Chief V10 Training Videos

Chief V10 Training Videos

Welcome to the Chief V10 Training. The topics listed below are from a Chief V10 training class. There are 10 Sections with 21 hours of lessons in 219 parts. 

#1. Preferences, Shortcuts, Templates, Tips
29 Parts, 2 hr 30 mins Click to View
Procedures for starting a plan as well as shortcuts and tips and that will increase your productivity.

  • Overview of Chief V10
  • Architectural Tools
  • The 2D CAD Tools
  • The Rendering Tools
  • Layout Pages
  • Basic Building Techniques
  • Using Polylines
  • Saving a Project in Chief
  • Program Preferences
  • Plan, Wall, Door, Widnow Defaults
  • Cabinet Defaults
  • Floor Defaults
  • Roof Defaults
  • Framing Defaults
  • Dimensioning Defaults
  • Text Defaults
  • Foundation Defaults
  • Templates
  • Using the "F1"  Key
  • "F" Key Shortcuts
  • CTRL Key Shortcuts
  • Shift Key Shortcuts
  • Calculating Square Footage
  • 3-D Camera Settings
  • Customizing the Tool Bar

Section 2a - Dimensions, Walls, Floors
10 Parts, 1 hr 25 mins  Click to View
Proper dimensioning techniques to Dimensioning everything in your plan.Dimensioning Defaults

  • Adding Dimensions to a Plan
  • Working with Dimensions
  • Manual Dimensioning Tools
  • Deleting Dimensions
  • Checking Plan Dimensions
  • Dimensioning Cross-Sections
  • Difficult Wall Line Up Situations
  • Dimensioning Complex Angled Walls 

Section 2b - Working with Walls, Floors and Levels
24 Parts, 1 hr 37 min Click to View
Working with walls, setting up multiple floors, platforms, split levels and getting your plan ready for roofs.

  • Overview of the Walls Specification Dialog
  • Creating and Drawing Walls
  • Creating and Adding Railings
  • Wall Dimensions
  • Working With Pony Walls in a Plan
  • Defining New Walls
  • Specifying Wall Materials
  • Laying Out Exterior Walls
  • Typical Wall Tools
  • Changing Wall Coverings and Materials
  • Working With Wall Layers
  • Types of Walls
  • Adjusting and Moving Walls
  • Defining Rooms
  • Adjusting Wall Angles
  • Hatching Patterns
  • Showing Future Plans as Layers
  • Creating Attic Walls
  • Unwanted Attic Walls
  • Working With Attic Walls
  • Floor and Ceiling Defaults
  • Floor and Ceiling Heights
  • Adjusting Floor Platforms
  • Select Same Type Tool
  • Using Ceiling Heights for Better Roof Results

Section 3. Foundations, Pony Walls, Stairs
25 Parts, 2 hrs 9 min  Click to View
Creating foundations, pony walls, garage foundations. Adding stairs, defining rooms, decks and porches.

  • Creating a Garage
  • Creating a Foundation
  • Creating a Crawl Space
  • Adding the Garage Footings
  • Adding a Garage Door
  • Adding the Garage Curb Block
  • Aligning Walls from Floor to Floor
  • Adding Pony Walls
  • Making a Lookout and a Walkout
  • Creating Pony Walls
  • Cleaning Up Exterior Wall Corners
  • Showing a Pony Wall Ledge in a Floor Plan
  • Putting a Window into a Pony Wall
  • Adding Interior Walls
  • Creating Basic Stairs
  • Creating an Opening in the Floor for Stairs
  • Creating a Starting Landings
  • Drawing Walls Under Stairs
  • Creating an L-Shaped Stairway
  • Creating a U-Shaped Stairway
  • Creating a Straight Stairway with Landing
  • Stairways in Two Story Tall Rooms
  • Joining Stairs Together
  • Using Winders
  • Using Custom CAD Landings

Section 4. Layers, Layer Sets, Elevations, CAD Details, Schedules
15 Parts, 2 hrs 19 min  Click to View
Understanding and using layers will give you more control over your final drawing. Create sections, elevations, and details and where to store them.

  • Introduction to Layer Sets
  • Determining Layers to Use in a Plan
  • Layer Sets for a General Floor Plan
  • Layer Sets for Cabinets in a Plan
  • Electrical Layer Sets
  • Showing the As Built vs. The New Plan
  • CAD Line Details
  • All On/Off Layer Set
  • Using the Layer Painter Tool
  • Full Elevation Cross Section Camera
  • Using the Back Clip Cross Section Camera
  • Working with Schedules
  • Creating a Library
  • Editing a Schedule

Section 5. Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Moldings, Libraries
37 Parts, 3 hrs 4 min  Click to View
Simple techniques to add windows and doors. Create great kitchen and bath plans. Explore custom cabinets, custom countertops, molding polyline tools.

  • Door Defaults
  • Setting Window Defaults
  • Stacking Sidelights Above Doors
  • Dimension Windows with Levels
  • Stacking  Windows
  • Stacking Sidelights Above Doors
  • Custom Shaped Windows
  • Custom Shaped Doorways
  • Triangular Shaped Windows
  • Default Grids with Windows
  • Creating Custom Window Grids
  • Creating Bay Windows
  • Corner Windows and Doors
  • Creating Box Bay Windows
  • Creating Bow Windows
  • Using Default Moldings
  • Creating Custom Moldings
  • Creating a Custom Shower Stall
  • Creating a Custom Bathtub
  • Creating an Exterior Door
  • Adding Doors
  • Bi-Pass Doors, Bi-Fold Doors
  • Setting Door Frames
  • Cabinet Defaults
  • Changing the Face of a Cabinet
  • Changing Cabinet Shapes
  • Cabinet Hardware Tab
  • Adding Sinks to Cabinets
  • Refrigerator Cabinets and Groups
  • Adding Moldings to Cabinets
  • Creating Custom Countertops
  • Custom Countertop Edge
  • Using the Molding Polyline Tool
  • Adding a Pipe Railing to a Deck
  • Crown Molding on a Gable
  • Creating Custom Moldings

Section 6. Terrain, Rendering, Symbols
11 Parts, 1 hr 4 min   Click to View
Enhance your plan with the terrain tools. Add images to a plan and learn rendering techniques. Create and organize symbols and CAD detail libraries. Introduction to layers, layer sets, and 2D CAD tools.

  • Adding Terrain Perimeters
  • Creating a Walkout
  • Adding a Terrain Retaining Wall
  • Creating a Swimming Pool
  • Creating a Simple Window Well
  • Corrugated Window Well
  • Adding Roads and Sidewalks
  • Adding Plants to a Plan
  • People, Objects and Plants
  • Exterior Rendering

Section 7 and 8. Automatic and Manual Roofs
26 Parts, 2 hrs 49 min  Click to View
Learn the right way to use the automatic roof functions and tools. Create auto dormers and returns. Overview of the manual roof tools.

  • Using the Roof Dialog Box
  • The Build Roof Options Tab
  • The Build Roof Gutter Tab
  • Adding Freeze Boards
  • The Build Roof Materials Tab
  • The Automatic Roof Tool
  • Building a Full Gable
  • Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom
  • Adjusting the Pitch
  • Using Auto Roof Return
  • Wall Type by Butting Roof
  • Adjusting Auto Roof Heights
  • The Auto Floating Dormer
  • Automatic Roof Planes
  • Editing Roof Position in 3-D
  • Adjusting Roof Planes
  • Reshaping of Roof Planes
  • Using the Roof Join Tool
  • Summary of Roof Tools
  • The Automatic Roof Tool
  • Manually Creating Roofs
  • Reshaping a Roof Plane
  • Creating a Two Story Plan
  • Creating a 1-1/2 Story Plan

Section 9. 2D CAD Tools, Creating Sections, CAD Details, Trusses
25 Parts, 1 hr 52 min   Click to View
Use 2D CAD tools, add 2D and 3D framing, detail sections and elevations, Learn view to CAD, layers, and layer sets.

  • Introduction
  • Using the CAD Detail Window
  • Adjusting Line Weights
  • Default Settings for CAD Items
  • Using the CAD Tool Bar
  • Using the CAD Tool
  • Copy CAD Items
  • CAD Trim and Extend Tools
  • Snapping Tools
  • Using the CAD Break Tools
  • Fillet and Chamfer Tools
  • Line to Arc Tool
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Tool
  • Rotating an ObjectPolyline Union Tool
  • Reflect About Line Tool
  • Section- Foundation
  • Section - Floor, Wall Details
  • Drawing Rafter Details
  • Drawing Shingles
  • Making a Mirrored Copy
  • Sections from Library
  • Adding Roof Trusses

Section 10. Assembling the Working Drawing Using Layout Pages
17 Parts, 1 hr 42 min   Click to View
Discover how to asseble all the views necessary to complete a set of drawings.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Layout Page
  • Creating Layout Page Borders
  • Saving a Layout as a Template
  • Adding Views on a Layout Page
  • Setting Up Layes on a Layout Page
  • Adding Elevations to a Layout Page
  • Using the Edit Layout Page Tool
  • Editing Layout Lines
  • Updating Elevations in the Layout
  • Adding Floor Plans to a Layout
  • Adjusting Floor Plan Layers
  • Adding CAD Details to a Layout Page
  • Adding Pictures to a Layout Page
  • Adding 3D Views to a Layout Page
  • Linking Plans in the Layout Pages
  • Creating a PDF File

Section 3. Foundations, Pony Walls, Stairs - 
25 Parts, 2 hrs 9 min Section 3. Foundations, Pony Walls, Stairs - 25 Parts, 2 hrs 9 min
Here's a Chief V10 example of how the Recorded Training Sessions work at Please feel free to check it out. 2 Hours 9 Minutes. more

Chief Architect V10 Plan Template, Working with Layers, Layer Sets and Shortcuts Chief Architect V10 Plan Template, Working with Layers, Layer Sets and Shortcuts
V10 Plan Template, Shortcuts, Layer Training
Chief Architect V10 is still very capable. If you're still using V10 the plan template and shortcut guide will save a lot of time. understanding and using layers and layer sets in V10 works the same as X1, X2 and X3. Put the power of layers to work in your planning process. more