Chief Experts Shortcut Suite

for Chief Architect


The Shortcut Suite Changes Everything

With the Shortcut Suite you will...

  • Save time
  • Be more efficient
  • Be less frustrated
  • Create better plans
  • Make more money

Unleash Your Chief Architect Mastery with Shortcut Suite

  • Learn Essential Keystrokes
  • Navigate Like a Pro with Mouse Shortcuts
  • Explore Templates for Quick Start
  • Dive into Sample Plans
  • Automate Tasks with Macros
  • Master Advanced Techniques
  • Follow Best Practices with Checklists
  • Visual Learning through Videos

Created & Developed by

Dan Baumann

Chief Architect CAD Software Specialist

I fell in love with Chief Architect v1 in June of 1993 and used it in my construction business before making the transition from contractor to Chief Architect user, trainer, coach, and full-time cheerleader. 

  • Chief Architect certified user and trainer
  • Was a remodeling contractor for over 20 years
  • 29 years of using and teaching Chief Architect
  • Has taught 1000's of Chief Architect users
  • Creator of templates and other content for Chief Users
  • Always on the lookout for better uses of Chief

I will show you how to create great-looking and accurate plans using Chief Architect