The ProAcademy for Chief Architect Users


Contractors & Designers, Stop Letting Chief Architect Frustrate You!

You got the software to produce plans and 3D renderings faster. Not waste time figuring it out.

The ProAcademy is for you if you want to save time by taking control of your planning process using time tested systems and techniques created by veteran users.


The Problem…

While Chief Architect is an easy program to get started with, users often become frustrated and overwhelmed as they dig into its many capabilities. It's become a mature and full-featured CAD program.

It's like having six programs in one:

  1. Full-Featured Building Layout tools
  2. Sophisticated 3D Modeling
  3. Complete 2D CAD Drawing Tools
  4. Powerful Rendering Capabilities
  5. Total Working Documents Layout
  6. Incredible Material List Functionality

It can be tough to figure out how all of the pieces fit together…

You have to:

  • Figure out what over 1,100 icons do
  • Determine how to start a plan
  • Learn how all the program parts work together
  • Discover how to stop doing the same things over and over
  • Develop a process that helps you create plans faster
  • Set your own defaults & preferences

You can spend years and hundreds of hours figuring all of this out yourself.


Learn from a veteran with 20 years of contracting experience that has worked with Chief Architect for 27 years and continues to use it daily. Someone that has taught 1,000's of users the best practices of Chief.

You've got Dan Baumann to hold your hand and teach you what you need to know to get the most out of Chief Architect.


How much joy you'll get from using Chief Architect when you can effortlessly create a set of drawings that you’re proud of.

Being able to quickly and effectively communicate with your clients what their project will look like.

The excitement you'll create by building trusting relationships with everyone involved in your projects.

At The ProAcademy, we'll help you bring everything together to generate more sales and more happy clients than you ever thought possible.

What You'll Create...

Your own custom templates so you can get your projects started and finished faster

As-Builts to final construction docs that will impress everyone you work with

Super detailed 3D models and renderings that help you communicate your ideas effectively

Presentations your clients will love created in many formats and styles that make you look great

Drawing details, advanced roofs, complicated terrain, symbols, moldings become easy to do

Systems that help you run your business better from sales to marketing, accounting, and more...

Meet Your Coach Dan Baumann

I fell in love with Chief Architect v1 in June of 1993. I used it in my construction business before making the transition from contractor to Chief Architect champion in 1996.

I've trained 1,000's of users in live and online classes and have created 1,000's of hours of video tutorials and other content. My training is practical yet fast-paced and filled with real-life examples.

I use the program daily, create plans for clients, and coach people in the "Best Practices" of creating plans. Your success in your business and using Chief Architect is always my top priority.


Why You Should Join
Chief Experts ProAcademy

Whether you're just getting started with Chief Architect or you're a Seasoned Pro you will find a lot of value at the ProAcademy.

You're getting years of practical experience from Dan Baumann and others presented in easy to understand videos, live classes, and content.

You don't have to learn Chief Architect and this business by yourself. Let us help you jump start your knowledge and skills starting today.

Don't Miss These New Courses With A Simple Goal: "Help You Become A Better Designer"

  • Understand And Define The Structural Elements In Building Construction
  • "Creating a Plan - Quick Start" course for Chief Architect users
  • Define And Draw The Structural Elements In Your Projects
  • Discover the Inner Workings of Chief Architect and What it Wants From You

Chief Architect Templates

Join us for the Templates Masterclass where you'll take Dan's templates that he's spent years creating and customize them for your business. 

Live Classes:
1. Introduction to Templates
2. Using & Customizing the Plan Template
3. Using and Customizing the Layout Template
4. Templates Q&A

Playback is available for all classes
Current ProAcademy Members 
Access The Masterclass Here


In this session, you'll see how Templates work and how to customize them

In this session, you'll see how Plan Views get used to assemble a drawing

In this session, you'll see how to set up and customize your Layout Pages

This session is for your Q&A about customizing the Templates

Available on Demand


Live Chief Architect Workshops 

Each month we'll dive deep into specific Chief topics. You'll learn the inner workings of the program and get tips and techniques not found elsewhere. You'll also get a chance to ask your own questions. 

Each meeting is recorded, edited and posted for you to view any time you want. 

Meeting Recordings 

Our goal it to make it easy for you to find the information you're looking for.

That's why we take the time to edit the live meetings and add topics and time codes.

Check out the example below of how the topics are listed. You simply fast forward to the topic you want.

(Here's How The Recording Timecodes Are Posted)

Adding a Difficult Roof Manually

Chief Architect Exterior Topics

In this session, you'll discover the steps and process involved in adding a difficult roof to a project using Chief Architect. You'll witness the steps and thinking involved in figuring out how to accurately add manual roofs to a real project.

1. Introduction
2. The Process of Starting a Roof (2:52)
3. Roof Planes And Baselines (11:39)
4. Sections For Roof Heights (21:54)
5. Creating and Joining Valleys (29:19)

6. Roof Planes and Paste in Place (38:18)
7. How Trusses Are Created (47:34)
8. Fascia, Ridge, Framing Size (58:08)
9. Create a Tray Ceiling (62:02)
10. Soffits, Roof Label Size (74:31)
Total Running Time: 80 Minutes

Impromptu Discussions

Pop-Ups are unscheduled zoom meetings or Q&A sessions that may be announced with short notice. 

We will cover topics like Chief Architect, Sales, Marketing, As-Builts or whatever. 

We will always attempt to give as much notice as possible for these live events, and the original recordings will be posted in this section.  

Member Pop-Up suggestions and guests are always welcome.

Tips and Content

Quick tips, videos, and other relevant content to Chief Architect users will be found in this section. 

Chief Tips, Handouts, Recommendation, or just plain old good stuff that will help you in your business.

We welcome everyone's suggestions and look forward to posting tips sent in by our users. 

Get The Tools You Need To Take Your Chief Architect Skills To The Next Level

ProAcademy Full Access


  • Templates Masterclass
  • Template Files (Imperial & Metric)
  • Monthly Live Workshops
  • Dozens of Recorded Webinars.
  • Office Hour Pop-Ups
  • Tips & Content

Ken Latham
SD & D Designs

"Since becoming a member of Chief Experts, I have learned more from you in a few months than I had in years on my own. Dan provides excellent live webinars that are extremely easy to follow and understand".

Rick Ehrenberg
Brookes Design, Inc.

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful training classes. It was a great learning experience, and I finished my first set of plans all in Chief without Autocad! Dan's Templates are a huge help". 

Debra Taylor Purvis
Design House, Inc.

" I have taken several classes from Dan, and I always learn a new way of doing more in less time. All of his training is well worth the time, cost, and effort. I will remain a client for years to come."

Jonathan Mills
Mills Builders

"Dan, you are a gifted teacher and I am grateful for your guidance and am inspired that my tired old brain will learn this program now. I look forward to working with you in the coming months/years". 

Mark Mackmiller
Mackmiller Design+Build

"Dan is a rare find; because of his expertise in many areas he knows how to leverage many disciplines to help owners and inspiring owners avoid pitfalls, work smarter and be successful".

Dennis Gehman
Gehman Custom Remodeling

"Dan had helped to give me a deep understanding of how Chief works. His classes are lively, entertaining, and always very educational. I highly recommend all of Dan's online and live training."


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