Custom Fireplace Surround and Cabinets

Custom Fireplace Surround and Cabinets

Dan Baumann, CR

This fireplace with mantle and cabinets is one of many things that can be created with a combination of cabinets and slabs. With a little imagination and some knowledge about 3D slabs and molding polylines it easy to do.

1. Base cabinet with wood top, molding under the edge of the top and around the bottom and custom feet.

Tutorial Video - 9.5 Minutes

2. Upper cabinet with arched face frame, no bottom rail and shelves spaced at specified distances

Tutorial Video - 9.5 Minutes

3. Base and Wall cabinet copied a specified distance with end panels applied.

Tutorial Video - 8.8 Minutes

4. Bottom of the fireplace chase with tile face, custom hearth, custom fire box and custom wood surround. Also includes framed panels and wood top with molding under top.

Tutorial Video - 23 Minutes

5. Upper part of the fireplace with more panels and trim at the ceiling.

Tutorial Video - 10 Minutes



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