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What Classes Are Right for Me?

Beginner/Intermediate Training:

Beginner training in Chief Architect CAD software is designed for individuals new to the program or with minimal experience with it. This course is also great for those who have been using the software for some time but have not completed formal training. It provides a foundational understanding of the software's interface and basic functionalities. Participants learn how to create simple floor plans, draw walls, add doors and windows, and generate basic 3D models. The emphasis is on fundamental concepts, making it accessible to those without prior CAD experience. Beginners also gain insights into setting up layouts, adding dimensions, and creating basic construction documents. It is ideal for those looking to become proficient in Chief Architect.

Intermediate Training:

Intermediate training takes participants beyond the basics and into more advanced aspects of Chief Architect. It assumes a reasonable level of familiarity with the software. Here, participants explore topics such as advanced 2D CAD tools, complex 3D modeling (including custom elements like staircases and cabinetry), and in-depth construction document creation. The focus shifts towards more detailed and realistic design work, including advanced material application and rendering techniques. This level of training equips users with the skills needed to tackle more complex projects and produce high-quality architectural designs.

Advanced Training:

Advanced training is tailored for experienced Chief Architect users looking to master the software's most intricate features. It covers advanced customization, including template, toolbar creation, and in-depth interior and landscape design. Participants dive into the world of parametric modeling, comprehensive BIM concepts, and advanced construction documentation. The focus also extends to collaboration, integration with other tools, and troubleshooting complex issues. Advanced training is for those aiming to become experts in Chief Architect, capable of handling large-scale, sophisticated projects and pushing the software to its limits.

In summary, the three levels of training cater to users with varying levels of experience and ambition. Beginners start with the essentials, intermediates expand their capabilities, and advanced users become proficient in all aspects of Chief Architect, allowing them to undertake complex architectural projects confidently.