How To Turn More Leads Into Paying Customers with Kyle Hunt

How To Turn More Leads Into Paying Customers with Kyle Hunt

Webinar Playback from 8-27-2014 FREE

How To Turn More Leads Into Paying Customer
with Kyle Hunt from Remodel Your Marketing

If you and your 1 or 2 person sales team are looking for ways to nurture and track all of your prospects and turn them into customers, you'll get some great tips from this presentation.
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The 'Moving Parts & Pieces' of Remodelers AutoPilot
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1. Introduction (4:52)
2. The Story of Two Remodelers (4:36)
3. What Happens during the Initial Phone Call (7:50)
4. Remodelers AutoPilot (4:19)
5. The In-Person Meeting (4:58)
6. Are You More Like Bill or Like Tom? (1:50)
7. The Process to Leading the Conversation (2:28)
8. Hand Written Communication after the In-Person Meeting (3:31)

9. Follow up (3:49)
10. Collecting And Running Reports on Lead Data (6:36)
11. What Happens After The Project is Awarded (6:50)
12. What Happens After The Project is Completed (6:53)
13. Remodelers AutoPilot (14:26)
14. Generating Leads and Expanding Your Reach (7:12)

Total Running Time; 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

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