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Training Classes 

Intermediate: December 11-12
and/or Advanced: December 13-14

Join other Remodelers, Home Builders & Designers to Discover How To Create & Sell Amazing Home Plans Using Chief Architect. Join us in a live training class to discover the best way to profit using Chief Architect.


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Take your understanding of

Chief Architect to the next level.

Intermediate Class:
  • Progress from basic proficiency to advanced Chief Architect skills.
  • Ideal for users with a strong grasp of Chief Architect's fundamentals.
  • Learn precise modeling and design tools and techniques.
  • Create intricate and detailed architectural plans.
  • Develop proficiency as a Chief Architect user.

Advanced Class:
  • Tailored for users with an excellent working knowledge of Chief Architect.
  • Dive into the software's advanced capabilities and features.
  • Master powerful CAD techniques and intricate modeling functions.
  • Address complex design challenges with innovative methods.
  • Excel at handling demanding projects with precision and creativity.

For maximum mastery of Chief Architect, consider taking all 4-days of training. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong foundation and advanced skills, allowing you to unleash Chief Architect's full potential for your design projects.

Discover the many capabilities of the Chief Architect.

In these training classes, we'll help you understand what the software can do and how to take advantage of the enhanced functions, and you'll also uncover time-tested techniques to enhance your plan creation speed and precision while the Advanced class goes even deeper into mastering these practices.

2-Day Intermediate Chief Architect Training

The intermediate-level class requires that you have a good understanding of the software. In this session, we'll move quickly through many topics while helping you see more of the capabilities of Chief Architect.

Day 1 -  Techniques for Intermediates

  • Introduction to the new class template.
  • Interface overview and preferences.
  • Review of "Best Practices."
  • Advanced CAD tools and wall layout.
  • Dimensioning techniques.
  • Accurate modeling methods.
  • Windows, doors, and stairs.

Day 2 - Features and Tools

  • Roof design using advanced methods.
  • Efficient stair creation.
  • Cabinet layout and plan customization.
  • Creating and using slabs, molding, and symbols.
  • Cameras, rendering, and layer management.
  • Layout page creation and customization.
  • Selling plans effectively and Q&A.


2-Day Advanced Chief Architect Training

In this two-day session, we'll explore many areas of the software that may have eluded you all while answering as many of your questions as possible. Look for a lot of interaction is the Advanced Sessions.

Day 1 - Exploring Advanced CAD Techniques

  • Introduction to the advanced class template.
  • Customizing toolbars and productivity tips.
  • Advanced 2D CAD techniques.
  • Custom 3D elements and elevations.
  • Tracing over images and PDFs.
  • Plot plans and surveys with coordinates.
  • Creating 3D terrain models.

Day 2 - Mastering Chief Architect's Power Tools

  • High-quality rendering techniques.
  • Adding 3D framing and trusses.
  • Remodeling plan strategies.
  • Custom library creation.
  • Exploring complex terrain editing.
  • Framing for remodeling projects.
  • In-depth layout customization.
This progressive training structure ensures that participants build their skills from the intermediate-level understanding of Chief Architect to mastering advanced features and techniques during the training sessions.

Class Will Be Held at the Hampton Inn Suites Minneapolis St Paul Airport-Mall of America

Location & Times

Hampton Inn Suites Minneapolis St Paul Airport-Mall of America
2860 Metro Drive
Bloomington, MN 55425
Hotel Phone: 952-854-7600
Google Map - Hotel Website

December 11-12 & 13-14, 2023
8:00 – 8:30 Coffee and Rolls
8:30 – 12:00 Morning Session
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch (Provided)
1:00 – 4:30 Afternoon Session
Water, coffee, tea & soda are available all-day

Need A Place To Stay While You're In Town?

Stay at the Hampton Inn Suites Minneapolis St. Paul Airport-Mall of America. This is where the training will be held.

Go Here to Reserve Your Room Online or call 952-854-7600

Mention you're with Chief Experts to get the group rate of $119 per night. This rate is guaranteed until 12-7-2023.

The More You Know, The More You Can Do!

Greetings, Chief Architect Enthusiasts,

With over 30 years of experience in utilizing Chief Architect for homeowner and contractor plans, I've had the privilege of teaching countless individuals the art of mastering this incredible software.

It's truly remarkable to witness the transformation that occurs when someone becomes proficient in Chief Architect, enabling them to craft exceptional plans. At Chief Experts, we've been diligently crafting a new training format designed to help you harness the software's myriad features while guiding you through a systematic and streamlined plan creation process.

By enrolling in our Intermediate and Advanced Classes, you'll have the opportunity to explore Chief Architect's capabilities comprehensively. Additionally, our courses provide you with cutting-edge Plan and Layout templates developed to save you valuable time on each project.

These templates are thoughtfully optimized to leverage the software's built-in functions, minimizing the need for repetitive adjustments in layers, dimensions, text, defaults, and more each time you embark on a new plan. With my extensive background in contracting and 30+ years of design and Chief Architect expertise, I've distilled the core essentials into training classes that prioritize your mastery of the program and the swiftest plan creation using "Best Practices."

I eagerly anticipate your participation in our classes, and together, we'll propel you toward unparalleled success in Chief Architect.

Best regards,

Dan Baumann, Chief Experts Academy

Your Instructors

Dan Baumann

President, Chief Experts Academy

Dan Baumann brings over three decades of expertise to Chief Architect users. With a remarkable 30+ years of hands-on experience in utilizing and instructing Chief Architect, Dan's qualifications are unparalleled. Notably, he boasts 20 years of practical knowledge as a remodeling contractor, providing invaluable insights into the nuances of running a successful design-build construction company.

Dan's fervent dedication lies in imparting the knowledge necessary to optimize compensation for design services, transforming your design sales into a thriving profit center for your business. His deep understanding of Chief Architect and extensive industry experience make him an exceptional resource for those seeking to master this software.

John Schrader

President, Imagine-Drafting

With a remarkable 38-year involvement in the residential remodeling and building sector, John Schrader is a seasoned industry veteran. For over 18 years, he has effectively integrated Chief Architect into his own construction business, making him a trusted authority on its application.

John is enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of experience and insights, specifically how Chief Architect can enhance your business operations. His practical knowledge and passion for the software are invaluable assets for those seeking to leverage Chief Architect to improve their business outcomes.

What Others Are Saying About Chief Experts Events

Watch more testimonials here

"Dan, are a gifted teacher and big soul. I am grateful for the week spent under your guidance and am inspired that my tired old brain will actually learn this program now. I look forward to working with you by phone and in person in the coming months/years..... The students:.... again, I feel so lucky to have spent this time with each of you. I appreciated the camaraderie and help from those of you who actually understood the program, the time cooking and eating together, the discussion of personal/world views in a respectful setting, and the overall goodness that was present in this group. It was a special time that I will remember for a long time."

Jonathan Mills
Mills Builders

"To all of the Gang - You inspired me - I decided to keep on trying new things with Chief so I took my computer to a site measure yesterday and did the as-built drawing on site. I will need to get used to the extra time working on-site for a measure, but it worked out great. I realized, besides the benefit of being able to verify details as you are drawing, there is another benefit. I came back to my office with a drawing I could immediately start moving into design ideas while the inspiration from being in the actual spaces was still fresh. There was no lag time while I slogged through as-builts and then had to restart the creative part of the process. It will take some time to adjust to a measure taking longer, but I saved time over all and the process feels more fluid. Who knows what Dan will get us to try next!"

Margaret Griffith
Griffith Design

"I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting everyone there. Great bunch of folks, almost felt like being with a group of Texans. :-) The interaction during the fixing of meals, etc. was great and the help from those that were more advanced was appreciated."

Jim Aswell
Kingwood, TX

"It was a great week with lots of education in so many ways. Thanks Dan for a job well done and to all of my fellow class mates for a fun and relaxing environment. Think we should all consider a "Family" reunion to further our education sometime in the not too distant future. Thanks everyone!"

Kevin Kofron
Kofron Builders Inc.

" have taken several classes from Dan and I always learn new way of using the software to get more done is less time. All of his training is well worth the time, cost and effort. I will remain a client for years to come."

Debra Taylor Purvis
Design House, Inc.

"His ability to make the software do things is amazing. He helps us to think outside of the box in our design projects. If you're using Chief Architect software I strongly recommend working with Dan and all of his training."

Dennis Gehman
Gehman Custom Remodeling

"Dan had helped to give me a deep understanding of how Chief works. His classes are lively, entertaining and always very educational. I highly recommend all of the online and live training that Dan provides."

Kevin Transue
CHC Creative Remodeling

Secure your spot now, as spaces are limited!

Join us for a three-day Chief Architect training experience led by world-renowned trainers Dan Baumann and John Schrader.

Perfect for both new users looking to master the software and intermediates aiming to enhance their skills, this immersive class equips you with the knowledge and techniques needed to create comprehensive plans using Chief Architect.

Throughout the course, you'll explore Chief Architect's intricacies, gaining a deep understanding of its features. Dan and John will expertly guide you through the process of creating detailed architectural plans, empowering you to bring your design visions to life efficiently.

You'll have honed your Chief Architect skills by the course end, confidently producing high-quality architectural designs. Whether you're an aspiring architect, interior designer, or building pro, this training elevates your proficiency.

Don't miss this chance to learn from industry leaders and unlock Chief Architect's true potential. Enroll now for a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled Chief Architect user.


Hurry, there are only 15 spots available!


December 11-12, 2023


  • Day 1 - Techniques for Intermediates
  • Day 2 - Features and Tools
  • Class Member Site Access
  • Plan and Layout Templates
  • Q&A Each Day
  • Lunch & Snacks Each Day

December 13-14, 2023


  • Day 1 - Exploring Advanced CAD Techniques
  • Day 2 - Mastering Chief Architect's Power Tools
  • Class Member Site Access
  • Plan and Layout Templates
  • Q&A Each Day
  • Lunch & Snacks Each Day

Dec. 11, 12, 13, 14 - 2023


  • Day 1 - Techniques for Intermediates
  • Day 2 - Features and Tools
  • Day 3 - Exploring Advanced CAD Techniques
  • Day 4 - Mastering Chief Architect's Power Tools
  • Class Member Site Access
  • Plan and Layout Templates
  • Q&A Each Day
  • Lunch & Snacks Each Day

Enroll Now, Classes Start In:









 Call Dan at 952-451-9911 with Questions & to Enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Real-world Experience: John and I have a combined 58 years in contracting and 48 years using Chief Architect. We teach from real-world situations, not just theory. The Chief Architect team may know their software, but they lack the contracting experience we bring to the table.
  • Practical Tips & Tricks: We teach you tons of shortcuts, something Chief trainers are not allowed to do. This saves you time and makes you more efficient.
  • Templates & Handouts: You'll get templates we've spent years perfecting and handouts that make the learning curve easier to climb.
  • What Works & What Doesn't: With daily usage and nearly 30 years of teaching, we know the best ways to achieve results. We're straightforward about what to avoid, saving you headaches down the line.
  • Personalized & Business-Focused: We keep it tailored to your needs and focus on turning design into a profit center for your business.
  • Extended Support: Need help after class? We're just a Zoom call away.

Beginner Training: Beginner training in Chief Architect CAD software is designed for individuals new to the program or with minimal experience with it. This course is also great for those who have been using the software for some time but have not completed formal training. It provides a foundational understanding of the software's interface and basic functionalities. Participants learn how to create simple floor plans, draw walls, add doors and windows, and generate basic 3D models. The emphasis is on fundamental concepts, making it accessible to those without prior CAD experience. Beginners also gain insights into setting up layouts, adding dimensions, and creating basic construction documents. It's an ideal starting point for those looking to become proficient in Chief Architect. Learn More About the Beginning/Intermediate Training 3-Day Live Training.

Intermediate Training: Intermediate training takes participants beyond the basics and into more advanced aspects of Chief Architect. It assumes a reasonable level of familiarity with the software. Here, participants explore topics such as advanced 2D CAD tools, complex 3D modeling (including custom elements like staircases and cabinetry), and in-depth construction document creation. The focus shifts towards more detailed and realistic design work, including advanced material application and rendering techniques. This level of training equips users with the skills needed to tackle more complex projects and produce high-quality architectural designs.

Advanced Training: Advanced training is tailored for experienced Chief Architect users looking to master the software's most intricate features. It covers advanced customization, including template, toolbar creation, and in-depth interior and landscape design. Participants dive into the world of parametric modeling, comprehensive BIM concepts, and advanced construction documentation. The focus also extends to collaboration, integration with other tools, and troubleshooting complex issues. Advanced training is for those aiming to become experts in Chief Architect, capable of handling large-scale, sophisticated projects and pushing the software to its limits. Learn More About the Intermediate and Advanced Live Training Courses (Add Link)

In summary, the three levels of training cater to users with varying levels of experience and ambition. Beginners start with the essentials, intermediates expand their capabilities, and advanced users become proficient in all aspects of Chief Architect, allowing them to confidently undertake complex architectural projects.

  • Upon individual registration, you will receive automatic access to an online account, providing you with all the necessary information for the class.

  • If you are registering multiple individuals from the same company, we kindly request that you provide us with their contact details. Our team will promptly contact you to gather the required information and set up their online access.

  • Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Dan at 952-451-9911 or email him at [email protected]. He will be delighted to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Location & Times

Hampton Inn Suites Minneapolis St Paul Airport-Mall of America
2860 Metro Drive
Bloomington, MN 55425
Hotel Phone: 952-854-7600
Google Map - Hotel Website

8:00 – 8:30 Coffee and Rolls
8:30 – 12:00 Morning Session
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch (Provided)
1:00 – 4:30 Afternoon Session

Water, coffee, tea & soda are available all day.

Please let us know if you have any dietary concerns. Email [email protected]

Stay at the Hampton Inn Suites Minneapolis St Paul Airport-Mall of America.  This is where the training will be held.

Go Here to Reserve Your Room Online or call 952-854-7600

If you call, Mention you're with Chief Experts to get the group rate of $119 per night. This rate is guaranteed until 10-8-2023

  • After you sign up, log in to review your account. This is where we'll post essential items for this class.
  • Review the "Introductory Recording" that will be provided in your online account
  • Bring your laptop or desktop. We’ll have plenty of cords.
  • Have Chief X15 loaded and ready to go. (Older versions will slow you and the class down)
  • Come well-rested and ready to learn and have some fun!

More than 20-days before the training seminar date, the balance of the training seminar cost will be returned to you.

Less than 20 days of the training seminar date, you can receive a full credit of the total class cost toward any other training seminar you attend within the next 12 months.

No. We have always been independent from the company that makes Chief Architect and have been since first starting to use Chief Architect in 1993. Version 1.0 SN:0094

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