What People Are Saying About Dan and ChiefExperts.com

What People Are Saying About Dan and ChiefExperts.com

 ChiefExperts.com Client Testimonials


Peter Brown long time ChiefExperts.com client was kind enough to assemble this wonderful testimonial. Thanks Peter! (watch some other videos by Peter below)

Mike Smith Chief Architect user at ChiefExperts.comMike Smith, M. F. Smith Associates
I think the direction that Chief is going in is just great. The SSA on-line training is a great resource, but I still value your webinar training. It's the closest thing I've found to going up to Berryvale for a two -day live class. I like the schedule forcing me to set aside time for training. It seems there is always something else I could be doing. I like the live webinars. I have yet to go into the archives to get some of the recorded webinars, yet I am glad they are there."

John Atkinson Chief Architect user at ChiefExperts.comJohn Atkinson, WV Plans
I thought the class on platforms was really valuable.  Your discussion of the strategy for building a model (getting the outside dimensions right, then the platforms and roof,  then the detail) was especially helpful to me.  No matter how many times I listen to you discuss a particular aspect of Chief, I always learn something new and understand the program better.  Thanks! John Website 304-342-4128

Gayle Sanders Chief Architect user at ChiefExperts.comGayle Sanders GRS Home Design, LLC
I have had so many "aha" moments in the month+ that I have been a Chief Experts member, my only regret is that I did not join and participate when I started with Chief 8.0.

The Chief Expert webinars are showing me how to use Chief effectively and efficiently. Some tips are straightforward and uncomplicated like numbering layout pages automatically and sizing layout text. I could have figured these out myself if I had taken the time to explore the available tools, but I never did. Some concepts like controlling the display of layers in views on layout pages are more difficult to fully understand and require a clear and thoughtful presentation. Such concepts would be very difficult to figure out myself.

The bottom line is that I love learning how to use Chief effectively and efficiently. I can focus on understanding during the webinar presentations and take a few notes. Then I can try things on my own and view the recording to reinforce and make sure I really understand. I can ask questions during the webinar and after. Clear titles and logical organization simplify future access to the information if I forget something. This is the boost I needed to take my models and drawings to the next level. Gayle's Website  603-772-6428

Chief is a CAD and Marketing Tool for Peter Brown

Chief Architect is a great CAD tool. But did you know that it can be used as a source of some great marketing ideas for your business?

PeterQBrown Chief Architect user at ChiefExperts.comPeter Brown with PeterQBrown.comPeter Brown (a longtime client) recently put together these really cool videos of a project he'll be doing for a client. He took to heart what was taught in one of my workshops called "10 ways to Use Chief Architect to Get More Leads" and decided to create a educational tutorial for his clients.

Like a lot of contractors today, Peter is looking for effective ways to market his business. Since video is a very popular method, he decided to produce this informative and short series.

This is no ordinary slide show. It's a great example of how to build trust with your potential clients and at the same time give them something that will be interesting and of value.

Videos Bring Value in Many Ways
These 4 short videos accomplish a lot. In his YouTube channel he'll get extra search engine exposure. On his website it gives his visitors a reason to stay awhile. As potential clients watch the videos it will become clear to them that Peter knows what he's talking about. He can not only explain a project, he can show what it will look like. This is a big deal for someone looking for a remodeling contractor.

Here are 4 videos Peter produced using Chief Architect and a video program called Camtasia.

As Peter produces more video like this, his marketing efforts will definitely pay off. Here's a link to the video page on his website.

Quote from Peter:

"I gotta tell you Dan, those videos are 95% a result of my interactions with you through ChiefExperts.com. I just can't say enough about what a terrific resource you have been."

Larry Bannister, Clarity Homes, Fort Worth , TX
Outstanding lesson today. Once again I was very impressed with today's lesson. I know that it is going to take some time to get proficient with Chief, but now I feel comfortable in being able to learn it. I must say that Chief is going to be far superior to Softplan in many ways. Thanks again. Larry's Website 817-569-8448

Murry Stewart, Lyles, TN
I completed my first webinar last night and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the session. I have beenusing CA part time since version 8 and roofs have always been a problem for me. Thanks again; looking forward to next week.

Ron Wentworth, East Providence, RI
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I really like those Chief Tip Videos you send, even though I know Chief very well, I enjoy watching your tips,. I have always been a fan of your video tips and training! Keep em' coming!

Vince Racco, Uniontown, OH
I wanted to commend you on a great site. After completing a 3-day Chief training course, this site is well worth the yearly membership. Keep the tutorials coming!

Dan Morgan, Cincinnati, OH
Thanks Dan for all the hard work putting together this great web site. All the work is evident in the hours and hours of great info and resources. I can't get enough of your short tutorial clips on specific subjects... Keep up the great work!

John Richardson,  Neerim, South Australia
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much I like your site update. Still no coffee machine as yet but I can live with that. It is part of my daily start-up to check my mail and then visit your site to see what new articles you have posted.

I have just updated to X1 and thanks to you I don't feel daunted about it. Thanks to your tutoring. I see some of the questions posted on the Chief yahoo site and think to myself, if Dan had not taught me that I might be asking the same question. I also notice that you have a good group of supporter that drop your name from time to time. I feel a bit of a dill doing all this learning when I should be retiring.

John Atkinson, Elkview, WV
Last year I took a beginning class and an intermediate class over the weekend in Danville, VA. The cost for each of those classes was about the same as your class but yours is so much more effective, they are really not comparable. I want to continue my subscription to ChiefExperts and would be interested in any other training products you may have in the future. Great job!

I'm glad I found your site! Thanks for the tip you gave in the recent webinar about changing the platform edge material in the railing specification dialog. That's a whole lot simpler than putting slabs on the edge of my decks. The webinars are great! This class is great for me. At this point I am as much interested in the procedure or strategy of how to go about producing a plan as I am about particular tools in Chief. I think you are the best resource for learning Chief there is!

Jesse Ware, York, ME
Response to "Thanks for Attending Chief Class 9":
Dan - No Thank You! That was just what I needed to leapfrog me ahead in chief. The full understanding of how the 2D CAD detail system works is going to save me a ton of time. BTW I downloaded the trial of X1 and opened a copy of the file I am working on with no problem. The 3D roof editing tools Rock in X1! I am going to have to pony up and get the version.

Scott Rajavuori, MinnesotaFirst off your class has been VERY humbling.  I remember asking the question regarding whether or not I would get anything from the earlier classes as I knew most of the content covered.  WOW, I guess I thought I did.  The class has been so much help.  I feel like I need to take it twice because I can not come away with everything from each class.

Mark Leigh, Chisago City, MN
The classes have been extremely helpful. I wish I would have done it long ago.

This class has already proved its worth to me. The rest is gravy. Major Kudos to you, sir.

Larry Falk,  Ridgway, CO
I think the "on-line" structure of a class is fantastic. If money were no object, I feel like we would become great friends.  I mean, meeting every week makes me think I really know you.  I will have a little "separation anxiety" when the class is over.

Russell Delaney, Western Australia
Just a note to say Thank You. We are both experienced users of Chief but we thoroughly enjoyed your training sessions and in every training session we learned new tips or tricks & different ways of doing things to speed up our drafting time & also increase our skills.

Bill McCreadie  Perth, West Australia
Many thanks for your instruction over the past couple of months. It has been invaluable. I've been using Chief Architect for about 6 years, and I reckon you've speeded me up at least 25%, maybe more.

Rod Hammerstrom, Duluth, MN
I really like the way you run the on-line training classes. You're practical, in-the-field approach to the use of Chief was very easy to follow and has benefited me greatly. You're expertise in the design profession is also hard to match. I would highly recommend your on-line training for all Chief Architect users, new & experienced alike.

Dwayne Fisher, Benzonia, MI
I would like to let you know how your on-line class has helped me to learn and understand Chief Architect. Your class has brought my business to a new level. Not only for 3D imaging for my clients to have a better understanding of what their project will look like, the builders and building department also love the clarity and detailing of the drawings. Thank You.

Cim L. , MI
I really enjoyed your approach and expertise. You made it easy to follow along and learn. The hands-on approach is much easier for me to learn.

Frank Lewis, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Thanks Dan! I thoroughly enjoyed your on-line classes. It's a great way to learn Chief. The individual attention you gave to everyone in the class was great and I was impressed at how well you stayed focused on the topics. Your availability to help me and answer my questions was impressive. I look forward to attending more of your on-line classes. Thanks Again!

William J. Hirsh Jr., AIA Architect
Thanks for the great Chief Architect class. I was impressed with your thorough coverage of the program. Too often computer classes end up being dictated by the slowest student, causing the instructor to gloss over many topics due to time constraints. Because you had everything so well organized and your teaching was clear and effective, there was time to answer everyone's questions. Also, since you are a user of the program and not a writer of the program, you were able to give us good, practical insights on how to get the most out of Chief.
I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to get the most out of Chief Architect. I am already creating more accurate drawings in a fraction of the time. Yours is definitely the best computer class I have ever been involved in. Thanks Again.

Mark A., MI
Just want to send you a quick note to say thanks for a great class. Thanks to you, I've got myself a slab polyline backsplash in one design & it looks great in perspective view. In another, I've used Edit Area in combination with the Reflect About CAD Line tool to copy and mirror one half of a duplex. Even got 6" handles on all my dimension lines.
Very inspiring to be in the presence of a master. May I call you guru?

Pat T.,  MI
You did a great job! Good pace and good voice, didn't stray too far and answered all of my questions.

Caroline Hensel, MN
I really enjoyed your class, it was very helpful and I can't wait to join the next one.

Steve Lamsam, WI
Thanks to you, I was confident enough to open the plan and make changes with the client, his wife, and mom in real-time and do renderings of the changes. They were absolutely thrilled and can't wait to get started with the building phase of the project.

Hey Dan,
Here's a copy of my e-mail I sent to Dawn S. - she is interested in your classes and wants to know what I think. I'm sorry I didn't write you a testimonial sooner! I think your classes are awesome!!

From: Rob Aldecocea
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 11:21 AM
To: 'Dawn S.'
Subject: RE: Chief Architect

Hi Dawn,

I'm more than happy to let you know about my experience with Dan Baumann's Chief Architect training courses! I attended the introductory classes because I had just recently been introduced to Chief Architect and had never used the software before. At that time, I was just coming out of school with an architecture background and had only used AutoCAD (a very technical drawing program).

If I remember correctly, there were about 8-10 students in the class, ranging from those of us that had never used Chief to some with minimal experience. By the end of the first day, we were all light-years forward and drawing floor plans, roofs, and generating 3Ds on our own! I tend to catch on to computer programs pretty quickly, and there were some in the class who obviously struggled a little bit. Dan kept us all interested and no one was overwhelmed either.

Dan gives great individual attention and uses each person's struggles as a learning opportunity for the class. We all learned as a group and with Dan patiently leading us, no one was left behind.

So what has this class done for me? Well, I left the classroom and went back to the residential remodeling company I work for (Heritage Builders) and immediately began drawing as-built floor plans, then design plans, 3Ds, and construction drawings. I was presenting my drawings to clients the very next week, feeling confident with my skills at Chief Architect.

Now, I did struggle a little bit a few times with some roofs, I won't lie! When I hit a dead end, I called Dan and he walked me through my problem over the phone, helping me resolve the issues. Dan is always accessible, and is a great resource. His knowledge is vast, and I haven't been able to stump him!

So, in a nutshell, I HIGHLY recommend his classes! The knowledge you will gain will increase the quality of your drawings and presentations more than you can imagine!

Good Luck,
Rob Aldecocea
Rob is currently producing 100% of his plans with Chief Architect. A former AutoCAD user, he is completing detailed and complex plans for his clients. He was so excited to learn about the power of Chief that he commented after class that he had no idea Chief could do so much.
Rob Aldecocea, MN

Thanks so much for the X1 training videos. They have been a tremendous help.

ChiefExperts Student David HainesDan has been a mentor for me since Chief V4. Dan truly has a passion for teaching CAD to those willing to take the time to invest in learning. Whether it's in using Chief Architect or any of the other educational seminars he provides. You need to take the time to get educated in this ever changing industry and Dan is right on top of it!

Thanks for the education Dan, I'm still learning from you.

David Haines
Haines Contracting, Inc.
David's Website

ChiefExperts Student Tim Enlgert with Tim Englert Construction

We started working with Chief Architect back in version 3 and have attended many of Dan's classes since. Taking the time to learn from Dan has helped us profit in many ways. We're drawing more detailed plans in much less time and our clients love the 3D.

I'll continue to take Dan's classes so I can continue to serve our clients better, produce more projects with fewer mistakes resulting in increased margins.

Thanks Dan.

Tim Englert
Tim Englert Construction
Tim's Website

ChiefExperts Student Michael Pach with Michael Pach DesignDan's training and consultation has helped me become confident and proficient using Chief Architect. In the 12 years that I've been working with Dan, I've taken what I've learned and turned it into a lucrative design business working with clients all over the country.

If you want to learn the right way to use Chief, you really should check out Dan's seminars and support options.

Michael Pach
Michael Pach Design
Michael's Website

ChiefExperts Student Rick Boatwright with Blueprints Made EasyI just wanted to tell you about my experience with CA training classes. They don't let you have verbal feed back, they go too fast to follow along, and it is very limited in content. In other words, your classes blow them away. It really makes you appreciate instructional training on a personal level.

Thanks Dan, Great job!

Rick Boatwright
Blueprints Made Easy LLC
Rick's Phone 540-875-8139