. Electrical Plans (52:12)
15. Framing Plans (52:51)
16. Foundation Plans (57:56)
17. Furniture Plan (59:37)
18. NKBA Kitchen and Bath Plan (1:00:16)
19. Plot Plans, Surveys, and Plan Footprints (1:02:25)
20. Roof Layout Plan (1:07:11)
21. Square Foot Takeoff Plan (1:08:11)
22. 3D Elevations and Cross Sections (1:09:24)
23. 3D Views Full and Overview (1:11:48)
24: 3D for NKBA Kitchen and Bath Elevations (1:12:42)
25: Change Overall Line weight (1:14:13)
26: Change All Electrical Defaults (1:15:34)
27: Find Where a Specific Material is being used in Plan (1:16:48)
28: Put Electrical schedule on Electrical Plan (1:17:41)

Total Running Time 1 hour 19 Minutes 



Layout Templates

Once you've assembled your drawing in a Chief plan file, you'll need to assemble the working docs in Chief's layout file. This template makes it easier to assemble all of the elements of a plan on the right size pages in a simple, organized manner with all of the detail you need.

Learn further how to customize your layout template by customizing client info, adding pages and titles, changing text, and more. Furthermore, Dan shows how to create the plan index, add and move watermarks, and elevation views

1.Guiding Principles of Layout Template (0:14)
2. What is a Layout Template(1:35)
3. How this Layout Template is Set-Up (3:46)
4. How to Download the New Template (7:53)
5. Customize Company Information (11:41)
6. Customize the Client Info using Form vs Text (25:50)
7. Adding and Reordering Pages (36:35)
8. Adding Page Title and Drawing Scale (41:10)
9. Page Numbering (45:24)
10. Creating and Updating the Plan Index (48:41)
11. How to Change Text on Layout Universally (52:02)
12. Adding Plan Views (1:04:59)
13. Automatic Updating on Layout Page (1:07:41)
14. Adding and Adjusting Elevation Views (1:05:34)
15. Labeling Views Using Call Outs (1:11:54)
16. Adding and Editing 3D Views (1:14:30)
17. How to Add a Watermark to the Plan (1:17:27)
18. Why include Page Name and Size at top of Layout (1:18:20)
19. How Dan Names his Plan files when saving (1:19:53)
20. Add Callout to Cross Section Cad Detail & sync to layout (1:20:55)
21. Change the location of the Watermark (1:25:20)

Total Running Time 1 hour 26 Minutes 


Template Q&A

In this session, you'll have a chance to ask any questions you may have related to working with and customizing your own Chief Architect Templates.


Meet Your Coach

Chief Experts Dan Baumann

I fell in love with Chief Architect v1 in June of 1993. I used it in my construction business before making the transition from contractor to Chief Architect champion in 1996.

I've trained 1,000's of users in live and online classes and have created 1,000's of hours of video tutorials and other content. My training is practical yet fast-paced and filled with real-life examples.

I use the program daily, create plans for clients, and coach people in the "Best Practices" of creating plans. Your success in your business and using Chief Architect is always my top priority.


In this session, you'll see how Templates work and how to customize them

In this session, you'll see how Plan Views get used to assemble a drawing

In this session, you'll see how to set up and customize your Layout Pages

This session is for your Q&A about customizing the Templates


Note: This class is already recorded. You don't need to purchase this product if you own one of the following products that these templates are included with The Pro Academy, Creating a Plan With Chief Architect Quick Start, Mastering Chief Architect


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"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful training classes. It was a great learning experience, and I finished my first set of plans all in Chief without Autocad! Dan's Templates are a huge help". 

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Note: This class is already recorded. You don't need to purchase this product if you own one of the following products that these templates are included with The Pro Academy, Creating a Plan With Chief Architect Quick Start, Mastering Chief Architect