Answers to Your Questions about Live Seminars

Answers to Your Questions about Live Seminars

Live seminars are a great way to learn Chief. You're away from all of the daily distractions and you can focus specifically on sharpening your skills with the program.

Join us in Las Vegas during the 2015 International Builders Show "IBS". On Jan 18th and 19th, 2015 Dan will host a Live 2 Day training Class. You can get more details here 

If you're interested in having one in your area give Dan a call at 952-236-4427 or email

Here are some common questions about the live seminars.

How many people are allowed in each class?
Classes can be as small as 4 or as large as 20. If more than 12 people attend a class an assistant who is proficient with Chief will help out. 

Is there a discount for more than one person from the same company?
Additional employees from the same company are welcome to attend at a 33% discount.

Are computers and the Chief Architect software supplied?
No. You are responsible to bring your own laptop or desktop loaded with your own copy of Chief. If you can't travel with a computer let me know and we'll figure something out.

Do I have to have the latest version of Chief Architect in order to take the seminar?
No. If you have the latest version you'll be fine but it may be a bit more difficult to stay on track if the dialogs look different.

Do I have to be experienced with Chief to take a seminar?
I've trained many people who have never used Chief. The main thing new users get out of the class is a thorough understanding of what is possible with Chief. Existing users will fine tune their skills and learn many new procedures and techniques.

What is the cancellation policy?
Be fair. If you give enough notice it gives me a chance to fill your vacated seat. But regardless you'll get a full refund up to the day of the seminar or you can use what you paid towards a different class or other things at

What is the 30 Day Guarantee all about?
If you take one of my classes and aren't satisfied you can ask for a refund up to 30 days after the class. No questions asked other than how did I let you down.

Are there breaks and what about lunch?
We take a short break every couple of hours and about an hour for lunch. You're on your own for lunch. Coffee, soda, water, rolls and fruit may be supplied.

Why do you give a online access to with the live seminar?
This gives you a chance to download some of the items used in the seminar as well as review the online recordings for areas you have questions about.

What are the handouts you supply for each class.
Before each class starts you'll be given a link to a series of handouts that you can print and bring with you. You'll be able to refer to these and keep notes on them. I don't supply copies of these handouts. You are responsible to print your own.

What if my company would like to have private training?
Give me a call at 952-236-4427 and we can discuss your goals. I can tailor a seminar to meet your specific needs. Rates are $1,295.00 for the first day and $895.00 for each day thereafter plus expenses which include mileage, airfare, lodging, rental car and parking. I don't charge for travel time the day before or after the class. 50% retainer is required when the class is set up and final payment before I leave.  

Can our organization hire you to train our members?
Yes and your group can make some money. I work with organizations like NARI, NAHB, NKBA and others to bring Chief training to their members. I'm available to speak for chapter meetings and will work with your organization to set up a training class. Your organization helps market the class and we take care of setting it up and booking all of the attendees. After expenses we'll then pay your organization 15% of the revenue generated from the class.

Are you associated with the makers of the Chief Architect software?
My original serial number of Version 1.0 was 00094 and I was a reseller of the software for 12 years and trainer since Version 2. The makers of Chief ended their dealer program in 2005 and since that time I've have had no affiliation with the company.