Door and Window Lintels, Crown Molding, Custom Soffits V10

Door and Window Lintels, Crown Molding, Custom Soffits V10

Dan Baumann, CR

1. Door and Window Lintels - Play Tutorial, 6.5 minutes
Using the 2D CAD tools, draw the exact shape of the lintel you want. Add it to the "Moldings and Profiles" library. In the "Molding" tab for a window or door, find the shape you added to the library. In the "Casing" tab, activate the Lintel and turn on "Wrap". Adjust the "Top Width" to the desired size.

2. Custom Crown Molding - Play Tutorial, 5 minutes
Click inside the room you want to add custom molding. Click the "Make Room Molding Polyline" option. Select "Blank Molding" and then OK. Open the dialog for the new CAD lines that have been added. In the "General" tab, set it to 0. In the "Moldings" tab, select "Add New" and find the profile you want. Adjust the size and set the offset from the top of the profile from the floor height.  Set the "inside" option for the side of the CAD line you want the profile to appear on. You can now adjust the shape of the lines, add breaks at any point in the line and turn off the molding in the "General" tab for any portion of the line.

3. Custom Soffits - Play Tutorial, 4 minutes
Use a slab for irregular shaped soffits. In plan view, draw a slab, adjust its top height and thickness and put it on a layer called "Slabs -- Soffits". In plan view, make it any shape you like and add the material using the "Material Picker".

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