How Does Online Training Work?

How Does Online Training Work?

Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows you to learn from Experts in the comfort of your own home or office. No traveling, hotels or rental cars. If you've already attended an Online class, you understand how convenient it is.
The best thing about online training is, it works. You learn at your own pace and will retain more of what you learn.
Here are some common questions and answers about online training.
How do I enroll for the Webinars?
If you are not a member, click here to join ChiefExperts.  Upon completion you can login and you'll have immediate access to everything on this website.
How do I get notified about the webinars?
With some of the webinars you'll login, go to the registration page, fill in the webinar form and you'll be enrolled for the entire series and you will be notified the day before and an hour before each session. (Look for instructions with each topic).

What is Online training?
All you do is click a link and you are connected through the GoToWebinar server over your high speed Internet. You'll be viewing the instructors screen in real-time.
Is it Secure?
Yes, We are never connected directly to each others computers.

Do I have to be a member to attend and view the webinars?
Some webinars are open to non-members, but most webinars require membership to attend and have unlimited access to the recordings once they are posted.
Can more than one person from our company attend?
Each currently registered company is allowed one class login.
How to I get an Additional Employee Access?
If you have additional employees that want to also login to a class from their computer they will need their own access for that class. Companies may purchase individual employee access for 50% off for each employee. This is done manually. Call 952-236-4427 to make arrangements.

When are the classes scheduled?
Here's the Schedule.
What time are the classes?
Mornings: 8 am Pacific - 9 am Mountain - 10 am Central - 11 am Eastern
Evenings: 5 pm Pacific - 6 pm Mountain - 7 pm Central - 8 pm Eastern
Times may vary so be sure to check each class listing.
Each session will start 10 minutes early to allow everyone time to get logged on.
To find out how your time compares to US/Central Time Zone Click Here.

How do I hear what's being discussed?
The most popular way is with your computer speakers or a headset. Current webinar technology allows you to listen and speak via the Internet with no additional phone charges. You also have the option to call the phone number included with each session. Toll charges may apply.
Are you associated with the makers of Chief Architect?
We communicate with them regularly, but are completely independent.
Do I have to take all of the classes?
Only if you want to make more money.

Do I have to start with the 1st session?
No. Because each session is recorded, you can review previous classes anytime.

What if I can't attend a class?
Come back later and watch the recording.
Can I download the recorded classes?
Some of the recorded webinars allow you to download them.  All of the recordings have links that allow you to view it on your computer. The X5 and newer classes are formated to play on Ipad's.
Who teaches the online training class?
Dan Baumann teaches all of the Chief Architect training. Guest speakers will be invited to attend and/or moderate other classes from time to time.
Will the online connection work at my location?
If you have a high speed connection, it will work fine.
What's needed for the best results?
- A good Internet connection
- Computer with dual monitors or 2 separate computers so you can watch on one and practice on the other (This is not required)
- Good speakers or headset to use the VoiP option

Is the latest version of Chief Architect needed?
Classes are taught using the latest versions available. It's OK to use older versions, it will just be harder to follow.
Is there Q&A time during the class?
Questions are encouraged throughout each class. Depending on the number of people in a session, everyone may be muted to eliminate background noise. If this is the case you can "Raise Your Hand" using a link on the control panel to be Un-Muted to ask a question. The most popular method is to ask questions by typing them in via the GoToWebinar "Question Panel".
How many people can attend an online class at once?
Class sizes vary for each webinar. There is really no limit or restrictions as to the number that can attend an online session.
Do you have any live seminars available?
Yes. Check here for the latest schedule and locations.  Call us at 952-236-4427 if you are interested in having a live session in your area.