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Pro-Academy is the preferred industry hub of architects, home builders, remodelers, and interior designers who want to learn Chief Architect Software and the Latest Trend in the Industry in a very short period of time.

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These presentations give you the education and tools you need to create better plans and derive more profits from your design efforts. Along with Chief Architect training, look for other topics that will help you in your business.

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Pro Academy Includes a
Detailed Lesson Index

Pro Academy has been organized so that you can find the exact solution you're looking for. Each lesson module includes a detailed index of what's covered and exactly where you can find it.

For example, this is what you will find in the lesson, Working with Roofs in Chief Architect...

The details from Working with Roofs in Chief Architect

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

Creating Flat and Round Roofs is easy when you follow the correct procedures. In this session you'll discover the steps you need to take to add these roofs. You'll also learn about Dormer Techniques. 


1. Introduction
2. How Chief Builds an Automatic Roof (6:17)
3. Settings that can be used with Automatic Roofs (12:18)
4. Roof Behavior when you Manually Reshape a Wall (18:37)
5. Creating a Flat Roof (20:40)

6. Adjusting the Flat Roof Elevation (29:35)
7. Round Room Roofs (37:36)
8. Sidebar: Editing Layout Lines (39:30)
9. Creating a Round Room (44:28)
10. Creating a Round Roof for your Round Room (47:50)


11. Room Attributes with Copy and Paste in Place (54:59)
12.Adding a Five-Sided Dormer (57:09)
13. Creating a Saddle (69:13)
14. Using an Auto Dormer (77:33)
15. Creating a Manual Dormer (84:26)

Running Time: 113 Minutes

The details from Steps to Adding a Difficult Roof Manually

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

In this session, you'll discover the steps and process involved in adding a difficult roof to a project using Chief Architect. You'll witness the steps and thinking involved in figuring out how to accurately add manual roofs to a real project.

1. Introduction
2. Review the Process of Starting a Roof (2:52)
3. Roof Planes Start With the Baseline (11:39)
4. Using a Cross Section to Locate Fascia and Ridge Height (21:54)

5. Creating and Joining Valleys (29:19)
6. Copy Existing Roof Planes and Paste in Place (38:18)
7. How a Truss Builds in Chief (47:34)


8. Fascia Location, Ridge Caps, Framing Thickness (58:08)
9. Create a Tray Ceiling (62:02)
10. Soffits, Roof Label Size (74:31)

Running Time: 80 Minutes

The details from Creating a Deck Plan Using Chief Architect

Chief Architect Exterior Topics


1. Introduction
2. Deck Examples (0:47)
3. Handy Chief Tools (4:34)
4. Default Settings (6:31)
5. Follow Stairs (9:01)
6. More Railing Defaults (14:03)
7. Deck Dimensions (18:31)
8. Automatic Deck Framing (19:51)
9. Manuel Deck Framing (23:25)
10. Using a Room Divider (26:29)
11. Deck Support (28:57)


12. Deck Interaction with Terrain (31:08)
13. Setting Deck Framing Defaults (34:32)
14. Creating a Deck Parts Library (38:37)
15. Deck Support Position (43:01)
16. Deck Rim Joists (46:17)
17. Manuel Deck Framing (47:12)
18. Organizing a Deck Plan with Layer Sets (54:56)
19. Mathematically Adjusting Post Elevations (55:59)


20. Using CAD to Manipulate Framing (58:43)
21. Using Slab Tool to Simulate Framing Items (61:25)
22. Corner Steps (67:29)
23. Using Roof Framing out of Context (68:38)
24. Using Molding Tools for Odd Shapes (70:38)
25. Modify a Post to Beam Style Rail (74:59)


Total Running Time 1 hour, 19 Minutes

The details from Adding & Creating Custom Windows and Doors in Chief

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

Chief has great tools for adding windows and doors. You can use many of the built-in tools to customize these units but in some cases, it's easier to create custom windows and doors. In this session, you'll see some unique ways to add these items to your models.

1. Introduction
2. Review of Adding Windows and Doors (2:44)
3. Moldings and Trim (10:48)

4. Multiple Unit Openings and Shaping Windows (27:01)
5. Bay Windows, Nana Walls, Corner Windows (40:22)

 6. Creating a Custom Window (52:05)
7. Inset Windows, Shutters, Barn Doors, Custom Garage Doors (66:32)

Running Time: 83 Minutes

The details from 3D Terrain Layout and Modeling Tips

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

The Terrain Tools in Chief Architect allow you to take a 3D CAD box and contour the top using terrain lines and points. In this session, you'll learn simple tactics to get the terrain to do what you want.


1. Introduction 
2. Contouring Basics (9:38)
3. Retaining Walls (20:05)

4. Steps and Railings with Terrain Walls (28:36)
5. Fences, General Questions (41:06)


6. Roads, Driveways, and Sidewalks (53:54)
7. Terrain Features (58:56)

Running Time: 65 Minutes

The details from Surveys, Plan Footprints, Plot Plans & 3D Terrain

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

The details from Detailing Exteriors With Moldings and Slabs

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

Adding details to the exterior of your model can be done in many ways. In this session, you'll see how to use the Custom Moldings and Slab tools in Chief to add details to your plan. Remember - Chief is a 3D CAD program. Use the tools available to create what you want. 


1. Introduction
2. Automatic Molding Lines (3:06)
3. Curving a Roof (16:10)
4. Creating a Crown Molding (20:14)

5. Create a Custom Casing (27:27)
6. Adding a Water Table (36:40)
7. Creating Columns (42:39)


8. Creating a Multi-Material Column (52:12)
9. Draw in CAD First and Convert to Polyline Solids (60:15)

Running Time: 67 Minutes

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After 20 years as a remodeling contractor, Dan Baumann recognized that Chief Architect was the future of CAD. 

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Mark Mackmiller
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Scott Menard
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"Since becoming a member at Chief Experts, I have learned more from you in a few months than I had in years on my own. Dan provides wonderful live webinars that are extremely easy to follow and understand. "

Ken Latham
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